Rebellion Within The Walls At Conway Castle

In 13th century England, politics was somehow simpler. Everyone knew where they stood. If someone had a disagreement they just cut the other bloke’s head off.

As a rule the worst offenders were the kings because they generally had to clamber over a whole heap of bodies to get on the throne in the first place.

There was always someone trying to take it back off you. Local landowners and barons had their own militias and were constantly forming alliances to try their luck against the royals of the day.

There was always a threat from the Welsh, the Scots and even from the more peripheral counties in England.

In order to stay on the throne you had to be vicious and ruthless. Edward 1 was a classic example.

Even before he succeeded to the throne, he defeated the barons led by Simon de Montfort and joined the crusades to the Holy Land.

He fought simultaneous wars with the Welsh, Scots and the French for much of his reign.

Needless to say he had the chart of a vicious but victorious bastard as well.



Looking through history you often find the most tenacious fighters had a Cancer Sun. For this sign territory is everything and if they inherit something they will hold on with all their might. Particularly if that Sun is in the 4th house.

The Moon in Capricorn in the 10th is such a ruthless political placing. There is no love wasted on the subjects here.

The Mars / Jupiter opposition shows a great general and Jupiter rising points to a successful one.

The Saturn / Uranus apex Pluto T Square shows that this man would go to great lengths to maintain his power over the people.

Edward’s greatest success was in subjugating the Welsh which he achieved by building a number of very imposing castles across the country.

One of the best known of these is Conway Castle in the North.

Seven centuries after Edward’s death we would believe that politics and the affairs of the realm were not quite so stark. There are goodies and baddies of course but their methods are not quite so barbaric.

The last few years with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have changed that and some of the leaders, particularly in the USA seem to have an approach to leadership in tune with that of Edward 1.

This is also true in the charts of the people they appoint to do their work for them. Especially those named after castles.



Kellyanne Conway was Donald Trump’s election campaign manager in 2016, and was appointed his special counsellor

The two most conservative signs would have to be Capricorn and Taurus.

Conway has the Sun and Moon there.

She also has the Sun opposite Jupiter in a T Square with an apex Mars, a sure sign of a fighter.

And also in common with Edward 1 she has a planetary pattern containing Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.

You would have to be tough to be a successful woman in Trump’s White House but this chart could easily show someone who took her own sword to press conferences.

But Conway was still born in 1967, so she would have to have the rebellious Uranus / Pluto conjunction somewhere in her chart.

Interestingly its in the 7th house of marriage.



In the same way that most people would pick Capricorn and Taurus as the two most conservative signs, those same people would likely plump for Aquarius and Virgo as the two most rebellious with concerns for the underdog.

Self confessed Trump hater and husband of Kellyanne, George Conway has a Virgo stellium including the radical Uranus / Pluto conjunction and the Moon in Aquarius.

But perhaps unlike many Virgos, who prefer to do the work quietly behind the scenes George is not afraid of castigating the President as being mentally unstable.

He is also a fighter with a Mars / Jupiter opposition.

How does one household contain these two characters ? What must it be like over the breakfast table at Conway Castle ?

Kellyanne and George have Mars in the same degree, so it must be a feisty place.

Her Moon in Taurus is square to his Moon / Saturn in Aquarius the morning coffee must come laced with political argument.

And now it seems that Kellyanne does not only have hubby to contend with but 15 year old daughter Claudia too.

Just as Saturn comes to conjunct Kellyanne’s Sun, teenage Conway decides to man the barricades and attack her mother’s boss on his vulnerable TikTok flank.

Unfortunately there is no birthdate available for Claudia Conway, but being 15 means that her Saturn is almost certainly opposite her mother’s Sun.

Also Claudia’s Neptune would be conjunct her father’s Aquarius Moon so it is likely that she would be more aligned with his ideals.

So who will win the Cancer / Capricorn queen or the Aquarius / Virgo rebels ?

With Saturn hitting Kellyanne’s Sun, particularly coming up to the solar eclipse later this month, there can only be a victory for the teenage marauder.

And Pluto comes there over the next few years so it’s likely that Claudia will be getting more coverage than her Mum.

Political families often have a way of reinventing themselves and keeping in the limelight even if they rebel against their parents.

So who knows, maybe Claudia Conway might get a role in the next Democrat administration.

But perhaps the experience of King Edward’s son and successor might be a salutary one.

Edward 11 was a weak king who lost many of the gains made by his father. He had a notorious homosexual relationship with Piers Galveston and was forced to abdicate by a rebellion led by his own wife, who installed his 14 year old son, Edward 111 as king in his place.

And he was also horribly murdered being sodomized by a red hot poker.

So perhaps Conway Castle should skip politics for a generation.



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