Cheryl and Ashley Cole – A Strictly Plutonic Relationship

It appears that the great British public like their media princesses to be a certain astrological type. They like them to be pretty of course but don’t as a rule go for overtly sexy, they prefer gentle, sensitive and vulnerable creatures. They also like them to be able to connect with ordinary people. British women want to believe that on a good day they could be them and the men want to believe that a relationship with them is not completely out of the question.

And if our nation’s sweethearts have problems in their own relationships, that seems to enhance their appeal.

The template for this figure is the biggest media princess of them all, Princess Diana.

Princess Diana


Diana was a gentle, sensitive, vulnerable, girl next door type ( by royal standards anyway ) Sun in Cancer whose life revolved around her relationships which would be inevitable for someone with a 7th house Sun. Sagittarius rising gave her a broad appeal and a popular image.

Since Diana’s death, no-one has really been able to take over her role of national sweetheart but perhaps the one person who has come closest is Geordie singer and TV personality Cheryl Cole. This may well be because Cole has the same Sun / Ascendant combination as Diana.

Cheryl Cole

In fact Cheryl has the Sun exactly conjunct Diana’s and their Ascendants are also in close conjunction. Their Moons are in the same part of the 2nd house even though they are in different signs.

Capricorn Research has a collection of 288 charts of people that might reasonably be called sex symbols. There is a clear emphasis on the 7th house and sign ( Libra ). If you were to ask most people which signs they would expect to score highly in this group they would undoubtedly say Libra and Scorpio. Libra is by some distance the highest with a score of 129% of the expected figure and Scorpio comes 2nd with 117%.

Taken together the Sun and Moon occur more frequently in the 7th house than any other with 133% of the expected figure.

Physical attraction is covered by a number of astrological factors, Mars and Venus for obvious reasons, the Ascendant because it rules the physical body and also sometimes Neptune because it rules fantasy.

Planets in the 1st house will strongly impact on the person’s appearance, image and physical attractiveness and oppositions between planets from the 1st and 7th houses can say much about their sexual magnetism and their way of forming relationships.

Cheryl Cole has the Sun conjunct Mars opposite Neptune which is itself conjunct her Ascendant. So we have a kind of dreamlike fantasy figure ( Neptune rising ) that exhibits a powerful animal energy ( Sun conjunct Mars ) but in a girl next door, sensitive and non threatening way ( Sun / Mars in Cancer ) but also in a way that suggests she is the ideal partner for the perfect relationship ( Sun and Mars in the 7th house ).

Unfortunately astrology has a way of creating themes for people that mean that an exceptional amount of energy will be focused around a certain area of life precisely because those suggestions of perfection will not work so smoothly in actual practice.

The law and attraction of opposites is exactly that. The physical attributes that are linked to the Ascendant and 1st house planets would be an important part of the collection of things that draw potential partners to form relationships that are the province of the Descendant and the 7th house.

If 1st house planets are actually opposite 7th house counterparts, the physical magnetism may well be strengthened but they are also pulling in distinctly opposite directions so the course of the actual relationship will inevitably throw up some difficult themes.

The initial attraction may be intensified but its not long before the 1st house and the 7th house planets start looking in opposite directions.

As a Sun Cancer, Cheryl Cole would want emotional security above all else. The likelihood of her finding that in the area of relationships, with Neptune in opposition to her Sun and Mars and particularly Mercury ( which is exact ), is slim to say the least.

For the sake of any readers who haven’t looked at a screen of any sort for the last decade, Cheryl Cole had a meteoric rise to fame  when she auditioned for the reality TV show Popstars: The Rivals and consequently won a place as a member of the girl group, Girls Aloud. The group had phenomenal success achieving twenty consecutive top ten singles including four number ones and six platinum albums (two of which went to number one) and earning five BRIT Award nominations.

Cheryl has also had a successful solo career with three number one singles and three BRIT nominations. She also became a recognised fashionista and style icon.

