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  1. Though I agree with you about some forms of ‘sunsign’ astrology and how its brought astrology into ‘disrepute’ , I’d like to remind you that Linda Goodman’s book about sunsigns ,which came out in 1969, was very influential in popularising astrology and its resurgence in the 20th century , (which had begun in the 19th century ,by the efforts of Alan Leo, Evangeline Adams and Charles Carter) and is still on the faculty of astrological studies reading list , in fact it was the first book I read ,aged 12 ….after reading this book I spent 5 years asking everyone their ‘sign’ and building up a good basis for when I started learning how to draw up birthcharts . One of my sons can usually get a persons sunsign within 5 minutes of chatting to them ….the sun is vital for all life on planet earth and its power in the birthchart cannot be denied . It is true that in older disciplines of astrology a person would be called a cancerian if their ascendant fell in cancer and not their sun.However I’d like to say that who ever wrote the article using Putin and margaret thatcher as examples of how astrology is rubbish obviously doesnt know jack shit about astrology ….if they did ,they would know that Libra can also show a somewhat darker side , and many generals have had this position ….even hitler had a libra ascendant, as well as napoleon bonaparte. Due to saturns exaltation in libra there can be an attraction to politics and the ‘judicial’ careers…in fact thatchers popularity amongst her followers must have come from her being a native of libra. Alot of this confusion or controversy is due to our human desire to label things ‘good’ and ‘bad’ …however in reality nothing is good or bad …it all depends on context ….therefore we tend to think of pink fluffy clouds and interior design when we think of libra …and that it is all about compromise and concilliation …but really this is often not the case ….many librans are infact qiute argumentative ….wanting to ‘balance ‘up the conversation by arguing against the consensus in the room …and many librans are higly competitative with their own gender in terms of being the most attractive person in the room !!!!! Of course when we look at individual birthcharts it becomes clearer …..both Tony Blair and margaret thatcher had sun pluto squares [blair being another venus ruled taurus …like robespierre of the french revolution ) .People love to write stupid articles denigrating astrology laegely becuase of their ignorance …I tend to think of signs as part of an axis ie taurus /Scorpio is part of the possessivness axis ….Taurus being physically possessive and scorpio emotionally possessive…aries /libra is part of the leadership axis ie aries and libra both like to lead in their own way ….Leo/aquarius is part of the individuality axis…and so on….pisces/virgo is service and so forth….opposite signs tend to have some similar traits but express them differently , but they are still linked ,like hot and cold are opposites of the same axis , so when we talk of astrolgical ages I tend to think of the age og Pisces/virgo…and now we are in the age of Aquarius/leo ….which shows itself very clearly ….we are all part of a group…aquarius ,and connected by social media , yet everyone is desperatly trying to be an important individual within the group …the aqaurius leo dilemma . Sunsigns are a good way ‘in’ to astrology and anyone who is meant to follow the path will take it up from there….I know some really excellent astrolgers who do monthly predictions for sunsigns , and the late Roger Elliot ‘s column in the radio times taught me so much about solar astrology …it was uncanny how he hit the nail on the head every week , so whilst I agree with you about charlatanism in general I dont think its just down to some stupid newspaper columns…I have met people who drew up birthcharts but spouted garbage , nowadays if people ‘come at me ‘ with spurious arguments against astrology ,I just direct them to a book by nobel prize winning chemist Kary Mullis , who revolutionised the science and whose technique called ‘polymerase chain reaction’ is used in every hospital and research lab on a daily basis ….there is a chapter in the book called ‘I am a Capricorn’ where he talks of how he begun studying astrology…its great reading and makes sense ,and coming from someone in the scientific community it is indeed refreshing , anyway these are just my thoughts on the subject…….

    • Thanks very much for your thoughts. For the most part I agree with you. I am not against Sun sign astrology per se. Obviously a chart has very many different combinations of planets by sign, house and aspect. The Sun’s position by sign is the most important single one and you can get a good beginners insight into someone’s character from it. Any book with information about Sun signs is fine with me.

      Linda Goodman’s book is a good starting place and it was a catalyst for many people to get involved in the subject. Its a bit like going to nursery school, a great start but you would hope that the kids might go on to primary, secondary and even university. There’s nothing wrong with popularising the subject. Information about Sun signs is good and if you put it together with Moon signs and Ascendant signs it is better and so on. If you look at the whole chart, you are obviously much better informed and can have a more accurate picture of the person.

      I would also agree with you in that I have met many people who drew up birth charts and spouted garbage, its not an easy subject to get your head around, so much depends on the judgement of the person looking at the charts. But by giving ourselves access to the individual chart there is much less of a chance of spouting garbage than if we stick to Sun signs only.

      The thing that I object to is the basic premise of the horoscope column. To make predictions in general terms for every person born within a period of one month regardless of what year, is an absurdity.

      You may be right when you say that some columnists hit the nail on the head, but how can that same nail hit all those millions of different heads. A transit only works when one planet is within 1 degree of an aspect to another. So its nonsense to apply it over a whole sign.

      I understand that its very difficult to earn a living as an astrologer, so people write columns and some of them hope that it leads their readers to a more serious study.

      I have never tried to make a living with astrology so I don’t have to compromise the subject in order to do so. My interest is in research, I want to prove that it works. Horoscope columns will always undermine that approach, hence my view of them.

      As you say there are many people who want to shoot down astrology for all kinds of different reasons. My view is that astrologers shouldn’t hand them so much ammunition.



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