Rolf Harris – Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport

Rolf Harris is a musician, singer-songwriter, composer, painter, and former television personality.  In a career that lasted over 50 years he became a much loved entertainer whose odd combination of cartoon drawing and slightly comic pop songs together with a relentlessly enthusiastic and effervescent character drove him to be a constant presence on TV during the 60s and 70s.

To the astonishment of many people including his own close friends because it seemed so out of character, Harris was convicted of twelve charges of indecent assault, as part of Operation Yewtree, and was sentenced to a maximum of five years and nine months in prison.

In many ways Rolf Harris was the archetypal Aries, full of the boundless energy of early Spring where every situation was an opportunity to express the self. His catchphrase with his quickly drawn cartoons was ” Can you tell what it is yet ? ”

For Harris, it didn’t seem to matter what he was doing, the important thing was that he did it enthusiastically. Much of his work seemed to contain an element of self parody as he covered a spectrum of pop music from ” Jake the Peg ” to ” Stairway to Heaven “. Many people would say that he was the first to use beatboxing as a musical genre.

Aries is of course a Fire sign. It is the first sign of the Zodiac and anyone that studies astrology to any level quickly gets a handle on it. The nature of Fire is that it warms and inspires us, provides an essential spark of life, but it always comes with a warning. Too much Fire that is out of control can burn and destroy. Every astrological student at some point has probably asked the question ‘ how much is too much ? ‘ Looking back now after his trial, maybe Rolf Harris is the answer.

Rolf Harris


A stellium of 5 planets in one sign is always likely to produce an extremely concentrated energy, but this being in Aries it is doubly so. Its also important to note that Harris’ Sun, Venus and Uranus are apex planets of a T Square, a fact that always creates a powerful overloading of energy.

The whole combination is one of utter compulsion and irrepressible energy that knows no limits.

The popular character that everyone knew and loved was shown by the Sun, Mercury and Moon conjunction.

The charges of sexual assault including those on girls as young as 7 or 8, clearly come from the T Square.

This planetary pattern is based on an opposition between the two darkest and most difficult planets, Saturn and Pluto. That this focused onto an apex Sun / Uranus conjunction pointed to an extremely wilful individual who would get his own way regardless of the circumstances.

Operation Yewtree has shown us that a small number of TV and media personalities considered themselves to be untouchable and able to get away with anything they wanted to do because of their fame and image.

Indeed its only been since the death of Jimmy Savile that people who have been abused by these characters have felt able to come forward with their allegations after suffering for as much as half a century.

Since Rolf Harris’ trial began, a number of claims have been put forward to say that his behaviour was known about and that he had the nickname ” The Octopus ” in Australia. A serial groper would fit very well with Harris’ T Square.

In fact Harris also has another T Square, that although its quite wide in its orbs, seems to back this up.

In the chart of an Aries, its always important to consider the position of Mars, its ruler. Harris’ Mars is in Pisces, not a placing that’s generally connected with rampant sexuality. Given the strength of the Aries contingent and also the fact that Mars is in the first house, this is not an appropriate description of Mars in the sign in this case.

Rolf Harris’ defence was a denial of assault but included references to his being a naturally touchy / feely kind of character who expressed himself openly and warmly.

Mars is opposite to Neptune, in the 7th house of relationships. This opposition focuses onto an apex Jupiter in Gemini.

The Mars / Neptune / Jupiter / Piscean influence creates someone whose sexual expression knows no boundaries and seems to permeate everywhere.

The Neptunian influence is interesting because it seems to suggest that Rolf Harris did not realise that what he was doing was wrong or even invasive. It was merely the expression of a naturally warm and sensual character.

This could well be an important psychological theme for sex offenders. Capricorn Research has 123 charts of people who have committed sex offences. There are a number of interesting factors but the strongest indicator throughout this group is the power of Neptune.

Sun signs are not generally a useful guide as this kind of offence seems to be more the province of the Moon, Venus and Mars. However it might be significant that the joint highest scoring sun sign is Pisces with 137% of the expected figure.

The strongest single factor is Neptune’s conjunction with the Ascendant which scores 231% of the expected figure.

There is also a collection of 74 murderers where rape was included. In this group Neptune conjunct the Ascendant occurs a staggering 333% of expected.

In the larger sample, Neptune is in the first house with a score of 176%.

Mars’ aspects to Neptune are significant. Both the conjunction and the sextile occur at 183% of the average.

Ditto Mercury with the conjunction with Neptune at 165% and the opposition 146%. The Moon is conjunct Neptune at 176%.

One thing that does seem to come up is that these characters have certain things about them that draw some of their victims to them. This is evidenced by Venus’ conjunction with Jupiter and with Mercury both at 212% of expected frequency.

But as one might expect the signs that Venus tends to occupy are not the ones that she is most comfortable in. The average per sign is just over 10. By far the highest scoring for Venus is the rather cold Aquarius with 19, followed by Virgo at 15 and Aries at 14. Lowest scoring is Leo with 3 followed by Taurus and Capricorn with 7.

The figures for Mars in sign have a similar theme with by far the highest in Virgo at 20 and the lowest in Leo at 6.

The one other sign position of real significance is Rolf Harris’ Moon in Aries with a score of 17.

In terms of house positions, the 1st does seem to have some significance. Besides Neptune’s large score, Pluto is there 158% of expected and Mars 146%.

There is also a strong focus on the nadir of the chart as the Sun occurs in the 4th house 156% and the 3rd 137%.

Besides Neptune’s aspects, the one that perhaps most astrologers would expect would be a Sun / Pluto contact. The research does not disappoint as the Sun conjunct Pluto occurs 190% of the expected number of times.

Coming back to Rolf Harris’s chart and the discovery that his offences took place over a long period even as far back as 50 years ago, the truly astonishing question is how all this did not come to light before and then why it happened when Harris was aged 84.

Remember that Harris’ chart revolves around the Saturn / Pluto / Uranus T square. This T Square would inevitably be triggered by any transit involving either Uranus or Pluto but if both were transiting it at the same time…

A key here is Uranus, 84 years is the period of time that it takes to complete a circle of the Zodiac.

Uranus in Harris’ chart is at 11 degrees of Aries.

Harris was charged in September 2013 with nine counts of indecent assault and four counts of making indecent images of children. Uranus was back at 11 degrees Aries at the time.

Pluto has been transiting around this degree for a year or so and Harris was found guilty and sentenced to jail for over 5 years in June 2014 with Pluto at 11 decrees Capricorn exactly conjunct his Saturn and square his Uranus.

It has been seen many times in the charts of criminals that Pluto’s transits come up when they receive the karmic consequences of their actions.

Operation Yewtree has brought up a number of issues for institutions like the BBC, the NHS and the public generally. How is it that people like Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile and Max Clifford could get away with their abuses for so long and surely people who knew or had suspicions should have come forward.

We cannot be too hard on ourselves however. These things come to light when the planets decide the time is right.

With hindsight, perhaps someone should have intervened. After all Rolf Harris’ first breakthrough was at the end of the 1950s with the song ” Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport “. What no – one realised at the time was that kangaroo was a euphemism, and this song was an early cry for help.



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