Katie Price – Three Into Two Won’t Go

Katie Price previously known by the pseudonym Jordan, is an English celebrity, former glamour model, and businesswoman.

She shot to fame as a topless female glamour model and has since had many interests and business ventures in television, books, fashion and music. In April 2012, Price’s net worth was estimated at £45 million.

Price has had many highly publicised relationships and has been married three times, to singer Peter Andre, to professional fighter Alex Reid and to builder and part-time stripper Kieran Hayler. Recently, she announced her plans to divorce Hayler because he allegedly had an affair with her best friend while she was pregnant with their 2nd child.

Katie Price

Katie Price has the Sun in Gemini opposite the Moon in Scorpio. With the Sun in Gemini everything has to be communicated and expressed. Geminis are simply channels for the movement of information.

You can’t get two more different signs than Gemini and Scorpio, Gemini wants to do everything in a light and open way on the surface. They can be accused of being too flighty and rather superficial.
Scorpio is anything but, it is the deepest of all signs with a dark, intensity that operates secretively in the shadows.

Geminis have to tell everyone what’s going on for them. People with the Moon in Scorpio have quite a lot of things going on that they would much rather keep to themselves.
But as always the opposition aspect between the Sun and Moon will force these things out into the open in the most challenging way possible.

Katie Price has a Venus / Jupiter conjunction in Cancer. Venus is the planet that attracts people. Jupiter expands everything it touches. So a Venus / Jupiter conjunction is a very attractive personality that just draws people’s attention effortlessly.
If we look at the sign that a planet is in we can see in what manner the energy of that planet works.

Each sign rules a part of the body. The system of body part ruler ships is simple. The first sign Aries rules the head and the last sign Pisces rules the feet and each sign takes a part in order descending through the body.

Cancer is the sign of motherhood and nurturing and the body part that it rules is the breasts. Even the sign’s symbol resembles a pair.

So with Venus conjunct Jupiter in Cancer we have a situation where everyone is drawn ( Venus ) to a very large ( conjunct Jupiter ) pair of breasts ( Cancer ).

This might appear to be a rather simplistic and reductive approach as well as being not very PC, but astrology deals in symbols and Katie Price has always been very open about her main assets.

When someone has the Sun and Moon in close opposition aspect in their chart, this means that any transit of a planet to one will at the same time aspect the other. This means that the Pluto turning point in the person’s life becomes even more powerful than normal.

Pluto was conjunct Price’s Moon and opposite her Sun in 1996.

At a suggestion of a friend, Price had professional photographs taken and she decided to pursue a modelling career. The pictures were sent to a modelling agency in London and, in 1996, she was offered a job at Page 3, a topless female glamour model pictorial in British tabloid newspaper, The Sun. She adopted the name Jordan in 1996 and made frequent appearances as a model on both Page Three and in men’s lifestyle magazines.

The single most annoying thing in the lives of astrologers is a lack of accurate birthtimes particularly of rich and famous people.

There really is no excuse for it in this day and age. Capricorn Research believes that some of this information is withheld deliberately, although probably not consciously in order to protect the person from having their birthcharts splashed all over the press.

In Price’s case you could easily see the Sun in Gemini wanting that chart in the tabloids but the Moon in Scorpio keeping it to herself.

As astrologers we have to put up with this state of affairs and settle for a noon chart but there are certain circumstances where it is felt that the public need to know more, must be taken into account.

So the rectification of people’s birth charts to find an appropriate time of birth is either the very pinnacle of investigative astrological journalism or a  dastardly attempt to construct a chart that fits the known facts. Readers will have to decide for themselves.

The one advantage that astrologers do have over other journalists is that we can acquire this information without having to hack Katie Price’s mobile phone.

Capricorn Research does not normally descend to deal with such things feeling that rectification is unscientific and lacking in the objectivity required to prove astrology to the world.

But of course we all have to make occasional exceptions to our principles and the reason for doing it here is that Katie Price’s love life can serve a nobler purpose – to help students of astrology understand the art of chart rectification.

Katie Price’s role in all this has to be applauded as she is to become an important player in our developing understanding of the Universe. Because in the greater scheme of things what is she for other than to teach us the finer points of chart rectification

In a way this reflects Liverpool footballer Luis Suarez’s similarly important part in our understanding of the 3 part movement of a transit.

So how to start with a chart rectification. Of course it is the Ascendant that is affected by birthtimes and if we only have the date this is a problem because any one of the twelve signs could have been rising over the course of a day.

It’s often the case that a client will have a rough idea of the time, say like late afternoon because the father first heard on the way home from work.
This kind of help makes our job much easier as we have the choice of probably two or three ascending signs.

