Mia Farrow and the Dark Side of the Moon

One question that intrigues Capricorn Research is how do people manage to explain the lives of others when they don’t have an understanding of astrology ?

Some people might say they don’t try to understand, they just get on with things. This is not true of course. Everyone has their own rational, their worldview and they are constantly attempting to comprehend the behaviour of individuals and society on mass in a way which seeks desperately to maintain this view, whether that view is supposed to be scientific, religious or karmic, economic, freudian, conformist or non conformist, optimistic or pessimistic or any other type.

Our brains are constructed to constantly do this, without comparison with the behaviour of others, we would have no points of reference in terms of our own life. Many people pretend that they don’t do it, that they are somehow above these things, but they do otherwise they would never be able to get up in the morning.

So given that everyone uses some kind of mental framework for assessing and explaining the lives, actions, thoughts and feelings of others what sort of structure is it and what variation of behaviour is permitted ?

We only have to listen to a radio phone in or read the comments section in any newspaper, to witness many assertions that one person’s framework is broader or more permissive than another’s or even the opposite, i.e less naive and more realistic.

But how to explain one person’s life without being reductionist, without choosing a particular cause or causes plucked from their early experiences ?

Take for example the life of actress, activist and fashion model, Mia Farrow.

Farrow has appeared in more than 50 films and won a Golden Globe award and received seven nominations including one for the film that made her name, Rosemary’s Baby.

She is also known for her humanitarian activities particularly in relation to children and her work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Most reports say that she has had 14 children, 10 of them adopted. She has had relationships with Frank Sinatra, Andre Previn and Woody Allen, men who were 30, 16 and 10 years older than her respectively.

Her relationship with Allen ended when he took up with Soon-Yi, her adopted daughter and there have been unproven allegations that Allen sexually abused another of her children.

So how to explain all this ? Some might say its related to Mia Farrow’s own early experiences, perhaps something in her relationship with her own father or her convent education.

Mia Farrow was born to be an actress, her father was John Farrow, the Australian director, and her mother Maureen O’Sullivan, the Irish actress but she experienced tragedies at  a young age.

At nine, she contracted polio and spent three weeks in an isolation unit, an episode that she said “marked the end of my childhood”. At 13, her brother Michael died in a plane crash. When she was 17, her father died of a heart attack.

Many would blame the men in her life for exploiting an innocent woman who has always had a childlike appearance. Others might say that by marrying men so much older than her, she was looking for some kind of security through her relationships rather than in herself.

Some might even say that she brought all this suffering on herself by appearing in an occult horror film where she gave birth to a satanic child.

Astrology would not necessarily disagree with any or all of these assessments. It would however say that Mia Farrow was born at a certain moment and therefore had to represent the themes of that moment. She carries with her certain symbols and they will find expression throughout her life in one way or another.

In fact the themes of Rosemary’s Baby, convent education, the early loss of brother and father, marrying older men, adopting large numbers of children, being an ambassador for Unicef, and even a partner having an affair with your own adopted daughter all fit with a particular symbol.

You could say that Mia Farrow’s life is a simple expression of the dark side of the Moon. If there’s one sign where the Moon is least comfortable, its where its in detriment in Capricorn.

Mia Farrow

The Moon rules the world of feelings but also it is the symbol of the mother. It covers family relationships with one’s own parents but also with one’s children.

Farrow’s Moon is in Capricorn, not only that but is opposite the sign’s ruler, Saturn in Cancer. This might be the simplest astrological shorthand for a dysfunctional family.

Both Capricorn and Saturn are symbols of austerity. It is as if the normal family experience that everyone else takes for granted is withdrawn and the individual is fated to spend the rest of their lives compensating for and dealing with that loss.

Saturn is the principle of limitation but it also covers both the masculine and authority principles, so it fits with the early loss of Farrow’s brother and father. It also has connotations with ill health and the restrictions of childhood polio fit with its symbolism.

The Moon, Cancer, Saturn and Capricorn are all related to relationships with members of other generations and its very common for someone with this kind of combination to choose a married partner much older than they are.

The Moon in Capricorn opposite Saturn in Cancer suggests that the need for emotional security far outweighs the other factors in the choice of partner.

