Jupiter – How Much is Too Much ?

One of the great things about having a very large database of charts is that it allows you to test astrological theories and assumptions.

It may well be based on jealousy but one idea that has always intrigued Capricorn Research is the notion that too much of a good thing might be bad for you.

Jupiter is the great benefic, it expands everything it touches and brings gifts and success to the person who has it strongly placed.

But there is also the idea that too much Jupiter can cause extravagance and indulgence, prompting people to live wasteful and dissolute lives.

The question that comes to mind is how much is too much ?

The classic idea is that if there are too many hard or challenging aspects to Jupiter, it can result in overindulgence. But is this true. Is there a difference between the easy and harder aspects in this instance ?

Is there are particular placing of Jupiter that is more likely to result in the negative aspects of too much ?

The biggest problem with astrology research is that we’re often trying to test something that is largely subjective anyway. Looking at the character of people can be very tricky. How can it be assessed anyway ?

If we were to ask twenty people who were close to a particular individual to provide character assessments, we may well get twenty different results. Their boss’ view would be very different from their mum’s. Their best mate may not see the same behaviour traits as their husband or wife.

If we try to put people into categories, who chooses and why ?

Capricorn Research tries to avoid these pitfalls as much as possible by concentrating on actual events rather than personality and by choosing subjects that are indisputable.

Even so, when it come to Jupiterean excess, its difficult to make clear statements because there are value judgements that have to be included at some point.

For example in the study of 354 Aids Victims, you would expect difficult aspects to Mars, because the vast majority of people in this group suffered as a result of their sexual activity.

By far an away, the most common aspect in this group is Mars opposition to Jupiter which occurs 191 % of the expected number of times. In a sample this size, this figure is statistically very significant. To give you an example the next most common aspect for this group is Venus opposition with Pluto at 165 %. The 3rd most common one is Venus conjunction with Saturn at 159 %.

These Venus aspects are ones that most astrologers would expect in a study of Aids Victims.

The Mars / Jupiter opposition indicates a large number of sexual partners and an expansive and open attitude to sexuality so this aspect seems to be suggesting that victims had a wider exposure to the potential problems of sexual expression.

Its a tricky area to discuss, not least because most of the victims became ill during a period when the disease was not widely recognised or understood.

Capricorn Research has over 25,000 charts of people that can be placed into 72 different categories. Of these, there are two where we can clearly state that the people concerned experienced negative effects from a form of Jupiterean excess.

These are 338 alcoholics and 190 people who are known for having taken drugs.

In the alcoholics group the most common Sun sign is Capricorn with a score of 131 % of the expected figure. For the drugs group its very strongly Scorpio with the Sun at 152 % and the Moon at 164 %.

Both groups have high scores for Venus in Aquarius, 142 % for alcoholics and 158 % for drugs.  They also share Mars in Virgo, 142 % for alcoholics and 171 % for drugs.

The highest sign score in either of these groups is the drugs Mars in Libra at 183 %

Its reasonable to say that all of these findings fit with commonly known astrological principles.

Scorpio is certainly a sign that likes to live on highs and lows and Capricorn can have a melancholic or even depressive tendency but is perhaps more drawn to a more conventional method of dealing with that through alcohol.

The Sun sign that scores lowest for both groups is Aries with 78 and 63 %.

As for the Venus / Mars sign distribution, they all occur in signs that are not particularly suited to the planets’  nature.

Traditionally, astrology has suggested that Pisces might be a sign that is drawn to both alcohol and drugs. At 120 and 114 % respectively the Sun in this sign does show a tendency in this direction and the Moon scores highest in Pisces for alcoholics with 128%.

But what about Jupiter ?

The Sun’s conjunction with Jupiter occurs 112 and 114 % which is not significant, particularly when we see that it is comprehensively outscored by the conjunction with polar opposite, Saturn at 165 and 123 %.

Other conjunctions to Jupiter are similarly insignificant although the Moon’s conjunction in the drug users sample gets up to 133 %. In fact the drugs Mars / Jupiter conjunction scores as low as 59%.

But then astrological interpretations of excess and indulgence don’t appear with the conjunctions of Jupiter, they only really kick in with the hard aspects, particularly the opposition.

