Mackenzie Corrigan – Shaken Baby Syndrome

According to research 31% of Americans believe in Astrology. This is difficult to verify because it depends on the kind of question asked.  It also raises questions about what these people mean when they talk about both astrology and belief. 

Most astrologers would admit to not believing in their subject. Belief implies something beyond experience, and for us astrology simply is, belief is irrelevant.

To quote astrologer Liz Greene ” Believing in astrology makes no sense to me. It is nonsense to say, “I believe in it,” because belief is something you do when you have no direct experience. Astrology is something that requires experience and hands-on work to see whether it conveys any meaning or relevance. So, it is like saying, “Do you believe in your car?” No, I just drive it. I have no idea how it runs, but if it works, well, fine.”

It is interesting though, that such a large percentage of people profess belief in our system of symbols and that their numbers are growing. This is particularly so when one considers that the numbers of people expressing a belief in a personal God are declining.

Similar research in the USA reveals belief in a personal deity to be at 60 %, although belief in some kind of Universal spirit or order stands at 92%. This is an intriguing gap that Astrology’s 31% seems to cover quite nicely.

These surveys do not stop to ask why people believe, but the answers would probably be too confusing and varied to be of much use anyway.

There are many reasons why people no longer believe in a personal God but it’s a fair bet if you asked them they would include in their reasoning the fact that innocent people particularly small children suffer the most apalling things so how can there be a personal deity watching over us. 

There are many injustices in the world but the death of an innocent baby is one of the most difficult things to contemplate and impossible to accept. Astrology does not give reasons for such a tragedy, but it can give indications of it and it did in the desperately sad case of Mackenzie Corrigan.

Mackenzie Corrigan was an American baby who died in day care at the age of 3 months. The state found that the child died of “shaken baby syndrome” and charged the day care owner with homicide. The day care operator had reportedly defied multiple orders to close. The owner, alone caring for 13 children age 6 and under, stated that MacKenzie was napping with several other children and when she tried to wake the baby, MacKenzie looked pale and did not respond. Emergency response workers found the baby unconscious and unresponsive and rushed her to the Children’s Hospital in Boston where she tragically died. 

Mackenzie Corrigan

Innocence is a difficult thing to define astrologically. In some ways the innocent exuberance of youth is portrayed in the 1st sign Aries, in other ways it is seen in the ultra sensitive, impressionable last sign of Pisces.

The planet that rules youth is the Moon, the house would be the 5th of children.

Mackenzie had the Sun in Pisces in the 5th house and the Moon in Aries.

The Sun by house and sign will always show the area and manner in which the person will naturally concentrate their life energy. As a rule it points to an area of life where the individual feels at home and secure. This is not however the case if that Sun receives difficult aspects, particularly if it is the apex of a powerfully negative T Square.

It goes without saying that the toughest planets of all are Saturn and Pluto. They are also the two most connected to death. Mackenzie’s T Square is made up of a Saturn / Pluto opposition.

The fact that Saturn is also opposite Mars, brings the red planet into the T Square. The opposition occurs in Gemini / Sagittarius and in the 3rd and 9th houses, all four have rulership over movement.

An opposition between a Pluto in Sagittarius in the 3rd house and Saturn in Gemini in the 9th, particularly with the addition of Mars does seem to point to serious injury or even death as a result a of sudden and vigorous movement, typically shaking.

This opposition projects onto an apex Sun in Pisces ( innocent ) in the 5th house ( child ).

Another indication of difficulties in babyhood is the opposition between the Aries Moon and the Ascendant, which rules the start of life.

On the face of it there would seem little point in looking at the transits in a chart of a child that died so young. All the planets that could do serious harm would take so long to move that they would scarcely have got away from their natal positions in such a short space of time.

The alarming thing, however is that Mackenzie died at exactly 3 months old, which meant the Sun had moved to the middle of Gemini and was just beginning to make its first contact with the T Square, conjunct Saturn and opposite Pluto on the 5th June 2003 when she died.

The fact that astrology can offer symbolic reasons for such a tragic death does not make it any easier to accept. All it can show is that there is order in the Universe, even if it seems utterly impersonal at times.



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