David Cameron’s Jupiter Return

In 1979, Pluto decided that Britain needed a good seeing to so it brought in its chief political henchwoman to do the job. After 11 years of being forced to take our medicine, the planet decided to give us all a break and go off to torment some other poor unsuspecting country.

The Tory party was left in a strange state, the Thatcher ” revolution ” had changed it’s identity. It was no longer a paternalistic party run by ex public schoolboys and it’s previous leaders, Edward Heath, Alec Douglas Hume and Harold Macmillan all seemed to belong to a different age.

There had always been working class Tory voters, doffing their caps to their betters but the people whose votes had kept Margaret Thatcher in office were not doing it out of deference, it was her view of the world that appealed to them.

Most Tory politicians were glad to see the back of her, she was never ” one of them ” and had became a caricature by the end. They just did not know how to replace her. It’s not surprising, she had an extraordinary chart.

Margaret Thatcher

The battling Sun / Mars conjunction at the apex of a Tsquare, the toughness of Saturn rising in Scorpio and the stateswomanlike  Moon in Leo right at the top of the chart said it all. The phenomenon that was the Plutonian Lady has been looked at in depth before. For lots of reasons she was a hard act to follow and the Tories didn’t know how to do it.

They felt that they needed a leader who would appeal to the common man so instead of looking to the fields of Eton for their next leader they took someone who’d been brought up in a circus.

John Major

John Major seemed the most unlikely figure to take Thatcher’s place. His Moon and Ascendant in Capricorn created a reserved and even restrained personality despite the fact that his Sun was in Aries.

We had got so used to a seriously strong personality at the helm that he just did not seem to fit. The caricature of him as a Superman in a pair of old Y Fronts nicely captured the Aries Sun masked by the Capricorn Moon and Ascendant.

Major appeared out of nowhere. It seemed that he got the job because he happened to be passing the Cabinet office at the time. This was not true because he had the unusual combination of Sun, Moon and Ascendant all being in close aspect to each other. One result of such a grouping is that any transit will hit all three major significators at the same time. Uranus, the planet of the unexpected was conjunct his Moon and Ascendant and square his Sun at the time. This explains why he got the job, his transits would have been so much more powerful than anyone else’s.

Of course the problem with this is that when Saturn arrives, the fall will be just as spectacular. In 1997, Saturn was conjunct Major’s Sun and square the Moon / Ascendant as Labour’s landslide victory sent him on his way.

The year 1997 was so much about Labour leader Tony Blair and his wonderfully cultivated TV image that none of the bigger players in the Tory party wanted to go up against him. So John Major was replaced by William Hague, again not an old public school Tory, he appeared to have got the job on the strength of having made a conference speech when he was 16.

William Hague

Another Aries, this time with the Moon in Cancer, not really a classic placing for a great political leader. His Moon was exactly opposite Saturn, so didn’t have fortune on his side either and to elect him as your leader when Neptune was conjunct Saturn and opposite the Moon was just inviting failure. In a sense Neptune’s transits showed the state of confusion that the party was in at this point.

Hague resigned after the 2001 general election following a second landslide defeat, becoming the first Conservative Leader since the role came into being in the early 1920s not to become Prime Minister.

He was replaced by someone who looked like an old style Tory, Iain Duncan Smith.

Iain Duncan Smith

Yet another Aries, but this one had the right wing combination of  Saturn conjunct a Scorpio Ascendant that Thatcher made so popular but he also had the Moon in Cancer, so didn’t have the ability to carry it through as a leader.

Jupiter helped him out when elected leader in 2001 as it was conjunct that Moon but Saturn opposing Mars in 2003 meant he resigned.

He was replaced by Ann Widdicombe’s, creature of the night, Michael Howard, but he was such a dark soul that there’s no birth time available for him. At least they stopped getting Ariens with soft Moons, but Howard was a Sun Cancer and Moon Sagittarius so still not a very statesmanlike combination.

Without knowing the time its hard to say for sure but his couple of years in the leadership from 2003 to the third election defeat of 2005 probably coincided with Pluto being conjunct his Moon.

The Moon does seem to matter quite a lot in politics, as it is to do with the way other people respond to you.

