The Sopranos – Born Under Two Bad Signs

I believe the reason some TV series really hit the spot and others don’t quite cut it, is basically astrological. Just like with people its all down to the first moment anyone saw them.

TV shows have birth charts like everything else and if you like action shows a lot seems to depend on having a prominent Mars. And because great drama requires the tension between opposites, it helps if Mars is in aspect to Saturn.

Of course the sign placings are important. If Mars is in Cancer in aspect to Saturn, you can get something like Dad’s Army, a gentle comedy about old men playing soldiers. For more info see Dad’s Army – Mars conjunct Saturn in Cancer

For something a lot more vicious, packed full of indiscriminate beheadings and plenty of sex, Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries in the 5th house opposite Saturn gives you Game of Thrones.

If you like your on screen violence to be more controlled and structured, the Mars / Saturn, Aries / Libra opposition still works well, but its even better if its part of a T Square to an apex something in Capricorn.


The Godfather

The Godfather has to be the reference point for any screen portrayal of the mafia and the chart for the day of the film’s release does not disappoint.

It has the signature Mars / Saturn conjunction in opposition to Neptune as well as a Sun in Aries opposite Pluto that just perfectly symbolises the criminal underworld.

And the T square to an apex Jupiter in Capricorn is the man himself, the Godfather of an organised crime syndicate.

The Sun is closely trine a Leo Moon which also suggests the head of a family.

It almost goes without saying that so many of these elements feature in the chart of the man himself.


Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando’s Sun and Moon are closely conjunct in Aries as the apex of a T Square that includes the violent Mars in controlling Capricorn in opposition to Pluto.

And the advantage of having a timed birth chart rather than the one for noon on the day of the film’s release is that we can look at the houses as well.

So Mars in Capricorn in the 2nd shows the singleminded pursuit of money which, in opposition to Pluto in the 8th house is quite happy to include killing anyone that gets in the way.

The apex Sun and Moon in the 4th house show the vital importance of the notion of family. Everything is done for this end.

The Godfather indeed.

There have been lots of imitations, but none of them quite hit the spot apart from one


The Sopranos

Its fascinating that the Godfather / Brando themes of Mars / Saturn, Aries / Libra, 2nd / 8th / 4th houses, T square apex in Capricorn all come up in the Sopranos chart.

Its so extraordinary you’d think it was deliberate. Maybe it was, after all the lyrics to the Sopranos theme repeats the theme ” born under a bad sign with a blue moon in your eyes “.

And lets face it, the Sun sign with the worst reputation has to be Capricorn although a Scorpio Moon could give a run for its money.

Capricorn Research does feel his sign is unfairly maligned but when the Sun is the apex of a T Square including Mars and Saturn, its probably fair enough.

The Mars in the 2nd financial operation is boosted by the Scorpio Moon also being there and Saturn in Aries in the 8th shows a fairly pragmatic approach to rubbing out any obstacles.

The apex Sun in the 4th, as with the Brando chart, shows the emphasis on the family, but its placing in Capricorn points to the day to day ordinariness of the Sopranos.

And this is a large part of the success of the show. Unlike most of the mafiosi films, the average viewer can easily identify with the characters.

Much of it is filmed in a family kitchen and dealing with issues like a teenage daughter not doing her revision or having to put an elderly mother in a care home. There but for the odd but necessary hit, go you and I.

This simple mundane quality also appears in the chart of family boss Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini.

James Gandolfini


Gandolfini / Soprano has the Sun in Virgo and Moon in Capricorn, a reliable father figure, perhaps with a little difficulty expressing his feelings.

And as he has all the planets contained within 5 signs ( Leo to Capricorn ) there’s no opposition aspects available to point to the kind of combustible tensions that you might expect in the chart of a mafia boss.

However we have to take care with this kind of chart as its easy to miss the point.

Adolf Hitler had only one difficult aspect of note and some astrologers in the mid 1930s attempted to persuade people that he was not the demonic threat they felt him to be. For more information on this see – Adolf Hitler – Only Got One Aspect

If you have only one difficult aspect, that contact becomes emphasised in your life and Tony Soprano had the same one as Hitler, the Mars / Saturn square.

Whats more it is on the same degrees of the Cardinal signs that the opposition between the planets is in the chart for the show. In fact Gandolfini’s Saturn is in square aspect to the Sopranos Mars at 23.15 of Libra / Capricorn, the exact same minute.