The peak of all this, however was becoming a judge on X Factor which made her compulsory TV viewing for everyone. It was this exposure that brought all the influences in the Cole chart to the fore, not least her caring and nurturing Cancerian side in her role as mentor to other wannabes.

So what is it that could be responsible for all this apart from the obvious talent and good looks ? Well of course it has to be Pluto.

When many significant features in a chart are bunched together, Pluto’s transit through that area will have a massive effect and will be the defining period of the person’s life.

Cheryl Cole has a 17 degree span between her Ascendant at 21 Sagittarius and Sun at 8 Cancer that includes Mercury, Mars and Neptune.

Pluto transited this area of her chart from 2004 to 2013, but it was already moving quickly towards her Ascendant and was responsible for her phenomenal rise from reality TV contestant to having the Xmas number one single within a month in 2002.

Of course the sensation that was Girls Aloud was not just down to Cheryl Cole. It was a carefully constructed collection of young, sexy, singer / dancers based around the winning template of the Spice Girls.

But the most unbelievable thing about it all was that Pluto picked all 5 of them.

The similarities between Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle are not limited to their surnames. Despite being born almost 2 years later than Cheryl, Nadine has a chart whose main features are almost identical.

Nadine Coyle


They both have a Sun / Mars / Mercury conjunction in late Gemini / early Cancer in the 7th house. This conjunction is opposite Neptune rising with a Sagittarius Ascendant. The sexual fantasy aspect, Mars in Cancer in the 7th opposite Neptune in the 1st is shared equally.

Pluto would move through Nadine’s Ascendant / Uranus / Neptune / Sun / Mars / Mercury grouping between 2001 and 2010.

It makes sense that Nadine’s time in the spotlight ended before Cheryl’s as Girls Aloud disbanded in 2009 ( apart from a brief reuniting for a 10th anniversary tour ). Nadine’s solo efforts struggled to make the top 50, so the end of Pluto’s transit marked the end of her time at the top.

Nicola Roberts


Nicola Roberts also has Gemini and Sagittarius dominating the 1st and 7th house although hers are the other way round to Cheryl and Nadine.

Both Mars and Venus are also involved as they are in close conjunction in Virgo as apex planets to a T square involving the Ascendant and Uranus.

So again we have a collection of that involves Mars / the Ascendant / Neptune and one of the lights ( the Moon in Nicola’s case ) in the 2nd half of Gemini / Sagittarius and early Cancer / Capricorn focusing on the 1st and 7th houses.

Pluto transited Nicola’s collection between 2002 to 2009, the exact length of time that the Girls were Aloud. Nicola’s solo projects have peaked around the lower reaches of the top twenty but there’s no great expectation of prolonging her time on centre stage in the way that Cheryl obviously did.

Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding were the oldest members of the group and were born 3 days apart. Unfortunately we don’t have birth times for them so there’s no way of knowing what the Ascendant is or the house positions of any of their planets.

Kimberley Walsh


Sarah Harding


Both Kimberley and Sarah have a Sun / Uranus conjunction which in itself indicates a sudden change in circumstances.

But the extraordinary thing about these two is that like Cheryl and Nadine they both have the fantasy figure Mars / Neptune aspects. Kimberley and Sarah have Mars in the middle of Virgo square Neptune. Kimberley’s Moon is conjunct her Mars.

Pluto would transit this grouping between 2001 and 2006. Both Kimberley and Sarah have done a bit of acting since leaving Girls Aloud but it would not be harsh to suggest they are unlikely to pull up any trees in this field so leaving their Pluto period as the peak of their careers.

There is a truly staggering connection between the charts of all 5 girls and its no wonder that they all came to gather in a Plutonian TV experiment that had meteoric success. To have 4 out 5 with Mars / Neptune aspects alone is remarkable when the expected average would be less than 1, but the chances against all of them having it in the same section of the zodiac so that each one could be transited by Pluto during their careers with Girls Aloud, would be astronomical.

