Marti Caine – A New Face of an Old Soul

Marti Caine was a British comedienne and singer who seemed to be everywhere on TV for over a decade. She had her breakthrough on New Faces which was the equivalent of the X Factor with comparable viewing figures although we didn’t have any choice in those days. Caine’s success was some part due to her ordinariness but also because she had a hard life. She later presented the show as she could empathise with the contestants having been there herself. She was like a 1980s version of Sharon Osbourne.

Caine’s childhood was particularly difficult, her mother had a history of alcoholism and drug abuse and she was raised in a children’s home when her dad died of cancer, she was later abused by her grandfather at age 12.  She became pregnant at 16, married Malcolm Stringer and stayed with him for 17 years despite of his philandering.

Marti Caine

Marti Caine had a difficult chart. Whenever you see the Sun in the 8th house opposite Pluto you can be sure that death will play a major role in the person’s life. She had the Moon and Ascendant in Cancer so its likely that we are talking about family issues.

The Moon and Ascendant are in conjunction with Saturn. Saturn is the principle of limitation and restriction, wherever it is in a chart the person is prevented from experiencing what most people would consider normal. In Cancer, conjunct the Moon and Ascendant, Marti Caine was denied any kind of emotional or material security through her family. Saturn’s purpose is to force the individual to make up for that difficulty by their own efforts. Saturn’s problems become challenges to our own personal growth. It’s as if Caine was being forced to find her own inner security to compensate for the shortfall from her family experience.

This conjunction is part of a T Square with an opposition to a Mars / Mercury conjunction in the 7th house which focuses on Neptune in the 4th.

The Moon and Ascendant conjunct Saturn, particularly when one considers the Sun in the 8th opposite Pluto accounts for the early loss of her father. The fact that he died of cancer seems sadly symbolically appropriate.

The opposition to Mars in Capricorn, a sign that governs older people would account for the abuse by her grandfather, and the T square focus onto an apex Neptune, the ruler both of intoxicants and dissolution in the 4th house of family would reflect her mother’s addictions but also the fact that she was raised in a children’s home.

Mars and Mercury conjunct in the 7th house symbolises her husbands playing away from home but her own Cancerian strength in opposition to this conjunction would show a desperate need for security and would explain her sticking by him.

Marti Caine was a mother and housekeeper by day ( Moon / Ascendant / Saturn in Cancer ) but she played working-men’s clubs ( Mars / Mercury in Capricorn ) at night for 15 years before her breakthrough which came when Pluto was square her Ascendant in 1975 when she appeared on New Faces. She won that year’s competition, beating Lenny Henry and Victoria Wood.

Pluto was conjunct her Moon and opposite her Mars / Mercury conjunction in the 7th house of relationships in 1978 when she separated from her husband.

The peak of her career and the major turning point of her life came when Pluto formed a T Square to her Sun / Pluto opposition. It was square her Sun in 1986 when she began presenting “New Faces”. It squared its own natal position in 1988 she was diagnosed with incurable lymphatic cancer.

Pluto and Saturn are the most difficult planets to deal with and when they have such close aspects to the Sun, Moon and Ascendant a challenging life with many hardships is guaranteed.

Marti Caine was a gutsy lady, she responded positively to her Saturnine trials in life and triumphed with a true fighting spirit.

A question that is often asked about astrology is why do some people get such obviously difficult hands to play whereas others get it relatively easy ? The why question is always the most difficult to answer and it has to be left in the area of religious belief.

Astrology is about order in the cosmos, it may be an order that we find difficult to comprehend, but there are definite cyclical laws. Given that it is about order, there should be some reason why one person gets a Sun / Venus / Jupiter conjunction whilst Marti Caine gets a Moon / Ascendant / Saturn one. One theory is that people get the kind of charts that they are able and ready to deal with as a result of accumulated soul experience in previous lifetimes. In that case Caine must have already been an old soul.

The whole thing seems to point to some kind of idea of reincarnation, where there is something that continues after life which chooses in some way the conditions that it should experience the next time round.

Capricorn Research is happy to respect all religious beliefs but would only accept something if its proven to work. So if he comes back again he promises to write a piece about it.


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