Having failed with this lot, the Tories decided to go back to what they know, the fields of Eton. Well its either that or they got an astrologer in. If they had consulted someone and asked them for a leader with the same statesmanlike qualities of Thatcher but without the far right wing populist tendencies, they would have been offered David Cameron.

David Cameron

Both David Cameron and Margaret Thatcher have the Sun in the middle of Libra. The difference is that Cameron has his Libran Sun conjunct Venus and the Ascendant. This makes him a lot more typical of the sign, diplomatic, even handed, interested in fairness and balance. Thatcher’s Sun was conjunct Mars, a combination that always produces something of a fighter.

They both have the Moon in Leo at the top of the chart so they feel they have a divine right to lead. Thatcher had the Moon conjunct Neptune which suggests she was operating under an illusion that she was a queen, the Sun’s conjunction with Mars at the apex of a T square would suggest that queen was Boadicea.

Cameron has the Moon conjunct Jupiter and with the Libra Ascendant his sense of a right to lead is more subtle, not so in your face and probably tied up with that Etonian privilege. 

Jupiter is an important feature both in Cameron’s chart and in transits and was conjunct his Sun in 2005 when he became Tory party leader. 

He was elected Prime Minister of a coalition government in May 2010. Pluto was square his Ascendant and opposite his Midheaven for 2009 – 10.

David Cameron has his Jupiter return in July 2014, and the big planet transits to conjunct his Moon in August. As the vote on Scottish independence is due at about this time its hard to see a Yes result as Cameron has set himself so strongly against it.

The next election in May 2015 is an interesting one. Cameron has Pluto square his Sun in 2015 -16. This kind of aspect is usually the peak of a career or the start of it, so he should win probably with an outright majority. The only problem is that there is usually some kind of surprise or explosive breakup with Pluto aspects.

Jupiter will in Libra during 2016 and 17, making a conjunction to his Ascendant, Venus and Sun, the same transit that gave him the Tory leadership, so you would expect him to be still running things under this influence.

Looking at the coming election is difficult because no birth time is available for Ed Milliband. The Labour leader has the Sun in Capricorn opposite the Moon in Cancer with Mars in Pisces. This is a combination that doesn’t really have the look of a Prime Minister, it has more in common with those Tory leaders between Thatcher and Cameron.

We do know that Milliband had Pluto conjunct his Sun in 2010 when he was elected leader of the Labour party. This suggests that would be the peak of his achievement. An interesting aspect of the Labour party leadership election is that he won it by beating his brother David. Both the Moon and Cancer rule the family and Pluto was conjunct Ed’s Sun ( he wins ) and opposite his Moon in Cancer ( a member of his family loses ).

Ed Milliband has nothing significant for 2015 so its hard to see him winning the election.

Nick Clegg has an interesting chart particularly in the way it matches up with David Cameron’s

Nick Clegg

Many commentators have suggested that Clegg has compromised both the Liberal Democrats and their principles for a taste of power by joining in a coalition with Cameron’s Tories. The answer to that might be that he is a politician. He also has the Sun in pragmatic Capricorn, a sign that is unlikely to let ideals get in their way when it comes to following the path to the mountain summit, but a closer look at his chart shows that the partnership with Cameron was inevitable.

Clegg’s Sun is at 16 degrees Capricorn in exact square to Mars in Libra in the 10th house of career.Mars in the 10th will always give a strong ambition to the career.  His Mars is exactly conjunct David Cameron’s Sun so his ambitions ( Mars in the 10th ) are to be found in a partnership ( Libra ) with the Tories ( conjunct Cameron’s Sun ).

The fact that Cameron and Clegg are different and come from political parties that are generally ranked against each other is shown by the two leaders Suns being in square aspect. This is Clegg’s problem, in order to satisfy his career ambition ( Mars in the 10th ) he has to go in a direction that conflicts with his own ( Mars square the Sun ).

As Clegg and Cameron have their Sun’s in exact square aspect, they will both be getting Pluto transits in 2015-16. Pluto will be conjunct Clegg’s Sun so this will be the major watershed of his life. A sudden explosion of some sort is inevitable here.

