Edith Cavell – Neptune’s Sacrifice

There is no set way to practice or teach astrology, everyone that does so has their own birth chart and they will look at the subject through the lens of that chart. There is no such thing as objectivity, however much we try our approach to astrology will be conditioned by our own personality. The only advantage that astrologers have in this respect is an understanding of their own subjectivity. The greatest gift astrology can give anyone is to see that there are a multitude of different ways of looking at the world and each one is of as much value as any other. So hopefully the astrologer can see that their own way of looking at their subject is not the only way.

Capricorn is a sign that is practical and pragmatic, it’s chief concern is whether something works. The sign’s approach to astrology would be to have relatively little interest in personality ( other signs might suggest that’s because Capricorns don’t have one ) but to be more interested in the events of a person’s life.

Anyone who reads these articles and compares them to others on astrology will see this emphasis clearly. The main aim of Capricorn Research is to provide proof that astrology works rather than to give an insight into the personalities being discussed. The problem with discussion of personalities is that it is ultimately subjective and open to different interpretations. Events are indisputable, so these pages have a much greater focus on aspects and on transits of planets that trigger events than there might be on other astrology websites.

There is also a much stronger focus on the transits of Pluto because these are more likely to result in recognisable turning points in the life. Transits of Neptune for example would probably have more to do with internal changes that may bring about different events but Pluto is a significantly greater external power. A Pluto transit is something that happens to you rather than inside you.

For these reasons, Capricorn Research’s favourite aspect is the T Square. The T Square has an air of compulsion. Whatever the individual’s personality which would be mainly attributed to the sign placings of their Sun, Moon and Ascendant, a T Square will give a clear indication of the direction that they have to go in life. The apex planet of the T Square will say more about this direction than any other would.

The Moon and Ascendant will tell you a lot about where a person comes from but if you have a good understanding of the apex planet in terms of its own sign and house position you will see what that person has to become in this life.

Pluto would make only one transit to a T Square in most people’s lives, and this would mark that person’s destiny in a much more powerful and profound way than any other transit of any other planet.

An extremely good example of this is the chart of Edith Cavell.

Edith Cavell

Edith Cavell had the Sun in Sagittarius, the Moon in Cancer and Ascendant in Libra, but since the main interest is in events rather than personalities we will not bother too much with the Sun and Ascendant. We are interested in the Moon however, because it is in an important place in her T Square.

The Moon in Cancer is the symbol of the mother, it is sensitive, protective, supportive and nourishing. It responds to life through the feelings and emotions rather than through thinking and logic. It’s children are the most important thing and will protect and look after its family as if its life depended on it. The one criticism of this placing might be a tendency towards a narrow, insecure view of the world, thinking in terms of us and them, of who is part of the family and who is not. Family members would have to be protected from everyone else who could in theory pose a threat.

Edith Cavell is not this type of Moon in Cancer. For one thing her Moon is in the 9th house of foreign travel so the narrow borders that a Cancer Moon would normally set up are widened exponentially. People with a strong Moon in Cancer will be likely to stay in the same area that they were brought up in but people with a 9th house Moon will travel much further afield.

This is emphasised by the fact that the Moon is opposite Mercury and particularly Jupiter which expands the horizons considerably through travel. As Mercury and Jupiter are in another house of travel ( the 3rd ), Cavell’s life will be mainly lived abroad.

With the Moon opposite Jupiter, her own personal sense of family would be widened to include many more people. This is enhanced by the Moon’s conjunction with Uranus. This placing gives the ability to instinctively relate to people from all kinds of different backgrounds.

The opposition aspect in a T Square will usually indicate the reasons for that person’s actions in life. It always points to a challenge that the individual feels most acutely. Edith Cavell’s Moon in Cancer conjunct Uranus opposite Mercury and Jupiter would create a person who would think of the whole world as her family and all the people in it needing her care and support.

The opposition in a T Square focuses onto another planet that is in square aspect to both ends of it. This is the apex planet and the challenges of the opposition force the person to act in a way indicated by this planet.

Cavell’s apex planet is Neptune. Neptune is the planet of spirituality and of compassion. It’s role is in letting go of the individual self, sacrificing the self for the greater good or whole. People with an apex Neptune will look to lose themselves in something greater. This can be a form of escapism through drink or drugs or it can be through meditation and religion or through acts of selflessness and service to others.

As Neptune is a planet that moves very slowly, it will stay in a sign for about 10 to 15 years so we can’t read much into the fact that it is in Aries. Its house position is relevant, however. Edith Cavell’s apex Neptune is in the 6th house of health.

Given the nature of Cavell’s Moon / Uranus / Mercury / Jupiter opposition the most likely expression of Neptune would be in terms of self sacrifice and service to others. This would be in the area of health and of course it would be abroad.

Edith Cavell was a British nurse who organized a School of Nursing in Brussels becoming a great heroine and martyr during World War 1.

She had lived a colorless life as a governess before age 30. In 1895 her dad took ill and she returned home to nurse him through his declining years and death. This was the turning point in her life as Pluto was opposite her Sun between 1894 and 97. She became inspired to pursue a nursing career.

