Is Synchronicity A Baad Thing ?

At the age of 21 your politics should be left of centre. If they aren’t there seriously is something wrong with you.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion. Its orbit is 84 years long which means that every 21 years it will make a major challenging aspect to its natal position.

There has been much written about the planet’s Half Return coming at 42, the age that is classically associated with the mid life crisis, when many men, particularly if the planet is strong nataly will suddenly throw off behaviour patterns that have tied them for years and start buying motorcycles and dyeing their hair.

But the square aspect transits are just as powerful.

I have Uranus along with Jupiter conjunct my Descendant and at the ripe old age of 63 fell in love for the first time in my life and gave up everything that had happened before to move to the other side of the world to be with my beautiful Aries wife ( Uranus was in late Aries at the time ).

The first square for me happened at age 21 while I was studying politics at University ( I was a committed socialist at the time ). However Uranus’ job was to reveal Astrology to me and within 6 months of discovering the oldest science, I had dropped out of Uni and devoted my life to researching it.

I started to see everything, particularly politics in cyclical terms.

One thing that became clear was that the extremes of left and right on the political spectrum were not opposing poles but they actually met.

Stalin and Hitler weren’t that much different. Both of them espoused socialism in their early days at least.

And libertarians of both right and left seem to reach a point where they feel it’s okay to sacrifice the lives of others for their own cause.

Astrology is the only discipline that allows people to be several different ( even sometimes conflicting ) things at once because we don’t all have our personal planets in the same place.

There is often a disconnect between what people feel ( Moon ) or think ( Mercury ) and what they actually do ( Mars ) to express those beliefs.

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin is a classic example.

Stalin’s Moon is in the inoffensive sign of Libra in trine to Jupiter in Aquarius – so far so liberating.

Granted his Mercury is rising in Capricorn but its part of a Grand Trine with the farsighted Uranus and Neptune.

No doubt this is what Uncle Joe thought of himself and his motivations – that he was genuinely acting on behalf of the proletariat ( whoever they are ).

But his Mars shows how these good and noble intentions actually played out.

Mars in Scorpio in the 10th house exactly opposite Pluto in the 4th is the road to hell, strewn with bodies of his own people.

But thats how it goes.

“Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a God.”

This was a quote from French philosopher and biologist, Jean Rostand who according to Wikipedia ” was active in several causes, in particular against nuclear proliferation and the death penalty. An agnostic, he demonstrated humanist convictions. He wrote several books on the question of eugenics and the responsibilities of mankind regarding its own fate and its place in nature “

And he would know

With a Scorpio stellium in or around the 8th house including the Sun and Moon and a Mars in Aries / Saturn opposition, Rostand would be perfectly placed to understand these issues.

Interestingly the Yod between the Pisces Ascendant, Neptune and an apex Uranus in the 8th gave him the drive to speak out against them.

When I was young I would sometimes overhear news reports of what sounded like ” gorilla warfare “. This made the world a much more scary place with gorillas with machine guns strapped round their necks, emerging suddenly out of the jungle hell bent on killing the ” good guys “.

Obviously this fear was replaced by embarrassment when I got older and understood the difference between guerrillas and chimpanzees.

But around 1970 a new form of urban guerrilla emerged and the exotic sounding but also dangerous Baader Meinhof gang caught the imagination of the media of the time.

Younger readers might like to think of them like an Osama Bin Laden type figure but with flared trousers and tank tops rather than long beards and head towels.

It also helped that they had German names, cos short memories and all that.

These people seemed to have anarchistic objectives and philosophies but they felt that 1970s Germany offered no possibility for revolutionary reforms because the political establishment was still dominated by people who had fought under the Nazis.

So they felt justified in taking out people who represented those groups.

Gang leader Berndt Baader had Mercury and the Moon conjunct Uranus in Gemini.

But his Mars was square to Saturn.

So what planet could cause this intelligent thinker to make the jump to serial murderer ?

Its Neptune, the planet of delusion.

The Baader Meinhof gang were active for a relatively short time between 1970 and 72 while Neptune was squaring his Moon / Mercury / Uranus and he committed suicide in prison when it reached its opposition to Saturn and square to his Mars.

Intriguingly Berndt Baader and his mates unwittingly gave their name to something that is entirely disconnected, and ultimately much more interesting than a group of angry young men.

The Baader Meinhof phenomenon has become a term for frequency bias.

This is the idea that when you become interested in something you start to notice it everywhere. Presumably this term was first coined by someone who kept hearing about the German anarchist’s exploits, much like my experience with those armed gorillas.

Of course this is another name for synchronicity.

When you have developed a certain type of awareness, events around you constantly confirm this and can lead you in inspired directions.

It’s a what you see is what you are thing. If you are receptive enough and are able to see, the Universe will reveal all its clues because they weren’t hidden anyway. It’s just that our heads were stuffed with so much conditioned nonsense that we couldn’t see it.

Once you discover astrology, everything around you confirms this simple fact of existence.

But of course the so called scientists can’t be having that.

So the Baader Meinhof phenomenon can’t be an actual thing, its just that our brains are wired in such a way that is looking for confirmation, therefore we will find it.

However these scientists don’t accept that they also are susceptible to this kind of thinking. Because they insist that a synchronous Universe cannot exist, they only see things that confirm this bias.

In truth, astrology shows that synchronicity is everywhere. It is how the Universe works and that can’t be a Baad thing.

So ultimately, Berndt Baader’s Mercury / Uranus conjunction did find a way through. Guerrilla warfare can have a positive effect.

But I’m still not going into the jungle any time soon.

Posted on 22 Oct 2020


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