Dammed By An Apex Pluto – 44 Days That Shook Elland Road

I long ago realised that I’m simply a machine for converting caffeine into astrology articles.

They come like waves, each one that arrives contains the seeds of the next one.

The last article was about a Yorkshire hero who ended up buried under a car park in the East Midlands. This one is about someone who very nearly did the same in reverse, five hundred years later.

The links between the two might appear tenuous, but astrology works through symbolic connection and once you understand that Claudio Ranieri is a reincarnation of Richard 111 and he makes two appearances in the list of shortest English football managerial stints, it doesn’t take long to reach the worst of all time.

The fact that this was achieved by arguably the greatest manager of all time makes it all the more astrologically intriguing.

I don’t actually have a birth time for Brian Clough but he was so obviously not a Pisces Sun so had to be born after 2.00 pm.

Clough once famously said ” I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one.”

So Leo rising it is then.

To quote Wikipedia ” Charismatic, outspoken and often controversial, Clough is considered one of the greatest managers of the English game. His achievements with Derby and Forest, two struggling clubs in the English regions with little prior history of success, are rated among the greatest in football history. “

An arrogant genius seems to be the simplest way to sum him up.

The Venus / Uranus conjunction in Aries covers all of the above, but it was perhaps the opposition with Mars in Libra that enabled him to inspire players that had been previously unheralded in the second division to win two European Cups.

This opposition created a T square with an apex Pluto and there were many explosive episodes to Clough’s career. He constantly fell out with club owners and often walked out of clubs when at their peak.

In July 1974, Clough was appointed manager of reigning champions Leeds United, following club legend Don Revie’s departure to manage England. Clough’s move was ” very surprising given his previous outspoken criticism of both Revie, for whom Clough made no secret of his deep disdain, and the successful Leeds team’s playing style, which Clough had publicly branded “dirty” and “cheating”. Furthermore, he had called for Leeds to be demoted to the Second Division as a punishment for their poor disciplinary record.”

Clough ” lasted in the job only 44 days before he was sacked by the Leeds directors on 12 September 1974, after alienating many of Leeds’ star players. During one of the first training sessions he took for Leeds United, he reportedly said “You can all throw your medals in the bin because they were not won fairly.”

This whole episode in Brian Clough’s life was captured in the Martin Sheen film, The Damned United.

Clough’s synastry with Leeds was dire. The club’s Sun fell in his T square conjunct his Mars and exactly square to his Pluto.

His own distinct style of communication best summed up by a close Mercury / Saturn conjunction in Pisces was right opposite Leeds own Mars / Saturn conjunction.

And with an appointment chart like this, it was never going to work out.

In 1974, Brian Clough was having his super rebellious Uranus Half Return, hitting his TSquare strongly but the disruptive planet was also right on the Leeds Sun.

The chart for the appointment contains another T Square with an apex Pluto ( remember Clough has this in his natal chart ).

The rest of this pattern is all Saturn, being exactly ( 6 minutes ) conjunct Venus and opposite a Capricorn Moon.

Mars is opposite Clough’s Mercury / Saturn and conjunct Leeds Mars / Saturn.

It’s a wonder he even lasted 44 days.

What happened next was all Pluto.

Pluto’s impact will always depend on what has gone before. If someone was at the peak in the years before, a Pluto transit will inevitably destroy it all. If they were nowhere beforehand, Pluto can produce a sudden, unexpected rise to greatness.

Moving through Libra it would conjunct Brian Clough’s Mars in 1979 to 81.

Pluto reached the Leeds Sun in 1981, it was joined by Saturn in 82.

Clough won two European Cups with lowly Nottingham Forest in 1979 and 80.

Leeds were relegated at the end of the 81 – 82 season.

It was probably this T Square that kept Brian Clough away from the national team. Clough was often referred to as ” the best manager England never had “

This statement is questionable however because while Clough was a genius when working with relatively unknown players, his experience at Leeds dealing with established prima donnas was not so productive.

And his predecessor at Leeds did get the England job but turned out to be probably the worst manager England ever had.

Don Revie was all Water to Brian Clough’s Fire.

He had a close Sun / Pluto conjunction.

He followed World Cup Winner, Alf Ramsey, into the national job, but failed to qualify for the European Championship in 1976 and with England about to drop out in the qualifying stage of the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, Revie with transit Pluto square his Sun jumped ship and ran off to become manager of the United Arab Emirates.

” The FA suspended Revie from football for ten years on a charge of bringing the game into disrepute “

And despite being a Yorkshire hero, Don Revie became, for the rest of England, the most vilified figure since Richard 111.

Posted on May 16th 2022