Astrology ? It’s A Lottery

I realise this will not go down well with all those ” right brained ” astrologers, but everything that happens is all down to experience and statistics.

Every time you about to hit the send button on yet one more absurd tweet about what Vettius Valens would have said or done, your brain ( unlike your ego ) is in careful calculation mode.

Your brain wants to ensure that you do actually hit the right key on your laptop rather than inadvertently knocking over your precariously placed turmeric latte.

The way your brain does this is to check out all its files containing records of every similar movement that you have made in your life to date.

Then it assesses the results of the movements statistically. If the number of successful sends relative to the number of latte related accidents is a decent percentage, your brain decides to accept those odds and go for it anyway and sends out the instructions contained in that file to make you hand move towards the button.

Of course this all happens at lightening speed and you would not be conscious of it, feeling far too pleased with yourself for yet another ” more hipster than thou ” tweet.

So your concept of the cosmic beauty of all things is not in the least bit disrupted by the statistical analysis that is an essential part of it.

But this is how astrology works. Your analysis that your client will be competitive and assertive and good at sports that require fast reactions because they have Mars in Aries is relevant purely because 11/12ths of the population do not have it.

Therefore if significantly less than 1/12th of a group of 100 metre sprinters have the red planet in its own sign, we would have to reevaluate our view of it.

Because it doesn’t matter how beautifully it fits with the Thema Mundi, what matters to our clients is does this actually work often enough in practice for us to advise them of it.

The trouble is that much of what goes down in the name of astrology is pandering to people’s dreams rather than giving them a realistic assessment of their situation.

This is the nature of the world. If people were fully conscious of what their actual chances of winning a lottery jackpot were – ( somewhere between 10 million and 300 million to one against ), it’s likely that they wouldn’t invest their hard earned cash in it every week. But it does provide the opportunity to dream for a few days so it’s probably worth it for the distraction and entertainment involved.

What if astrology could shorten the odds for some people ?

The astrodatabank has 56 timed charts of people who won big lottery type prizes. Its not a massive group so we wouldn’t expect a significant distribution.

But there is a method which tells us how significant our findings are. The p test will tell the researcher what the chances of the findings occurring by chance alone are. If the p result is less than 0.01, then it is a statistically significant finding and an indication of proof of the connection.

So it’s interesting that when these 56 lottery winners were tested just on Sun sign alone, the p score was 0.00911.

Unfortunately this finding does not correspond to the classical astrology view of the subject, as the top score by some distance is Gemini with 12 and the sign most associated with money, Taurus comes joint last with 1.

But of course its not necessarily the Sun’s sign that would indicate something like a lottery win.

If we take the combined sign placements of the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars we find the highest score by some distance is Scorpio with 31. Gemini is still doing well with 26. Taurus has picked up a bit at 17, but Pisces is still last with 11.

The p test for this is 0.0521, not proof but still interesting. And at least the Scorpio connection does fit with other people’s money.

But we all know that its not about signs. Planets in Taurus simply reflect a way of behaving, they don’t actually focus on money.

The houses are different, however. The 2nd house is about money and possessions so we would definitely expect this area to be highlighted in the charts of lottery winners.

And it certainly is.

Of the 56 subjects, 10 have 2nd house Sun, the next highest house score is 6.

The p test for this distribution is a disappointing 0.3222 but at least it runs in favour of conventional astrological expectations. But if we take this finding to include the other planets as well….

If we include the house placings of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in the 2nd we get a powerful score of 49, the next highest is the 4th house with 36.

The p test score for this is a gobsmacking 0.003404, a figure that should be enough even to get Richard Dawkins buying a lottery ticket.

But then again he would have to consult an astrologer to know when was the best time to buy one.

Juan Rodriguez won $ 150 million, the highest ever in a New York state lottery.

Some powerful ingredients are in the natal chart. A 2nd house Sagittarius Sun, in trine with Pluto suggests a sudden, unexpected windfall and Jupiter / Uranus conjunction at the Midheaven points to an equally sudden but very auspicious change in career.

Rodriguez won the lottery less than a month before his 50th birthday. Working as a car park attendant he had always been in debt.

Transiting Pluto was conjunct his Sun when he won.

Venus was exactly on his Ascendant.