Mia Farrow’s Moon / Saturn opposition is part of an extremely difficult Grand Cross. This includes another opposition between Venus in Aries and Neptune.

Venus / Neptune is a classic movie star sex symbol theme. Venus in Aries suggests an assertive sexuality which when linked to the Moon / Saturn would act as a powerfully magnet for older men / father figures.

Neptune’s role in the Grand Cross indicates a level of innocence but also naivety about these relationships and points to them being undermined by deceptions of one sort or another.

The Grand Cross is generally an indicator of someone who has very little control over the events of their own lives. Perhaps ultimately none of us do, but the bearer of a Grand Cross has much less than the rest of us. They are boxed in by 4 planets pulling in 4 determinedly different directions and living with this pattern is frequently a case of trying desperately to keep a large number of plates spinning at the same time.

The only measure of control that can be established is through simply getting used to challenges, difficulties and frustrations being thrown at you constantly, where you just accept that your life will always be like that.

Other people can give advice, like try and date someone your own age or perhaps don’t adopt quite so many children, but the person on the receiving end of that advice is so strongly compelled by the pull of the 4 planets that they cannot even hear it, let alone act on it.

On very strong feature of the Moon / Saturn / Venus / Neptune contact would be an acute sense of the suffering ( Saturn ) of other children ( Moon ) and an idealistic need to do something about it ( Neptune ).

It may well be that Farrow’s Venus in Aries square Moon in Capricorn and Saturn made her seek out older men not only for her own emotional security but also because they would be able to provide the same thing for her children both natural and adopted.

Neptune, however will never give security, its whole nature is to undermine it and make people let go of these things. So the security that Farrow so desperately sought was bound to be dissolved through her own relationships.

What was it that she was looking for ?

John Farrow

We don’t have a birth time for Mia’s father, John Farrow but we don’t need one.

We can see how close the identification that Mia had with John because the Suns are within 1 degree of each other in Aquarius. To reinforce this connection further John’s Venus at 12.56 Capricorn is only a degree away from Mia’s Moon.

John Farrow’s Sun is conjunct Saturn, however so his daughters connection and identification with him is bound to be tied up with some kind of loss.

This was quite literally the case as Mia’s father died on the 27th January 1963 on an exact Saturn Return with the ringed planet at 12.56 Aquarius. And Saturn immediately went on to conjunct Mia’s Sun.

So what made her choose the particular partners that she did ?

Frank Sinatra

Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra married in 1966, when she was 21 and he 51. Her Moon at 11.41 Capricorn is exactly conjunct his Venus at 11.56 of the same sign.

Bizarrely Sinatra’s Venus is also opposite Saturn in Cancer.

When we remember that John Farrow’s Venus was at 12.56 Capricorn, we can see that Mia was effectively marrying her Dad.

Farrow and Sinatra’s marriage lasted for two years and for most of this time the transiting Saturn was going through Mia’s Grand Cross, conjunct her Venus opposite Neptune square her Moon and its own natal position.

That also made Saturn forming a T Square with Sinatra’s own Venus / Saturn opposition.

Mia’s 2nd husband and father of 3 of her biological children and 3 adopted ones, was composer Andre Previn.

Andre Previn

It’s interesting to note that Previn has Mars at 11.16 Cancer in exact opposition to Farrow’s Moon.

Also that Andre Previn has Mars conjunct Pluto which is exactly ( within 4 minutes ) square to his Sun.

The transiting Pluto was running through Mia Farrow’s Grand Cross for most of the time that she was married to Previn.

Pluto was also square to his Mars and their marriage broke up while Pluto was opposite his Sun.

The relationship that most people know Mia Farrow for was the one with Woody Allen.

Woody Allen

Allen’s Moon is in Aquarius, conjunct Farrow’s Sun.

They both have Mars at 26 degrees Capricorn.

Many people have raised an eyebrow when it comes to Woody Allen’s many affairs with very attractive women. He’s not exactly eye candy himself, but perhaps its the fact that a relationship with him promises a starring role in many of his films that does the trick. Either that or its down to his T Square.

Mars opposite Pluto is a sexually powerful aspect but in Allen’s chart it focuses onto an apex Venus in Libra, the planet and sign of romantic relationship.