If anyone wants to put together a girl band for the next decade then Capricorn Research is happy to oblige for a small fee. It would certainly save a lot of time and expense on reality TV competitions.

The main thrust of this article however is the relationship between Cheryl and Ashley Cole.

There appears to be an unwritten universal law that states that any attractive and rich girl band singer, dancer and all round star will be magnetically drawn to a decent looking, rich, top footballer. It’s probably because they are the only people who can afford to get in to certain night clubs and once they’re through the doors astrology takes over.

A quick check on the synastry between Cheryl and Ashley’s charts shows the power of the magnetism between them.

Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole is a Sagittarian, but not just an ordinary one. He has the Sun, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in the sign. Sagittarians as any horoscope column will tell you are great searchers in life. They are constantly looking for new, challenging, life broadening experiences. But the one thing they are not looking for is security.

This is the fundamental difference between Ashley and Cheryl because as a Cancer she needs emotional security, as someone with such a strong Sagittarius it has probably never occurred to him.

Cancers clearly define their own territory and defend it with their lives, Sagittarians are only interested in exploring everyone else’s. This Sun sign difference goes straight to the essence of Cheryl’s chart because she is a Sun Cancer with Sagittarius rising. So the pulls of both utterly different signs are operating on her constantly.

The 7th house as we know rules marital relationships and the other major thing to note from Ashley’s chart is that he has the Moon in Gemini there. Whereas the Sun’s house placing in a chart indicates an area of life where the person is constant, the Moon’s house position will point to an area where there will be much change. The term ” going through phases ” is frequently seen in astrological textbooks when talking about the lunar house experience.

The sign Gemini is all about tasting lots of different things, continually on the move to compare and contrast new experiences and then to chat about them. The Moon in Gemini cannot possibly stay still even if it wanted to.

There are many pop Astrology books giving relationship advice on the basis of Sun signs and a quick read of the wisdom offered to a Cancer woman married to a Sagittarius man would be to give him lots of freedom even possibly to the point of accepting the odd extramarital adventure.

To someone with a 7th house Cancer Sun who was married to a man with a 1st house stellium in Sagittarius and a 7th house Gemini Moon, the only advice would be ” good luck that then “.

It’s almost tempting to think why on earth would Cheryl want to get together with Ashley the first place ?  The simple answer to that is that she would have to as part of her essential life experience portrayed by the chart.

Conjunctions of planets to the Sun show how we ourselves naturally blend and express the energy of the planets concerned into our lives. Planets in opposition to the Sun show energies and principles that we would not be able to express ourselves and we therefore are forced to look for these experiences through other people. When this opposition occurs over the 1st and 7th houses we look for it in the marriage partner.

Even thought she is a Cancer, Cheryl’s Sun / Mars / Mercury conjunction in the 7th house is opposite Neptune so she has to look for an experience in relationships that undermines and dissolves her own position. The initial attraction may well be of an idealistic almost spiritual resonance but the long term effect will be magic of a disappearing kind.

The other reason they were obviously meant for each other was the incredible contacts between the two charts. The amazing thing about these contacts is how close the aspects are, almost all of them falling within 1 degree of orb.

The fact that they would be each others dream date is confirmed by Ashley’s Sun being exactly conjunct Cheryl’s Neptune and opposite her Mercury and Cheryl’s Ascendant is returning the favour in exact conjunction to Ashley’s Neptune and Mercury.

In fact Ashley’s Sun is in aspect to Cheryl’s Ascendant, Neptune, Mercury, Mars and Sun so he personifies all of these themes in her chart.

Ashley’s Venus / Ascendant conjunction is exactly conjunct Cheryl’s Jupiter.

But probably the most stunning of all of them is the square aspect between their Moons, Ashley’s at 8 degrees 10 Gemini and Cheryl’s at 8 degrees 14 Pisces. If ever there was an aspect indicating two people with different needs, this would be it.

