Bruce Chatwin – Pluto’s Traveller

Bruce Chatwin was a writer and traveler who won international acclaim for books which were based on his nomadic lifestyle. He wrote with a keen eye for the small detail, and had the ability to capture a personality with his words. He often mixed fact and fiction in his stories.

He was also bi sexual, he was married for 15 years but had gay relationships. He died tragically of AIDS before his 50th birthday.

Bruce Chatwin

His story is painted very simply and clearly by two conjunctions. His bisexuality and openness in relationships comes from the Sun’s conjunction to unconventional Uranus in the 7th house of relationships.

His nomadic life and his writing comes from the conjunction of the Moon and Pluto in the 9th house of long distance travel.

His untimely death comes from two related factors, the opposition between his Sun and a Scorpio Ascendant and more specifically the conjunction of the Moon and Pluto with a square aspect to Saturn in the 6th house of health.

AIDS was a Pluto in Scorpio phenomenon, the first cases coming to light as Pluto moved into the sign in the early 1980s. Pluto only made one major aspect in Bruce Chatwin’s life, it was travelling through Scorpio when it was  square to his Moon and opposition to Saturn in 1986 when was diagnosed with HIV. Pluto was still square to his Moon when he died in January 1989.

As Pluto made only one major aspect, its fair to have a look at any period in his life when there was a profusion of other important transits. In 1977 with the publication of the book that he was best known for ” In Patagonia “, Jupiter was conjunct his Sun showing great success. As his success was through writing about his travels the 9th house Moon was involved as Saturn was conjunct it and Uranus was in square to it.

Pluto’s conjunction to the Moon in the 9th house took Bruce Chatwin on his travels but it also brought them to an unfortunate end.


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