Anyone with an apex Venus is going to have more attention focused on their love life than most people, with Princess Diana being another fine example.

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow were together for 13 years and had one biological child, Ronan ( although at one point Mia suggested that he might actually have been fathered by Frank Sinatra ) and another 3 adopted ones.

But the one everyone remembers was Soon Yi.

Soon Yi Previn

There are some very interesting similarities between the charts of Soon Yi and her adoptive mother Mia Farrow.

Their Moons are closely conjunct in Capricorn. They both have Venus in the signs of their detriment, Mia in Aries and Soon Yi in Scorpio. They also both have difficult Venus / Saturn / Neptune aspects.

So naturally we should look for similarities in their family lives and relationships.

Both lost their fathers early in their lives. Soon Yi was adopted so lost her natural father, but also her adoptive father when Mia and Andre separated.

Both married father figures 30 years older than them, these relationships began when they were both 21 years old.

The problem was that Soon Yi’s relationship was with her step father and Mia’s partner, Woody Allen. Mia and Woody separated soon after Farrow discovered nude photographs that Allen had taken of Soon-Yi.

One important difference between the charts of Mia Farrow and her adopted daughter is the aspects that their Moons receive.

Farrow’s Moon is seriously afflicted with the Grand Cross. Soon Yi’s Moon is closely square to her Sun in Libra which is conjunct Uranus.

A Sun / Moon square in a person’s chart means that there is an antagonism and challenge between the masculine and feminine symbols in that person’s life, it will often indicate a conflict between their parents.

As Soon Yi’s Sun is in Libra conjunct Uranus it does point to a situation where her choice of relationship partner would cause great trouble and separation within her family. But the result of all of this for Soon Yi was perhaps the security she craved as she has remained with Woody Allen for the past 23 years.

One important point to consider in this trans generational menage a trois, is the synastry between the 3 of them and the transit that triggered this split.

Mia Farrow’s Sun at 21 Aquarius is conjunct Woody Allen’s Moon at 24 degrees of that sign. Both are square to Soon Yi’s difficult Venus / Saturn opposition at 22 of Taurus and Scorpio.

The year 1992 was obviously the turning point in the private lives of all 3 of them.

It goes without saying that Pluto’s transit for that year was between 20 and 24 degrees of Scorpio, conjunct Soon Yi’s Venus, opposite her Saturn, square Allen’s Moon and most powerfully of all square Mia Farrow’s Sun.

Woody Allen’s connection to the City particularly through his film Manhattan had helped to give his relationship with Mia Farrow a kind of honorary New York royalty. Its interesting that there are similarities with the London royal family who also endured an annus horribilis in 1992.

Prince Charles’ Sun is at 22 Scorpio, Princess Diana’s T Square apex Venus at 24 Taurus and the Queen’s T Square from 21 – 24 of the Fixed signs. Pluto had a similar effect that year on the Windsors of London that it did on the Allens of New York. For more details on this story see Pluto and the House of Windsor

Its quite possibly true that more opinions have been aired about the Farrow / Allen / Soon Yi story than any family relationships bar that of the Windsors.

Every one will have had their say and will have sided with one or the other, particularly with the allegations made by Mia Farrow that Woody Allen sexually abused another of their adopted daughters, Dylan. Its also a fair guarantee that most opinions would have come down clearly on one side or the other.

Many people will have put forward their own reasons for the behaviour of the people involved, but if any of these would be as compassionate and genuinely looking to provide a real understanding of the characters involved as the astrological explanation, I would be keen to read them.

For Mia Farrow, the Moon in Capricorn opposite Saturn as part of a Grand Cross including Venus and Neptune covers it all pretty well.

As so much of life is to do with synchronicity, rather than the supposed linear cause and effect that dominates philosophical orthodoxy, it’s worth mentioning that this article has been written during an eclipse and its very fitting that the final song on Pink Floyd’s ” Dark Side of the Moon ” is called ” Eclipse “. The final words of the song are  ” there is no dark side in the moon, really. ”

Exactly so because Astrology always sheds light on people’s behaviour. Even that of Rosemary’s Baby.


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