War, What Is It Good For ? – That Depends On Your Angle

Forty years ago I was working in an alternative therapeutic community on the edge of Dartmoor. We were mostly self sufficient but occasionally we had to head for the nearest city for provisions.

Plymouth is not England’s most sophisticated place but on one April afternoon I realised just how far removed I was from the view of the man on the street. 

For a traditionally Labour town I just could not believe that the whole populace could so enthusiastically swallow the absurd war that was started solely to revive Margaret Thatcher’s flagging poll numbers. 

Maybe they were tapping into the city mascot, Sir Francis Drake, who famously finished his game of bowls on Plymouth Hoe before dispatching the Spanish Armada is similar fashion 400 years before.

I realised that it was all the fault of those two great planetary villains, Saturn and Pluto. 

We don’t have a time for the start of the Falklands War, but Saturn and Pluto are in conjunction, the former being widely conjunct Mars and opposite an Aries Sun.

The synastry with Thatcher’s chart is astonishingly powerful.

Saturn is exactly conjunct her Sun ( an orb of 5 minutes ).

Mars is exactly conjunct her Mars ( 2 minutes !!! ).

If ever there was a war specifically designed to enhance one person’s reputation it was this one.

Its impact on England’s reputation wasn’t so favourable.

The Falkland’s Mars was exactly square to the 1066 Sun but with Mundane charts its not always the Sun that is the most important point.

This is because a lot of them are cast for the beginning of the year so they would have the Sun around 10 degrees Capricorn.

So it’s often the Ascendant that is the most important feature.

Since the chart for William’s coronation has 22 Aries rising, the Falklands Saturn / Pluto conjunction falls on its Descendant.

But if this war wasn’t a great look for the UK, it was a lot worse for Argentina.

Saturn is closely T Square to the Sun and Moon and Pluto falls right on the Argentina Ascendant.

This is an interesting result. Saturn and Pluto hit the Ascendant of Argentina and the house of enemies for England. Naturally it was a victory for Thatcher, it was always going to be, but the astrology shows that very clearly.

Given how extraordinary the astrology of the Falklands War was, I thought I’d have a look at other wars to see if there was a similar theme in operation for the UK.

In order to do this, I decided initially to leave out World Wars and even wars where the UK was working in partnership with other nations.

In order to find one that fits this criterion, I had to go back to the Boer War that begun on 20th December 1880.

This one had Saturn at 22.07 Aries exactly ( within 10 minutes ) of the England Ascendant.

And it was an embarrassing defeat for the Brits, which resulted in the eventual independence of South Africa.

Of course there is one country that has had more than its own fair share of absurd wars in the last century.

The War on terror was of course triggered by 9 / 11.

It’s a well known astrological fact that Pluto was exactly ( 17 minutes ) conjunct the US Ascendant.

This single fact alone is absolute proof of astrology but also the clearest indication that any traditional astrologers who refuse to use Pluto are operating in cloud cuckoo land.

It’s also interesting that Saturn was on the US Descendant.

So if we apply our findings so far, Pluto rising points to serious losses for the US but Saturn on the 7th means trouble for its enemies as well.

But when it comes to naive and futile American wars, it would be hard to beat this one.

Opposition to the Vietnam war was one of the key movements of the 60s. This was the generation of the rebellious Uranus / Pluto conjunction.

The Sun with Venus and Saturn in Pisces opposite this conjunction with Mars thrown in for good measure sums up the whole operation.

This opposition hits the US chart really strongly forming a T Square with the Ascendant.

Again those 9 / 11 degrees of 12 – 14 of Mutables are being bashed by Uranus and Pluto.

Its fair to say that there were no obvious winners in the Vietnam war, so maybe this is how it goes when the heavyweights are square to both Ascendant and Descendant.

That being the case, it probably also applies to the the previous one as well.

Here we have Saturn at 14 Virgo, square to the US Ascendant.

There seems to be pattern developing here, of planets transiting the angles of the nations involved in these conflicts, so perhaps it applies to World Wars as well.

World War Two has a Saturn / Pluto square aspect ( World war One had the conjunction ).

It is part of a T-square including Mars. The apex Saturn is exactly conjunct the South Node and its also right on Adolf Hitler’s Sun ( 0 Taurus ).

This Saturn is 8 degrees away from the Ascendant for the 1066 horoscope, but it has more to say in relation to the chart for the beginning of the 3rd Reich.

The transits impacting on the chart for Nazi Germany at the start of WW2 were very powerful.

Jupiter was conjunct the 8th house Aries Nazi Moon.

But the most potent pattern in the Nazi chart is the tight T Square Venus / Pluto apex Uranus.

And the war begun with the transit Uranus on the Nazi Ascendant.

This fits the pattern where wars that begin with heavyweight planets conjunct a country’s Ascendant indicates that they will ultimately lose.

In this case maybe the wide conjunction of Saturn with the English chart showed the suffering and how close they came to losing the war.

Also interestingly with World War 2, America entered the fray on December 7th 1941 with Jupiter at 16 Gemini on US Descendant.

So with all of these examples – if a country enters or starts a war with a heavyweight planet conjunct their Ascendant, they will lose. If its conjunct their Descendant, they will win.

If any of these planets are square to both there will be considerable losses on both sides with victory unclear.

So where does that leave us with the current conflict ?

Russia invaded the Ukraine on February 24th with Saturn at 18 Aquarius.

Saturn was conjunct the Russian Descendant.

So however the Western media want to portray it, the amount of damage inflicted and territory controlled point to a Russian victory as suggested by Saturn.

So what about the future ?

If China start a war between 2025 and 28, according to this measure, with Pluto conjunct their Ascendant, they will lose.

Posted on May 13th 2022