So in rectification it’s important to think about the Ascendant and what it stands for in a chart in order to see if we can get a few clues.

The Sun rules the main central theme in a persons life. The Moon rules the main emotional theme.

The Ascendant acts as a window through which we express these themes In our life. We see the world through this window and it colours our perception of life and other people.
But more importantly than that it impacts on how we project ourselves and therefore on the way other people see us.

It governs our appearance, particularly our physical shape. What people see first when they meet someone is not the Sun sign, but the Ascendant. It’s only later when they get to know the person better that the Sun sign comes into play.

Capricorn Research is often asked to guess people’s signs at parties in order to provide some level of proof that astrology works. This is extremely annoying and an answer is avoided at all costs for two reasons.

One is that a triple Capricorn is not the most sensitive of creatures and this one relies heavily on astrological insights to provide information that Pisceans or Cancerians might pick up with their own personal radar.

The other is that it is fairly certain that what is seen in a party situation is the person’s Ascendant rather than the Sun and so they would say ” nah your wrong so astrology sucks “.

The Ascendant rules the physical body and the signs have very distinctive shapes.

It is a known astrological fact that consecutive signs are very different to each other, particularly when it comes to body types.

Take Gemini and Cancer for example. Gemini rising would give a fair skinned complexion with blue eyes and skinny angular type body constantly on the move in all directions at once.

Cancer on the other hand would be darker colouring with much more roundedness of body type. It’s movements would be slower, softer and more fluid but not so direct and with less agitation and urgency.

Often when a client doesn’t know their exact birthtime they do have a sense of a 4 hour period, like morning, afternoon or evening.

Such a period would give us the option of 2 consecutive Ascendant signs and from appearance it would be an easy choice.

It’s almost as if the Universe had deliberately chosen the Ascendant as the thing to govern appearance in order to make it easier for astrologers to deal with inaccurate birthtimes.

It’s still tricky however when we have no time at all. But in Katie Price’s case we have one or should we say two very big clues.

The most prominent thing about her appearance is ( to use astrological shorthand ) her Venus / Jupiter conjunction in Cancer.

It would be fitting if she had Cancer rising and this conjunction was close to her Ascendant.

Katie Price Rectification

Of course when you rectify a chart to give an Ascendant all the house positions of the planets change.

So to corroborate our new chart we have to check the house positions of the major planets.

This new chart puts the Sun in the 11th house. This is interesting. Price doesn’t really have a career as such so a noon chart with the Sun in the 10th house of career wouldn’t really work for her.

What she does have is an almost constant presence in the media which interestingly is ruled by the 11th house.

The rectified chart also places the Moon in the 5th house which is again very appropriate for someone who lives her life as if on stage.
One important rulership of the 5th house is children and Katie Price is a mother of 4 with another on the way by 3 different fathers.

One source of great pain for her is no doubt the frequent media references to her son Harvey who is blind and on the autistic spectrum.

The Sun in Gemini in the 11th opposite the Moon in Scorpio in the 5th very aptly shows the tension between someone who needs almost every waking thought to go into print but at the same time would fight to keep her children from being exposed in this way.

The strong defence of one’s children would also be a big issue for anyone with a Cancer Ascendant, whether or not they had Venus / Jupiter there.

The other thing that the time change alters is Price’s T Square.

The opposition between the Sun and Moon and the tension and energy generated by it focuses onto an apex Mars / Saturn conjunction in Leo. Mars and Saturn are such different energies that this placing would have a contradictory effect.

An apex Mars in Leo would create a very demanding and dominant character with a tremendous amount of assertive energy. An apex Saturn would mean that she would receive a lot of opposition from other people and the world in general.

As Mars and Saturn are so unsympathetic to each other, Saturn’s negative publicity would make her even more assertive ( Mars ) which in turn would reap more negativity ( Saturn ).

The rectified chart places this conjunction in the 2nd house of money and if there is one thing that Katie Price’s Sun / Moon opposition has done it has created a strong drive to accumulate a lot of money ( Mars in Leo in the 2nd ).

This is so evident that it is often used against her in the press ( Saturn ).

The genuine revelations of personal and emotional torture that have come out recently about her husband, Kieran Hayler, having an affair with her best mate of 20 years, Jane Pountney, are testimony to this.

This is a classic example of the Sun / Moon opposition in action anyway.

Many newspapers have suggested that Price deliberately exaggerated an affair that amounted to nothing much in order to extract maximum publicity and therefore finance for herself.