Ashley is 30 months older than Cheryl and his career started earlier. Pluto started it in 1997 when he joined Arsenal as a youth team player with the planet conjunct his Ascendant and Venus.

He made his first team debut at the age of 18 in 1999, with Pluto opposite his Moon.

Ashley began a relationship with Cheryl in September 2004 just as Pluto was conjunct his Mercury and Neptune. It does help to remember that Cheryl was Ashley’s dream date precisely because this Mercury / Neptune was in very close conjunction to her Ascendant. So Pluto would have been going over Cheryl’s Ascendant at the same time.

Both were at the absolute peak of the careers at this point although this transit had quite different effects on the overall popularity. Cheryl was well on the way to becoming the nation’s sweetheart but Ashley was involved in some high profile wrangling between his club Arsenal and rivals Chelsea. Ashley was found guilty of making contact with Chelsea over a possible move without informing Arsenal and was fined.

The transfer was completed in acrimonious circumstances and Ashley was quoted that he was left ” trembling with anger ” at Arsenal’s wage offer of a mere £ 55,000 per week, an admission that won him few friends and lots of negative feedback. Despite his incredible performances for Chelsea and England winning over 100 caps and being largely recognised as the best left back in the world, Ashley Cole has not had a very sympathetic press since this admission.

In truth, a major reason for his PR nadir is due to his behaviour during his marriage to Cheryl.

Just as their relationship began with Pluto’s transit to Ashley’s Mercury / Neptune conjunction, it began to unravel once it reached Cheryl’s Mercury / Neptune opposition in 2008. Cheryl’s Mercury / Neptune is of course exactly on Ashley’s Sun so this would mean that Pluto would be transiting conjunct his Sun as well.

This would be the turning point in Ashley Cole’s life and in January 2008, the couple almost separated after allegations were made that Cole had affairs with three other women.  He disputed the allegations and they stayed together. It was announced in February 2010 that they would separate following four new allegations of adultery and they divorced later that year.

The advice for Ashley might be – if you want to have the backing of the tabloid press and any football fans other than Chelsea’s you can’t afford to cheat on the nation’s sweetheart. Presenting your birth chart as evidence should be acceptable in an ideal world but it’s unlikely to have much positive affect in Rupert Murdoch’s empire.

For Cheryl, the marital troubles and separation did not harm her career, the sympathy factor could arguably have prolonged it as she was a major player in X Factor at the time. She was also interviewed in the series of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, in which she discussed her marriage and divorce with Ashley. The show, which aired in October 2010, drew an audience of 7.2 million, the highest figure in the chat show’s history.

Cheryl’s turning point would be 2012 when Pluto was opposite her Sun which may well have marked the end of her place at the epicentre of pop fashion. This period brought up a number of questions about her continuing position on X Factor and despite the frequent assertions that she still has a place on the show, her actual profile has diminished considerably since then.

Although she is not a major player in this article it might be interesting to look at the love life of Nadine Coyle who has such similar chart features to Cheryl Cole.

In January 2008, Nadine Coyle started dating former American football player Jason Bell. Yes really, you could not make this stuff up. Nadine and Jason were engaged until their split in May 2011 with Pluto in opposition to Nadine’s 7th house Mercury and Mars. In 2013 Nadine announced that she was expecting a baby with Jason and that the relationship was back on.

Jason Bell is not a double Sagittarius with the Moon in Gemini like Ashley Cole. We only have a noon chart available.

Jason Bell


Bell is a fiery Aries but his Moon is in the stable, in it for the long term sign of Capricorn. Another important factor is that Nadine’s Moon is in the stable sign of Taurus in exact harmonious trine aspect to Jason’s.

Intriguingly his turning point is the years 2013 -14 as Pluto squares Jason’s Sun with the return of his relationship with Nadine and fatherhood.

