Stoked – The Life Of Robbie Williams

For Karen

How is it that a young lad from a pub family in the Potteries can become a boy band star, draw the biggest crowd in UK history for a solo concert, become a Dean Martin style crooner, have a fling with Nicole Kidman and bed at least 60% of the Spice Girls ?

Jupiter that’s how.

Capricorn Research has managed to get to the ripe old age of 65 relatively untouched by all of the above, but while watching the lad’s latest Xmas song, my beautiful wife and soulmate suggested I write an article about him.

One glimpse of his chart intrigued me.

He has the closest and most powerful Sun / Jupiter conjunction I have ever seen.

A mere 4 minutes separates the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius.

Without question, Robbie’s career has hit the heights but he would equally admit that he has plumbed some depths of debauchery which is exactly what you’d expect of a powerful T Square including an elevated Mars and a Scorpio Moon.

But where many with that opposition have sunk without trace, Robbie Williams’ version focused by T Square onto the apex Sun / Jupiter which just made him even more successful.

This T square can be extended to form a Grand Cross including the Leo Ascendant.

Having the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Mars and Jupiter all contained within the same planetary pattern means that not only will he be mega, he would also experience transits very intensely as any one planet would hit all of them in quick succession.

As ever Pluto’s transit marked the turning point of his life through the years 1990 – 96 as it was conjunct his Moon, opposite Mars / Midheaven, square to the Sun / Jupiter and then his Ascendant while he was catapulted to stardom with Take That, discovering drink and drugs to the point of creating conflict with other members of the band and leaving to start his solo career.

From that point on, Jupiter took over and the sky has been the limit.

But despite it all his 4th house Moon in Scorpio has always kept him true to his roots, close to his Mum and a true fan of Port Vale football club.

Posted on December 15 2020