This accusation itself is a fine example of Saturn conjunct a 2nd house Mars.

These themes have pursued her ever since she had breast enhancement surgery in order to get more exposure / money.

So Mars / Saturn in the 2nd house fits very well into the scheme of things.

Many people would be surprised to find this rectification does not produce a major planet in her 7th house.

One to one relationships are ruled by the 7th and the 5th houses. The 7th house has rulership over marriage and other long term relationships, the 5th house is more the province of affairs and the short term.

It could be said that Katie Price’s marriages have had more of a 5th house flavour than a 7th house up to now.

Astronomical reality means that some houses will inevitably not contain planets. We have only 10 for starters and Mercury and Venus are always close to the Sun and often in the same sign or house. So the chances are that most people will have as many as half of their houses untenanted.

This does not mean that they will be denied experience in the area governed by the house. What happens in the event of a house without a planet is that the sign on the cusp of that house, together with its ruling planet would be considered.

The sign on the 7th house cusp will frequently indicate the type of partner that we look for. This is appropriate because it is the opposite sign to our Ascendant and we look for a partner who will complement us by adding something to the equation which we ourselves lack. So the whole of the relationship ideally becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Katie Price is a Gemini, with the Moon in Scorpio and according to the rectification Cancer rising. The one element that she is very short of is Earth, so she would look for stability, and consistency and reliability in a partner. She has Capricorn on the 7th house cusp and so she desperately wants a relationship to last.

Capricorn is the most pragmatic and business minded of all signs so she would also look for a relationship that would enhance her own business interests. This tendency becomes even clearer when we see Saturn, the ruler of her 7th house Capricorn, placed in the 2nd house of money.

The problem is that this Saturn is the apex of a T Square and is conjunct Mars, an extremely difficult combination that creates a lot of tension and frustration in equal measure. So her dreams of finding any kind of long term stability through her relationships are unlikely to come true.

Her first husband was singer Peter Andre. Again we only have a noon chart which is easily enough to cover the main themes, but astrology often has a way of making noon charts fit the situation perfectly.

Peter Andre

Andre fits the gentle sensitive Piscean type extremely well and this is reinforced by the Sun’s square aspect to Neptune, the ruler of the sign.

His Sun is the apex of a T Square which is based on an opposition between Saturn and Neptune. Anyone with the Sun as an apex planet will inevitably find themselves being projected strongly in the direction that they choose, but because Andre has this Sun in Pisces he has a kind of self effacing humility which would give the impression that this promotion was not the result of his own assertiveness.

All noon charts give the Sun at the Midheaven but it is interesting that it focuses on his 10th house of career. The fact that this Sun is square to Saturn and Neptune suggests that his career could be given a boost by difficult events and as the result of personal troubles and losses.

His Pisces Sun is square Price’s Gemini Sun. So they are quite different characters and there is a natural challenge or tension between them that will have to be taken into consideration for the relationship to work long term.

His Moon is in Capricorn conjunct Mars. Now this is very interesting. The Noon chart places this Moon / Mars conjunction on his 7th house cusp.Andre’s Moon is opposite Price’s Venus / Jupiter conjunction in Cancer so its obvious what he sees in her.

Katie Price’s rectification also has Capricorn on the 7th house cusp. So she is looking for a Capricorn type partner. Andre’s Moon in Capricorn on the 7th house cusp shows that he would be seen as her ideal partner.

Price’s Saturn, the ruler of her 7th house is conjunct an apex Mars, an indication that her married life would tend to become a battle.

Andre’s Moon is conjunct Mars which would suggest the same for him. The other important factor is that his Moon is exactly square to Pluto in the 4th house which shows a powerful and dramatic personal and emotional upheaval for him focusing on his marriage ( 7th house ) and family ( 4th house ).

His Moon is in fact the apex of a T Square based on an opposition between Pluto and Mercury in the 10th house, so this upheaval would draw in his career as well.

Peter Andre had a couple of number one hits in 1996 but his career was stalling and in common with many people including Katie Price herself, was intending to use the programme ” I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here ” to kick start their careers or reinvent themselves.

Peter and Katie got together on the set of I’m A Celebrity and married in 2005. As indicated in both their charts, the married life had a strong business component to it and they launched the Katie & Peter franchise on ITV2 which documented the lives of the couple.

This franchise included several fly-on-the-wall reality series which comprised When Jordan Met Peter, Jordan & Peter: Laid Bare and Jordan & Peter: Marriage and Mayhem; Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter, Katie & Peter: The Baby Diaries and Katie & Peter: Unleashed; Katie & Peter: Down Under and Katie & Peter: African Adventures; and Katie & Peter: Stateside. The pair’s separation resulted in their individual shows being recorded:Peter Andre: The Next Chapter continued for two years and was then followed by Peter Andre: Here 2 Help and Peter Andre: My Life.