Interesting that he has an exact Venus / Saturn conjunction in the 1st house, because days after his win his wife of 17 years filed for divorce.

Uranus was about to conjunct his 5th house Mars, the ruler of his 7th house.

Angela Kelly won £ 35 million, the highest Euromillions win at the time.

Again, the natal chart shows it clearly. A Moon / Jupiter conjunction in Leo in the 2nd house in trine to a Sun / Venus in Sagittarius is about as favourable as it gets financially.

Kelly won in August 2007 with Jupiter exactly ( within a few minutes ) conjunct her Sun.

Interesting also to note the Mars / Uranus / Pluto conjunction in the 4th house opposite Saturn.

Her father left home on her 16th birthday and she was forced to look after her ailing mother and two younger sisters when Saturn was moving through that conjunction.

James Ippolito’s wife won $ 1.7 m on a slot machine while on holiday.

A Venus / Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio in the 2nd indicates this, intriguingly Jupiter is the ruler of his 7th house.

The winnings happened in January 1992 when Pluto was conjunct his Venus.

An engineer with Sun / Moon / Mars conjunction in Capricorn in the 4th, Ippolito had no plans to give up work as a result of the winnings. Of course he wouldn’t.

The owner of this chart won $ 21 million on the Ohio state lottery.

There’s no real 2nd house stuff here but a tight Sun, Moon, Ascendant conjunction in early Scorpio would certainly have something very powerful to say about a very radical change in this person’s life.

A Venus / Jupiter conjunction would have to be helpful as well.

She won the lottery in May 1986 with Pluto exactly conjunct her Sun.

If all these winners are making any readers with less auspicious 2nd house placements jealous its always worth remembering to be careful what you wish for.

Werner Bruni was one of the first big lotto winners, 1.7 million Swiss francs in 1979. After receiving bad investment advice he lost it all and ended up bankrupt.

A 2nd house Pluto is not necessarily an advantage, all it does indicate is there will be an explosive theme around finances.

The Moon, the 2nd house ruler is at the apex of a T Square in the 12th house involving a Venus / Saturn conjunction in Pisces in the 10th opposite Neptune.

It goes without saying that the person who gave him the bad business advice was his boss.

Its also interesting that Pluto was trine his Moon and Neptune opposite it when he won the money.

But the award for the most obvious astrolottery winner goes to Jacki Cisneros who won $ 266 million on the Mega Millions Lottery.

This is the kind of chart that you’d be surprised if they didn’t win. An extremely powerful 2nd house stellium including a Sun / Pluto conjunction and a Moon / Mars / Mercury one.

As is often the case with a Sun / Pluto natal aspect, the sudden, unexpected, powerful life changing event indicated will occur when the transit Pluto makes its next aspect to the Sun.

Pluto was exactly square to Cisneros Sun in May 2010 when she won.

We all know the chances of winning the lottery are beyond absurd, but what about if you have a chart like Jackie Cisneros ?

The chances of having the Sun in the 2nd are 1 in 12, both Sun and Moon is 1 in 144, with Mars we are talking 1 in 1728.

We’ll be generous and dispense with Mercury as its often in the same house as the Sun.

A Sun / Pluto conjunction ( 8 degree orb ) takes it to 1 in 38,880.

A Sun / Uranus ( 4 degree orb ) makes it 1 in 1,749,600

A Venus / Jupiter ( 10 degree orb ) makes it 1 in 31,492,800

Given the Mega Millions website estimates the chances of winning it are 1 in 302 million, Jacki Cisneros had a 1 in 10 astrological chance of scooping the jackpot.

But that was just any week.

Pluto’s transit to square her Sun means that during the year of her win her chances had come down from 10 / 1 against to 9 / 1 on.

On the day she actually won, a Sun / Moon / Mars T square was hitting her Venus and Ascendant, with Mars exactly conjunct her rising degree.

So on this date, it was no stroke of luck at all. There was no chance of Jackie Cisneros not winning it.

If any reader would like to find out their own chances of winning the big one and the most auspicious dates to try, I am happy to provide that service.

In Vettius Valens’ time, political officials were chosen by a lottery of all the citizens names rather than election because they felt the resulting picks were more reliable.

They probably did the same for astrologers as well.

There are times when I read about the goings on in the US, both politically and astrologically, I wonder if they’ve adopted the same system.

Posted on July 10th 2022