Pluto will also be square Clegg’s Mars so the impact is likely to be destructive to his career ambitions.

The most sensible reading of all this is that David Cameron will gain an outright majority at the next election and the coalition will be over, and as a political force so will Nick Clegg.

So for David Cameron its likely to be a happy Jupiter return.


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36 thoughts on “David Cameron’s Jupiter Return

  1. Lovely fluent analysis. Fascinating to read about Mrs Thatcher, John Major, the Millibands and Nick Clegg. Just great. Thank you so much.

    • Thanks Asela. Having looked at more charts as the election looms, its one of the toughest ones to predict. My feeling now is still for Cameron continuing with a Lib Dem coalition but its unlikely to have a majority and could easily be voted out in Parliament. I have said as much on twitter @CCapricorn1.
      Cameron has Pluto and Uranus in aspect to his Sun. The last time this happened was in 1964 with Harold Wilson, who won the election but without a workable majority, and another election had to be called 18 months later.
      We shall see later today.

    • Thanks Randolph. Having looked at more charts as the election looms, its one of the toughest ones to predict. My feeling now is still for Cameron continuing with a Lib Dem coalition but its unlikely to have a majority and could easily be voted out in Parliament. I have said as much on twitter @CCapricorn1.
      Cameron has Pluto and Uranus in aspect to his Sun. The last time this happened was in 1964 with Harold Wilson, who won the election but without a workable majority, and another election had to be called 18 months later.
      We shall see later today.

  2. Your analysys of Cameron’s chart is very well argumented (though I’m not so keen on the man himself, or his party, like some other readers here). It was fascinating to see the similarities with Thatcher’s chart, something we all suspected from non astrological indicators anyway. And yes, your original prediction on the election results was spot on, Cameron got an outright majority, the coalition is out, Clegg and Miliband are resigning. If this doesn’t “prove” astrology, what else? Excellent stuff. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Francesca. I’m not happy about the result either, but the astrology was clear. I’ve put most of my election responses on twitter @CCapricorn1

  3. I read this last year and, while I could not doubt your analysis was theoretically sound, I was pretty certain that Cameron was not going to get back into power, but that Miliband was (as all the pre-election polls seemed to favour Labour and also because everyone I spoke to seemed to be really sick of the Conservatives and the austerity and benefit sanctions, etc., etc.). When I heard on 8th May morning that Cameron was going back into Downing St I was really quite shocked, then I remembered your astrological prediction, so I went back I read it. It has proved itself so very, very accurate! You are obviously a very good astrologer. Well done! Screw the skeptics who say astrology doesn’t work! Fact is your astrology predicted with amazing accuracy what dozens of polls did not and could not.

    • Thank you so much. I agree, so many polls and everyone predicting a Labour / SNP pact, I even began to wonder myself at one point. But one thing you know for sure with Pluto aspecting someone’s Sun, there will be a large element of shock involved. So the pollsters get egg on their faces.
      I’m not bothered by sceptics, I’ve never met one that could be bothered to seriously study astrology, so they don’t understand what it is they’re trying to put down.

  4. amazing! what will happen next? will there be another Tony Blair to save the labour party and the uk from splitting up with Scotland. who could be the new PM in 2020?

  5. My oh my, you are fantastic, Ccapricorn!!!

    I am thrilled that I followed Jonathan Cainer’s link to you!!! Your prediction is amazingly accurate and all the better for reading it after the event.

    Do you have any interest/insight in Nibiru aka planet X? I hear that many astronomers have been silenced as well as media and am not sure if they have included the talents of astrologers.

    I would be very greatful if you could give me at least a hint of whether I should be preparing for extremely hard times and heading for the hills. I’m collecting ‘good’ seeds like mad and storing them in watertight vials. There is also talk of extraterrestrials helping us. Some are supposed to be good and others bad. I don’t know what or who to believe but have seen and photographed an object in the sky several times. That’s when the chemtrails aren’t blotting out our sky. There is talk of pole shift, which, as a University taught student of geilogy, I understand some of what is being predicted.

    I hope you can tell me if I’m just being paranoid or have a task ahead of me at some point convincing my very sceptical family and others to prepare for survival. The Zeta said the Bristol channel will be particularly at risk of four hundred ~ foot flooding. We all live in this area.