Capricorn Research has been looking at charts of famous people for over 35 years, but is still regularly astonished at how stunningly accurate astrology is. The whole phenomenon of Girls Aloud and Ashley and Cheryl Cole is painted by their charts so clearly that its scarcely believable.

There are many couples whose relationship is purely platonic, Cheryl and Ashley Cole’s marriage was strictly Plutonic.





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12 thoughts on “Cheryl and Ashley Cole – A Strictly Plutonic Relationship

  1. Thank you for this very detailed article! I was waiting for this one!

    I am a huge GA fan and always thought there was great chemistry between the 5 of them. Astrology really proves it. 🙂

    Cheryl now has a new French husband and I hope that this time it will work for her. Her Jean-Bernard apparently is a Virgo man, born on August 29. But we do not know the exact year. He is said to be 33 and I think he will soon turn 34.

    • Thanks for your generous feedback. Its true the astrological chemistry in Girls Aloud was absolutely staggering, as was the connection between Cheryl and Ashley. Their marriage was totally tied up with the Pluto transits at the time. Cheryl as a 7th house Sun Cancer would be looking for much more security and commitment in her married life and Jean Bernard’s Sun makes an easy flowing sextile aspect to hers. It does seem a better fit for the long term although without his birth time its difficult to know for sure.

      I continue to write new articles and if you have any requests for subjects, will be happy to look into that. I link to my articles on twitter @CCapricorn1.

      Best wishes

    • Oh man, I just ended up reading this article after it was revealed that Cheryl is now with Liam Payne and guess what, Liam’s birthday is August 29, too.

      • Thanks for that. Cheryl obviously likes those Virgoans, particularly as their Suns are in sextile to hers. The rest of the synastry is not so powerful however, so any relationship with Liam is not likely to produce the sparks that were there with Ashley. Maybe she wants a quieter life however, in which case…

      • I thought the same thing: A Virgo man, once again. I looked up for their synastry as well, but as you said, it is not so powerful, but they share the same Venus, Venus in Leo ; and they have a 8th house stellium synastry if Cheryl is AS Leo (and not Sagittarius), like some say. Saturn in Sagittarius “sends” a trine to their Venuses, hence the age gap, maybe? Because neither of them have astral signatures showing a love for younger / older types.

      • You’re welcome! Astrotheme sometimes gives her Leo rising with Venus on it (and the Moon in Pisces sits on the 7th house) and sometimes, it is Sagittarius rising with Neptune in the 1st and the stellium in Gemini-Cancer sits in the 7th. Both charts are interesting.
        I worked on the composite of Liam and Cheryl (with Sag rising) and they have Mercury-Sun-Venus-Mars conjunct in Leo in the 8th house.

  2. Thank you for your kind answer!

    Cheryl also has the North Node in the 7th house…. I think this is a karma concerning relationships and marriages, especially the 1st one.

    I’ve just checked out: She has Juno in Aries in the 3rd house. I do not know how to interpret this.

    At first, when we see her Venus, we think : wow ! Such a great and well-aspected Venus in Leo. Yes, but Venus is in the 8th sector, a house in which you can suffer as well. Yet, it gives her a very strong sex-appeal and beauty.

    I am wondering if she will ever have kids because I recently read it was not in her plans.

    Her 5th house is in Taurus. The Moon is in the 2nd house, Venus in the 8th and Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius in the 11th house. I think it is not bad.

    What do you think?

    Best wishes!

    • Yes she has a very strong Venus and the Sun is conjunct Mars with obvious results,

      Children are usually an important issue for any female Cancerian and as the Suns is trine the Moon it’s hard to believe she doesn’t want them at all.

      It’s probably still career first mode, but maybe when Saturn reaches her Ascendant and opposes the Sun 2017 – 18 we might see a family starting.

      I don’t do nodes and Juno etc, the classic 10 planets keep me busy 24 / 7 as it is.

      • Hi, just to tell you that Cheryl is now expecting a child with Liam. You were right for the starting of a family in 2017. Kind regards

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