Katie and Peter’s separation and divorce in 2009, whilst understandably being very painful and difficult particularly as they had two young children, was also played out in the media and helped to keep them in the public eye.

For Andre, the ending of his marriage, was the astrological turning point of his life.

When Pluto is in aspect to the Sun or Moon in someone’s chart, the upheaval alluded to will occur when it makes its next aspect to the same planet.

In 2009  Pluto was conjunct Peter Andre’s Moon unleashing the threat that was there in his birth chart.

At the same time Pluto was opposite Katie Price’s Venus, showing quite simply the end of her marriage.

Within a few months of her divorce to Andre, Price was married again, this time to Alex Reid, a martial artist, kickboxer and actor. Bizarrely, Reid had just made an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother at the time. The similarities between Reid and Andre do not end there however.

Alex Reid

Alex Reid is a Sun Cancer, like Peter Andre a Water sign. His Sun is also the apex of a T Square with the noon chart pointing to his 10th house of career. He would therefore be quite happy with the notion of being propelled into the public gaze.

But the truly extraordinary connection is that he also has the Moon in Capricorn, in exact square aspect to Pluto as part of  a T square involving Mercury. So Reid would have the same experience in his emotional life that Andre had.

And Reid’s Moon is also opposite Price’s Venus / Jupiter again drawing attention to the very things that attracted him to her.

The chances against all this occurring in the two charts of Katie Price’s husbands are astronomical.

But even more bizarre than that is that the transiting Pluto reached Reid’s Moon in at the beginning of 2011, when he and Price separated after being married for less than a year.

Peter Andre has the Moon at 4 degrees Capricorn, Alex Reid has it at 7 degrees of the sign, so Pluto’s transit to the Moon for both Andre and Reid was the turning point of their lives, and this occurred for each of them when they divorced Katie Price.

In 2011, Pluto was also opposite Price’s Jupiter.

In 2013, Katie Price married builder and part time stripper, Kieran Hayler. They have one child with another one on the way.

The current situation came to a head over the last few weeks in April / May 2014 when front page headline news in the tabloids when Price revealed that Hayler had been having an affair with her best friend of 20 years standing, Jane Pountney.

Readers will understandably be very disappointed that despite an extensive trawl through a large number of very dreary newspaper articles, Capricorn Research has failed to come up with even a solitary birth date for either of them.

If people can’t even produce their own birthdays for public consumption, Capricorn  Research may be forced to come up with one for them.

A particular favourite for Kieran Hayler at the moment is noon on 1st July 1977. This has the wonderful combination of the Moon in Capricorn as part of a T Square involving Mercury and Pluto with a Cancer Sun thrown in for good measure.

This makes him an astrological carbon copy of the last two with the added excitement of a Pluto transit to his Moon being part of the recent Grand Cross, which probably accounted for his marriage.

This is fair game really, because these people’s lives are so entertaining for everyone, that if they didn’t actually exist we’d have to invent them anyway.



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6 thoughts on “Katie Price – Three Into Two Won’t Go

  1. Great article! Reading about all people who have Mars Saturn conjunction here on your blog, I come up to certain insight about mine. I have Saturn 29 deg Cancer conjunct descendant and Mars at 5 Leo. These three are the apex of T Square – Uranus (3 Scorpio – Chiron 29 Aries – Mars/Saturn / DSC . seems I am sort of “princess” that shall absolutely not marry the prince or rather the King with high position or i will suffer via loosing my head or will be electrocuted.LOL.
    Large stellum in Taurus and Gemini Sun saves me.
    Thanks again

    • Thanks Alice. Electrocution is a possibility but not losing your head, because I don’t count Chiron in Aries as forming a T square.
      With Mars in Leo conjunct Saturn on the Descendant maybe don’t be in a rush to get married, definitely not to royalty at least.
      Best to stay at home with your Taurus stellium in the 4th and have lots of affairs with your Gemini Sun in the 5th.

      • Thank you for your advice😀. Iam in inofficial relationship for years, psychotherapist ( Jupiter closely conjunct South Node and the Moon, Mercury conjunct Venus and Sun. Sun sextile Leo Mars, trine libra Pluto. I have already survived several heavy transits which could kill.

    • Thanks for that Anon. I wrote this piece a long time ago and I would go back and rewrite it to include his chart. I would except they are all old has beens now and that would be incredibly boring.

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