Tony’s wife Carmela is played by Edie Falco


Edie Falco

Carmela is a Sun Cancer, the stay at home wife and mother.

The classic astrological synastry aspect is when the Sun of one partner aspects the Moon of another. These two have it both ways.

Tony’s Sun is square to Carmela’s Moon and her Sun is probably opposite his Moon. They are definitely soul mates, fated to be together but this does not mean their path would be smooth.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor had this double connection of the lights, by conjunction and opposition – See Pure Synastry and of course they had their issues too.

Carmela’s Moon in Sagittarius is opposite her Venus in Gemini, as clear an indication as possible that the love of your life and father of your children would spend much of the time playing away from home.

This is backed up by Tony’s own Venus conjunct Uranus in Leo.

Another intriguing relationship is the one Tony has with Jennifer Melfi, played by Lorraine Bracco.

Intriguingly Bracco had previous as she played the mobster-wife Karen Hill in Goodfellas, so her ties with TV mafia were very strong as seen in her chart.

Lorraine Bracco

Again Mars ( in Capricorn ) is part of a T Square set around 20 degrees of the Cardinal signs.

However Jennifer’s role in the Sopranos is not as an accomplice ( which would need Saturn to be involved ) but as his psychiatrist and counsellor so its particularly fitting that this T square focuses onto an apex Neptune in Libra. Her Sun is in the same sign which rules psychology.

And this T Square also neatly describes their relationship.

Tony ( Mars in Capricorn ) has feelings for her ( opposite Jupiter / Uranus in the 7th house ) but she needs to maintain their counselling relationship ( apex Neptune in Libra ) as a professional one ( in the 10th house ).

And of course it goes without saying that Jennifer’s T Square fits right onto Tony’s Mars in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn. And as Tony’s Mercury is involved as well, Jennifer is the one person the mafia boss can confide in.

When Capricorn Research was young, TV viewing was limited to two channels. These days we have hundreds of channels and also whole back catalogues on things like Netflix and Watch. Its very hard to decide what to watch.

TV guides are becoming useless, might as well throw them away and use the ephemeris instead.

Or just read the charts of the show and principal actors. With a bit of imagination it would save you having to watch them in the first place.

But there’s just something about Mars / Saturn that draws everyone to it. These charts just make me want to watch the whole thing again. But then I was born under a bad sign.



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4 thoughts on “The Sopranos – Born Under Two Bad Signs

  1. Wow! That really gets my mind working. I suppose we could get Jungian about it and say all this Mars/Saturn action provides something people are lacking in their lives, a search for heroes and solutions they fantasize applying to their own lives. Whatever it is they are looking for, the Saturn/Mars combo they’re provided has leaked backward into society in a horrifying epidemic of life imitating art.

    I’ve read in several places over the years that until the Godfather came out in 1972, the Mafioso types didn’t know how to act. The Godfather changed everything.

    In my youth I was working in a Pizza Hut in Arlington, Texas. There had been a rash of armed robberies in Arlington by someone with a grudge against Pizza Hut as they seemed to be their only target. So, one Friday night, the busiest night of the week, two guys show up at The Hut, plain clothed, one blond, one curly brown hair, who identified themselves with badges and guns as police officers. They planted themselves in a booth in the far corner where we supplied them with free pizza while they lay in wait for the notorious Pizza Hut robber. Their instructions were simple “when this robber comes in just hit the floor because we’re gonna blow him away.” Now THAT’S fine police work, don’t you think? Their resemblance to the two heroes of the then popular TV show Starsky & Hutch was obvious and planned. I was not amused with their plan of carelessly flinging hot lead in my direction, whether I was on the floor or not. Luckily the evening past without incident.

    I fully credit TV and movies with changing firearms from a defensive weapon of last resort to a solution to every problem. Gone are the days of “Casablanca” where Rick conquers the local Nazis with smooth talk and one shot, and even that one shot was mostly symbolic of Rick finally joining the cause. Now we have Liam Neeson’s movie “Taken” where his daughter gets kidnapped and he skillfully kills 27 people to get her back.

    On the other hand, we can’t blame it all on TV and movies. People have always loved killing each other. They love that Saurn/Mars thing as long as they are the hammer and not the nail.

    That was great! Love your work!

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