    As a writer, I go on and on, sorry. That’s it in a nutshell.

    Once again, I sincerely congratulate you for such an accurate prediction of the election outcome.

    Love and light

    Gwenda xxxxx

    • Thanks so much for your appreciation Gwenda. I don’t know anything about planet X. I only believe things that have been proven to me or that I feel its in my interest to believe. If there was really something to be paranoid about, worrying and / or heading for the hills probably wouldn’t be much help. I did my share of worrying about humanity’s future over 30 years ago with the Cold War and we got through that ok. My feeling is that the Universe gives us what we need when we need it and that we will be ok for a while,
      I am a triple Capricorn however and tend to see order in all things.
      Wishing you all the best

    • Thanks Claire. I’d be most surprised if he is. He doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. He assumes most people have offshore tax fiddles going on.

      He has Jupiter conjunct his Sun, Venus and Ascendant for most of this Autumn, and next Spring and Summer so I’m sure he’ll still be lording it over us all then. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if he holds out until 2019 when Saturn squares his Sun and Uranus his Moon.


    • Even though ordinary people not as rich as Cameron use various methods to pay as little as tax in the UK. I work in the field of civil engineering consultancy and some of my colleagues are not directly employed by the company. They have one-man band companies and their small companies are “sub-consultant” to consultant I work at. As long as tax avoidance isn’t outlawed, the rich would keep their offshore accounts.

    • Thanks Randolph. Is your method related to the I Ching ?
      As a rule I don’t look to predict anything more than 2-3 years ahead because so many other factors astrological and otherwise can intervene and change the situation.
      My view on the EU is that it’s already come through the most difficult time with Pluto and Uranus aspecting it’s Sun.
      It seems to survive as an institution despite the many problems it faces.
      Regards CC

  6. I almost felt sorry for David Cameron as he gave that resignation speech a few days ago after gambling away our future with the eu- then i remembered reading your article above. I have read your ‘labour party in 21st century’ and wonder now if their chances in to win 2020 election have increased dramatically, you mentioned chuka umanna doing great things in 2020…..really amazing how acurate you are. I look forward to reading more, maybe you could us readers an insight into Boris johnson- i have become very wary of him since the eu leave win

    • Thanks. When Ed Miliband resigned, Chuka Ummuna put his hat in the ring to campaign to be the next Labour leader. At the time I felt he was Labour’s best chance of getting elected in 2020 out of the available candidates.
      As he withdrew his candidacy pretty quickly due to the pressures in his family I can’t really see him getting another chance but who knows ?
      Everything’s up for grabs now in all parties.
      I’ve decided not to speculate on the next leaders until I see who’s actually in the running.
      But I’m not sure who Labour could elect to win round all their disaffected voters, or even if that’s possible

  7. Fantastic! You were spot on with the impact of Pluto on Nick Clegg’s and David Cameron’s political careers. You mention that in 2016 and 2017 Jupiter is in Libra making a conjunction to David Cameron’s ascendant, Venus and Sun, the same transit as when he won the party leadership. Does this mean that it will still all work out well for him? He looked pretty shattered yesterday. He’s had a rough old summer, but then haven’t we all.

  8. The 70% chance of remainers winning the EU referendum article doesn’t have a Reply box, so I’m using this one. My query is whether the timing of the delivery of the letter invoking Article 50 (not designed for a major player like us) is significant. My feeling is that ultimately, our departure will be helpful for both us and the EU, I wonder if the astrology of that delivery would confirm that. Thanks.

  9. Just read Boris Johnson – An Arcuri(t) Portrayal, but can’t see a Reply box, so carrying on here. That article does not appear to have a date, but mentions Carrie Symonds, so is not too old, although could be before he became PM, but then why write an article about him? Perhaps it was written before he got his stonking majority. Those times when he lost every (?) vote except the successful attempt to call another General Election (more than simple majority wasn’t it) seem very far away. Some say Trump would have won a second term if he’d responded better to the Covid-19 outbreak, and I wonder what Boris would have got up to without having to deal with the pandemic. Can astrology tell us what would have happened without the ‘Wuhan flu’

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