Dick Cheney – Aquarian of the Right

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus but it was not always so. Before Uranus was discovered in 1781, the sign was ruled by Saturn and it still holds co rulership today.

It is fair to ask how that can be since Saturn and Uranus see so different. Saturn is the principle of limitation, of restraint and holding back, it is authoritarian, traditional and politically conservative. Uranus’ very existence is to break through the barriers imposed by Saturn, it is unconventional, non conformist, rebellious and politically liberal.

How can Aquarius be both ? We tend to think of the sign as having many of the attributes of Uranus. Aquarius is certainly political and is strongly motivated by its own belief about society, but it is important to note that it is a Fixed sign and these signs generally need to preserve and maintain things. One thing about the fixed signs is whatever they do is done strongly with a great deal of determination. As Aquarius is an Air sign putting it in the realm of thought, the Fixed nature will make it hold strongly to its own ideas. Aquarians know what they think about the world and need to express their views strongly and are not easily persuaded in a different direction.

They can be left wing or right wing, much would depend on the relative strengths of Uranus or Saturn in their chart.

There is no doubt about Dick Cheney’s right wing credentials. The Vice President in George W Bush’s administration is a rock-solid conservative, opposing abortion rights, gun-control and the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act. He has voted against Environmental Cleanups and has supported Oil Drilling in Alaska’s wilderness. He is a staunch supporter of Defense, the production of chemical weapons. He supports the death penalty. He favors raising the Social Security retirement age from 65 to 67 and opposes coverage of long-term care for the chronically ill. He opposes the Equal Rights Amendment and supports prayer in public schools.

Dick Cheney

People will always look at the Sun sign to assess a person’s character and whilst it can be a good guide, for the simplest way to see which directions a person’s life will take, its best to look at the apex planet of any T Square. This is where they are forced to direct their energies in life.

Dick Cheney has two T Squares, an unusually tough pattern which shows that he is a very ambitious and even compulsive character, strongly motivated in two quite distinct directions.

The main one is based on an opposition from his Sun to Pluto which in itself tends towards obsessive and forceful behaviour and as this opposition is from Aquarius to Leo and Pluto is in the 11th house, it suggests a powerful conflict between the personal experience and political sides of his life.

The tension and challenge implicit in this opposition focuses on an apex Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in Taurus in the 9th house. Anyone with an apex Jupiter will have a large appetite for success and a good chance of achieving it. An apex Saturn is the right winger, supporting the status quo and operating as a restraining force. The fact that this conjunction occurs in the conservative fixed sign of Taurus shows his political leanings. His Aquarian Sun gives a theoretical support for his right wing idealism.

This apex Jupiter / Saturn is in the 9th house of foreign affairs and this is where Cheney focused much of his political energy.

His big political breakthrough came during Pluto’s only transit to this T Square between 1987 and 88.

In 1987, he was elected Chairman of the House Republican Conference. The following year, he was elected House Minority Whip. He served for two and a half months before he was appointed US Secretary of Defense in the George Bush Snr administration in March 1989.

Cheney earned widespread praise for his handling of the Gulf War.

Another important development that occurred under this transit was Cheney’s third mild heart attack in 1988 when he underwent  quadruple bypass surgery. His Sun is in the 6th house of health and with Pluto in opposition to it from Leo, the sign of the heart, the symbolism of heart attacks is plain to see.

Dick Cheney’s 2nd T Square is based on an opposition from his Moon in Pisces to Neptune which focuses onto an apex Mars in Sagittarius in the 4th house. Mars in Sagittarius gives a strong and forthright directness to his character but the 4th house for a politician is home affairs.

Pluto was in this T Square from 2002 to 2007, during the other major watershed period of his political career. He became George W’s Vice President in 2001 a role he served until 2008.

Another aspect of this T Square is his relationship with his daughter Mary. No birth time is available for Mary so a noon chart is taken.

Mary Cheney

A simple synastry between Dick and Mary’s charts reveals a powerful connection. Mary’s Moon at 9 degrees Aquarius is closely conjunct Dick’s Sun. Dick’s Moon at 23 Pisces is exactly conjunct Mary’s Sun.

What is even more fascinating is that they both have powerful Sun / Pluto oppositions. Mary’s Sun / Pluto opposition falls on his Moon / Neptune. Radical changes in Mary Cheney’s life ( Sun / Pluto opposition ) will have a profound impact on Dick’s idealism and religious belief ( Neptune ) and on his family life ( Moon ).

Mary has been in a lesbian relationship with Heather Poe since 1992 and they married in 2012. Dick was always an advocate of the traditional family and was adamantly opposed to same-sex marriage whilst in office. He refused to talk much about his daughter’s lifestyle choice or sexual orientation, saying it’s not a political matter.

This situation came to a head and received much publicity in May 2007 when Dick’s grandchild Samuel Cheney was born to Mary and Heather. Pluto was square Dick’s Neptune at the time and also square Mary’s Jupiter which was part of her Sun / Pluto opposition.

Mary’s lesbian relationship has obviously been a major challenge for the Cheney household but it is interesting that her Sun / Pluto opposition has impacted on Dick’s Moon / Neptune belief systems as he has made announcements supporting gay marriage since he left office.

He may have softened on this policy through the experience of his family but there’s been no overall change in his right wing credentials throughout his life, but with an apex Saturn and an apex Mars that was never going to happen.

After all, there’s been a long history of the ultra conservative Southern Democrat, so what not a right wing Aquarian.




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