During the First World War, the Allied Forces had to retreat in 1915. Edith Cavell was asked to treat and shelter two wounded British soldiers. During the next nine months, 200 soldiers passed through her clinic in their flight to freedom via Holland, all under the noses of the German occupation forces. In the end her secret was broken and she was arrested. She refused to flee and when arrested she refused to deny her role and she was sentenced to death.  She was executed in October 1915.

Pluto made the only transit of her life to the T Square, conjunct her Moon / Uranus, opposite Mercury / Jupiter and square to Neptune in 1915.

Edith Cavell was able to respond to the most pure of Neptune’s qualities. At the very highest level Neptune is about dissolving all of the barriers between people. Not only was she prepared to sacrifice her own life to help and treat the soldiers in her care, she also refused to condemn the enemy even though they executed her. “I know now that patriotism is not enough; I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.”

Edith Cavell had an apex Neptune, when Pluto aspected it by transit she made the ultimate sacrifice.


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8 thoughts on “Edith Cavell – Neptune’s Sacrifice

  1. That was the best article I’ve read on the subject of astrology since the invention of the internet. Most of the sites that come up on a search for Astrology are absurd horoscopes that contain a lot of words but say absolutely nothing geared toward pretending to predict insignificant events in the lives of the lost and insecure. On the other end of the spectrum are the “official” astrological associations who seek power over declaring who is a real astrologer by offering some kind of bogus degree without which you become somewhat less and unofficial. You are promoting exactly the sort of research I’m interested in reading, not to predict, but rather to learn astrology’s influence. Astrology has a much more far-reaching effect on peoples lives than they are aware. Thanks for a great article.

    • Hi Franklin
      Thank you for your appreciation and observations. I do not see myself as an astrologer, more as an astrological researcher. My only interest is to do what I can to prove the link between planetary positions and human behaviour, something that my research has totally convinced me of. I do not need to make a living from astrology so am free from much of the generalised horoscopic stuff that you refer to. There are a few other sites around that offer a similar approach but not nearly as many as I would like.

      • Hello CC,

        I just got around to studying your website/wordsmith and got wrapped up in your comments section where one of those deluded siderealists seemed intent on converting you over to that load of foolishiness. They don’t seem to get that the “constellations” making up the zodiac were just a convenient way of marking off the sky into 30 degree increments. No one ever meant to imply that the stars making up a constellation, which exist at wildly varying distances from the earth, actually exerted the influence in question, and their movement, therefore, means the influences have moved also. They were just signposts to designate location. Siderealism is like saying if the city comes and changes the name of the street you live on, then your house is no longer where it used to be.

        And they seem intent on converting people to see it their way, too. Like, the more people they can convince of their delusion, the more real it will become. I think you are incredibly brave to have a comment section at all. I have thought long and hard about doing exactly what you’re doing, and have pretty much come to the conclusion I couldn’t handle a comments section. I’m not convinced there are enough serious people who would respond to have to put up with the likes of that Siderealist fellow. The last thing I want to do at my age is waste time getting embroiled in arguments with Idiots. Sorry, but I wish I hadn’t read that part first and had proceeded directly on to the articles, which I will do right now.

        As a little background on myself, I’ll say I made my first chart by hand in 1980 using Alan Leo’s Book Casting the Horoscope, An Ephemeris, and a spiral bound book someone compiled which helped solve the inconsistencies of Daylight Savings Time. It took me 12 hours. I have never been interested in predicting events. My goal was just to find out if it works. I was, and have been every day since then, astounded.

        Franklin Atherton Texas

      • Thanks Franklin, I like your observations about the Siderealist thing. It is complete nonsense and I will always combat it robustly. Sometimes these people get upset by my comments but thats just tough. Consecutive signs are so different to each other that the Siderealist argument makes astrology absurd.

        I am happy to have a comments section and the vast majority are very positive and interesting. Occasionally you get some idiot but if people want to read my articles, Im happy to receive their feedback.

        I bet there’s not many people still around that drew their first chart from one of Alan Leo’s books.


  2. Dear Capricorn,
    Great writing , especially about t-square. My Seven year old son (14.35, 31.08.2009 Gliwice, Poland, 13 Sag Asc, Sun 8 Virgo , Moon 22 Cap) has challenging t- square pluto 0 Capricorn 1st house opposition Mars in 3 degrees Cancer 7th, apex Mercury 4 degrees Libra 9th. when transiting Uranus was about 0-5 Aries, his behaviour was so difficult and challenging that he was suspected to be autistic or Asperger. I worked my hands to the bone therapeutically to help him ( his natal Capricorn moon trines Virgo Saturn) and we finally got over it.

    • Thanks Alice. Your son is going to be very intelligent. With Sun in Virgo in 9th and a T Square to Mercury up there, he would be very gifted intellectually. Its true you have to keep an eye on those early Cardinal degrees but apart from Jupiter there’s nothing much to worry about there for a long time.
      He is really fortunate to have a Mum who can help him so much therapeutically, and you are really fortunate to have him.

  3. Dear Capricorn
    I am very thankful for your insight into my son’s chart. i am doing best I can to make his Jupiter- Neptune- Chiron conjunction in Aquarius work in “higher octave” – art, spirituality and not addictions, delusions or luring other people into sth deceitful.

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