Is this view of Jupiter’s more challenging aspects justified by the research ?

In terms of these samples, the answer to that is a comprehensive no.

The significance is found in the fact that they score very low.

For alcoholics the scores for oppositions to Jupiter are :  Sun – 69%, Moon – 96 %, Mercury – 67 %, Venus – 67 % and only Mars gets above average with 113 %.

For drugs its  Sun – 104 %, Moon 38 %, Mercury 59 %, Venus 59 % and Mars 83 %.

For square aspects all the planets stick pretty close to average distribution with the drugs Mars square Jupiter coming in low at 63 %.

As always with research it would be great to have larger samples to test these ideas. Capricorn Research is the result of one person’s efforts over 40 years of work, but the hope would be that the findings would persuade people to do much more large scale testing.

But from these two groups it seems that Jupiter’s reputation for excess does not really hold up.

There is however, one area that has not been looked at, Jupiter’s relationship with the Ascendant.

In conjunction with the Ascendant, Jupiter occurs at 180% of the expected figure for alcoholics and 190 % for drugs.

These are exceptionally high scores and maybe are enough to explain Jupiter’s connection with excess.

The Ascendant has a strong association with the physical body and its interesting that the habits of both groups have an obviously negative impact on the bodies of the people concerned.

The Ascendant is also related to how a person appears to others and how they express themselves and a inclination to excessive consumption of drugs or alcohol would obviously have an impact there.

Just by way of comparison, its interesting to note that of all the 72 different categories, these two groups score the highest for Jupiter rising.

In 3rd place we have the 229 Royal Family members with 177 %.

The next highest figure comes from the group of 299 World Leaders who score 150 %.

Now these findings my raise a few eyebrows amongst many people who are convinced that these groups of people display a hallucinatory grasp of reality, but this score for Jupiter is unlikely to be related to excessive consumption of drugs or alcohol.

Its more likely to be about image, which is an important part of the Ascendant’s rulership.

This would also explain the high score of 148 % for 288 Sex Symbols.

In these three groups, Jupiter scores highly with other major aspects as well. The Royal family members have high scores across the range of conjunctions with Jupiter with a massive 204 % for this aspect with the Sun.

The World Leaders have high scores for Jupiter’s conjunction with the Sun and particularly Mars at 166 %.

The Sex Symbols score highly for Jupiter’s conjunctions with Mercury and Venus at 156 %.

Now of course all of these findings would tally with what astrologers would expect.

But its also interesting to note that where extremely prominent people tend to have Jupiter aspects strong across the board, its only those in the alcoholics and drugs group that score very high with the Ascendant but insignificantly with the other major planets.

So in an attempt to test the astrological theory behind Jupiter and excess, Capricorn Research believes the hard aspects have been given a rather undeserved press, whereas the conjunction with the Ascendant which is an aspect that has been widely praised for many reasons, may hold all kinds of potential problems.



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4 thoughts on “Jupiter – How Much is Too Much ?

  1. What an interesting piece of research. The stats you found for Mars in Libra especially jumped out at me. Obviously, Mars is not so great in Libra, but what do you think the symbolism of this is? Trying to create balance? Feeling constantly out of kilter?

    • Thanks Christina, It’s interesting isn’t it. I’m not really sure why Mars in Libra is coming up in the drug taking group, perhaps its to do with people being easily persuaded by others in social situations. However, its only 190 subjects and I would need to see it replicated in a much larger study to have any strong feelings about it.

      I think the alcoholics side of this project is altogether more reliable because its 338 subjects but also its a more specific group with a clearer addictive personality.


  2. Thank you for sharing your work. A lot to digest. With regard to the ascendant/Jupiter connection and alcohol/drug use, I wonder if it’s about excess, or perhaps excess in terms of how we want to show up in the world and a reality that is incongruous? A question of the “why” behind the especially. I wonder also about unaspected Jupiter.

    • Thats a good point Katherine. Since it invariably seems to be a rising Jupiter, maybe it is to do with how they appear in and interact with the world. Also could be an unaspected Jupiter, as there are no other planets to take the energy away

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