Are We Near The End Of The Roe ?

There is a universal truth that the closer you are to the source of something, the more intense and powerful it is. The further away you are the weaker and more dispersed it becomes.

This simple truth can be applied to anything, whether physical, mental or spiritual.

Take religion as an example. The avatars at the source like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed etc all had a message of tremendous simplicity and power. But the more widely this message was spread across the world over time the more diluted it became to the point that many so called followers of these masters are quite obviously holding beliefs that are far removed from the original message.

The same thing applies to astrology.

While it is obviously a good thing that more people are aware of the subject, it is inevitable that their understanding of it is simplified to the point where it scarcely even works.

Most astrologers ( like religious leaders ) exist in order to attempt to refine this understanding but some do not. They are happy to pander to the relative ignorance of people because it brings them more followers and customers.

There are probably well over a billion people that know something about their own Sun sign traits. There maybe over a million that are aware of the Mercury Retrograde phenomenon, because it has unsophisticated general application.

But as astrologers should we limit our explanations to these arenas because we know that we will get lots of likes or do we have a duty to try and lead our readers towards a more advanced comprehension of the planets impact on human behaviour ?

I have just read an article about the upcoming Australian election which basically predicts that it will result in a hung Parliament because Mercury is retrograde.

The writer refuses to make specific observations based on the charts of the major party leaders, Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese because their birth times are not available.

Most political commentators would agree that some kind of hung parliament is a likely result given the number and strength of the independents standing but this has got nothing at all to do with Mercury being retrograde.

If that was the case, presumably it would always be so for elections in countries like Italy where there is hardly ever one party with a clear majority and all governments are put together as coalitions of one sort or another.

But this article allows the writer to put the whole election down to the power of Mercury going backwards, because that is the level of comprehension that her readers are operating on.

The international news agenda this last week has been strongly impacted by a leak suggesting that the US Supreme Court are about to overturn the Roe v Wade decision that protected a woman’s right to have an abortion without excessive government interference.

Many astrologers have been falling over themselves to find some kind of starry reasoning for this development.

I have read some put this down to the US Pluto Return while also noting that the US is a Cancerian country so its conservative instincts would naturally be to protect the unborn foetus.

There may well be something in this but why do ” astrologers ” seek to pontificate in this way without actually looking at any relevant charts ?

I don’t have a time for this judgement, but I do feel that a noon chart works quite well.

The T Square seems to be explaining the main thrust of it.

Mars in Sagittarius in the 8th house is pointing to a strong drive to have freedom around reproductive rights. Its opposition to Saturn is indicating the attitude of traditional thinking to this movement.

The apex Moon in Virgo in the 5th is the result, ensuring a woman’s right not to have children.

The close trine between the Moon and Jupiter in the 9th house has the feeling of a favourable court decison.

But its perhaps even more remarkable when we consider the synastry with the US chart.

Because despite the Aquarius Moon, the US, with the Sun in Cancer in the 8th house is very old school when it comes to reproduction.

Cancer is a sign that seeks to protect itself from its own emotional vulnerability.

Organised religion exists mainly because of a fear of women and a consequent need to control them. With the Sun in Cancer, what better way to do that than to keep them pregnant and tied to the home, limiting their capacity to overthrow the patriarchy.

The Roe chart ruler, Venus in Capricorn in the 9th house of law is exactly opposite the US Sun.

The Roe Mercury / Jupiter conjunction is opposite the US Mercury.

The Roe Mars is conjunct the US Ascendant.

A quick look at transits instantly shows us where we are.

Pluto will be making a conjunction with the Roe Sun over the next few years. It is currently right on the US Mercury.

Its fascinating that the leak that the Supreme Court may overturn the Roe v Wade decision came exactly when Pluto stationed on this Mercury. The fact that Pluto has now turned retrograde may suggest this ruling could be shelved for a while, perhaps due to the adverse reaction and protests that the leak has received.

Pluto turns direct in October and reaches the Roe Mercury again in February, so its possible that the court might take a rain check and wait until after the expected Republican victories in the midterms gives the party control over both houses of Congress.

Pluto then moves into Aquarius and will be conjunct the Roe Sun between 2024 and 26.

The way things are looking now, the US will then have a Republican President and Congress.

Popular astrologers have been talking up Pluto’s transit into Aquarius as like some kind of golden new liberal age.

But then the same punters were claiming that Uranus in Taurus would mean a greater level of financial equality. With Uranus half way through, I’m tempted to ask how’s that going for you now ?

They were obviously thinking of Uranus’ affect on Taurus, but what about Taurus’ impact on Uranus. Might this placement indicate a revolutionary planet going through a more conventional phase ?

In a strange reversal, the same pop astrologers are looking at Aquarius’ impact on Pluto. But maybe Pluto’s hit on Aquarius should be examined.

Whilst Uranus is generally a force for progress, Pluto’s revolution can just as powerfully take mankind backwards. All it requires is that the status quo is obliterated. What comes after largely depends on the state of consciousness of the survivors.

Capricorn in mundane astrology is said to rule banking and big business.

Pluto’s entry into that sign in 2008 sparked the banking crisis.

But far from killing off the financial industry, it enabled them to eventually reset and blame the ensuing recession on the usual targets, immigrants and liberals.

What to expect from a Pluto / Sun transit.

Well it depends what has been happening up to that point.

If something has been in operation for some time, Pluto will enforce change. Whether that is for a person, an institution or a ruling, there will be a powerful break from the past.

Pluto can be seen as favourable or unfavourable, but that largely depends on whether whoever is on the receiving end is ready for the change that it demands.

Such a transit can bring someone to prominence, who up to that point had not looked destined for such a role, suddenly in an unexpected way.

If that same person had previously been in a position of strength, It can remove them with equal finality.

So since the Roe v Wade judgement has been working well for nearly half a century, the likelihood is that Pluto hitting its Sun will overturn that landmark ruling and the freedom of American women to choose to have an abortion will be hit by an atomic bomb.

Naturally a lot of people will resent that, particularly the generation with Uranus in Aquarius ( 1995 – 2003 ).

How Aquarius reacts to this Plutonic destruction we are not allowed to see until it happens. The point of Pluto is to burn the past in order for something completely new to emerge from the ashes.

With a few notable casualties the banking industry did emerge from the Pluto in Capricorn crisis. No doubt something new will come from the end of Roe v Wade.

Whether we will like it or not we can’t say.

I don’t promise that Pluto in Aquarius will be all about equality and fairness like the pop astrologers, but then again, I’m not really chasing followers like they are.

I don’t want Astrology to be diluted simply in order to spread it to more people. I would much rather stand closer to the source with my subject.

I quite like being an unpopular astrologer

Posted on May 7th 2022