A Right Paine In The Ashwin – An Imperfect Contest Chart

” Prediction is dangerous, it can bring astrology into disrepute “. This is a quote that has been doing the rounds on astrotwitter after the events of the last 3 months.

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

Astrology is like any other subject. A little knowledge can be dangerous particularly in the hands of people with a political agenda of their own who are inclined to see what they want to see.

How else can we see things after more than half of the astrologers whose predictions were canvassed believed that Donald Trump would prevail for another 4 years ?

Because it’s a fair bet that the vast majority of them are Maggots themselves and could not imagine that the Universe would allow a bunch of lizard pedophiles to take over Amurrica.

And it doesn’t just seem to go one way either, because out of over 100 astrologers, only 6 ( including Capricorn Research of course ) predicted both Trump’s win in 2016 and Biden’s in 2020.

This issue didn’t just die with the election either as many were predicting violence and even an assassination attempt during the Inauguration.

These pundits were not operating from a perspective of common sense ( given the enormous security operation put in place after the events of January 6th ), they were simply giving a knee-jerk response to the chart itself.

Understandably so.

The Sun’s conjunction with Saturn in square to a scary Moon / Mars / Uranus conjunction in the 12th house does yell out beware hidden snipers and it’s quite possible that many predicting carnage on the day had first read Capricorn Research’s recent article about the subject – What Does The Inauguration Chart Say About The Next 4 Years

But the trouble is you have to read articles properly and not just panic at the first sight of a difficult astrological stimulus.

The key here is in the words ” About The Next 4 Years “

Because an event chart that marks the start of something is not simply about the event itself, it is the birth chart of that thing and will symbolically affect its whole life.

So an inauguration chart is not about what happens on January 20th, it is about the whole term of office.

Not convinced ? Then try deliberately choosing a difficult wedding chart then, thinking it will only cause it to rain on the day or an argument to break out between inlaws who fell foul of the reception seating plan.

Obviously such a chart would be the birth chart of the marriage and such a choice would be regretted at leisure over years of marital squabbling.

So it’s important before you go to interpret a chart to be sure what you are reading it for – particularly if you want to put money on it.

Most readers will know that I enjoy a flutter on sport. I’m not an addict, honestly but during the early days of Covid I did find myself searching the charts of Japanese Sumo wrestlers and Kazahkstan footballers because there was nothing else to bet on.

Mainly for me it’s a matter of testing my astrological judgement where it counts.

Some astrologers will make predictions like there’s change in the air and consequently claim anything that remotely fits as a success.

For me a successful ” prediction ” is getting the winner in the 4.30 at Haydock Park.

And I have been doing very well with contest charts – particularly ones like this.

Regular readers might remember my research on the history of the English F A Cup finals which confirmed an applying conjunction of the Moon to the significators of one of the teams would almost always provide the winner, even if this was a major upset for the form book. See Just Like A Conjunction Thats Gonna Win The FA Cup

So seeing the Moon applying closely to a conjunction with Saturn in the above chart would inevitably give the match to the favourites, Australia, because it rules the ascending sign Aquarius.

However, contest charts are governed by the rules of horary which state that an applying aspect only brings something to pass if it perfects, which means that it would have to come to exactitude before the receiving planet changes sign.

Saturn you would note is at the very last minute of Capricorn and just as the Moon would reach 29 degrees of the sign, the ringed planet moves into Aquarius.

So the prediction would be that Australia would look certain to win but would be thwarted at the end.

So I resisted the temptation to put money on my new country while wondering if the weather ( unusually English for an Aussie summer ) might impede their victory.

The 1st test did look like an even contest until an embarrassingly pathetic 2nd innings of 36 runs from the tourists gifted an easy win to the hosts.

So I had to do a rethink about the chart.

The thing with cricket test matches is that they are part of a series. This one was the 1st of 4 for the Border / Gavaskar trophy.

So as the 1st match, this chart is saying something about the whole series as well as the game itself.

The prevailing view after this 1st match with India in disarray and their captain and star batsman, Virat Kohli heading back home for the birth of his child, was that the rest of the series would be a walkover, with pundits even predicting a 4-0.

But this chart was saying it certainly wouldn’t be and that the Aussies would not even win the series.

So with India at 5 / 1 to win the 2nd test, I felt it was too food an opportunity to miss and cashed in with a nice start to the new year.

India won the 2nd and 4th tests, drawing the 3rd and took the trophy home, a cue for much agonising in my new country.

Most of the blame was focused on the Australian captain, Tim Paine who with the Sun in Sagittarius opposite the Moon in Gemini has what should be called a reverse Trump.

Just as the Mango Mussolini was flying on his Jupiter transits in 2019, Paine was made captain with the big planet conjunct his Sun on the back of the Steve Smith ball tampering scandal.

But now with Neptune around, it looks like Australia might be casting around for a new leader soon.

His cause wasn’t help by an unseemly piece of sledging with India’s Ravi Ashwin who also has a Mutable Sun / Moon opposition. However Ashwin’s is Virgo / Pisces creating a Grand Cross with Paine’s.

So what can we learn from this ?

It seems that the opening chart of a series will dominate over subsidiary ones for events in that series and that it carries a resonance right through to the end of play.

By the same token, the threat of unrest in Joe Biden’s Inauguration chart does not apply on the day. In fact it may well work out like this 1st test chart and give a false sense of security allowing people to relax and think the much vaunted New Democrat age is already upon us.

If anyone is thinking that a look at the actual moment of inauguration should pull them up short.

Perhaps in a hurry to issue as many executive orders overturning his predecessors policies as possible on his first day in office, Joe Biden was actually proclaimed President 12 minutes early.

This time puts Pluto right on the Midheaven.

That 12 minutes means the astrological threat of assassination over the next 4 years has just increased considerably.

And if this does happen, it’s a fair bet that all the Maggot astrologers will be saying it was always part of the Universal plan.

Posted on Jan 22 2021