Charles Albright – The Eyes of a Killer

As regular readers of these pages will know, Capricorn Research is strongly anti Sun sign astrology.

Whatever the subject one is interested in, anyone who attempts to understand something using only one of the several hundred contributing factors is almost bound to end up barking up the wrong tree.

There is a vague consensus however that by looking at the Sun and Moon by sign and house and the Ascendant by sign and any aspect relationship between them, we should have a good understanding of their basic character.

Well not necessarily. What if the chart in question contained the Sun in Leo in the 11th house in trine to the Moon in Aries in the 7th and in sextile to a Libra Ascendant ?

We would inevitably be thinking that this was a bright, friendly optimistic and confident character leading a generally fortunate and enjoyable life.

We wouldn’t immediately think that he was a crazed serial killer whose particular trademark was to gouge his victims eyes out.


Charles Albright


Charles Albright was known as “the eyeball killer” because his three alleged female victims had their eyeballs removed. Capricorn Research perhaps should apologise for his apparent obsession with the charts of these kind of people, but its always the villains that are the most interesting.

Albright’s chart is a classic case of the power of interplanetary aspects.

The first thing to note is the Sun’s opposition to Saturn. This aspect can create a tremendous frustration because the person sees his own freedoms being restrained by other people. The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn generally makes the person work hard and become more focused and self disciplined in order to achieve his goals. The opposition can also work this way but the individual is more likely to project their own shortcomings onto other people.

When the Sun is in Leo opposite Saturn, its likely that the Leo personality will resent what he sees as other peoples attempts to restrain him and will react in a more forceful fashion. The noble, generous open and giving side of the Leo personality can quickly disappear with this aspect, being replaced by a more dictatorial, ruthless streak.

The Moon is conjunct Uranus which inclines towards strong and sudden emotional outbursts particularly in a sign like Aries.

The Libra Ascendant is closely conjunct Mars, a placing that makes the person far more assertive, and the peaceful Libran demeanour soon gets lost under this influence.

The Moon is in the 7th house opposite this 1st house Mars. The 1st – 7th issue is emphasised by the fact that it runs from Aries to Libra. So we are going to have some real difficulties in relationships with women.

The Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries in the 7th opposite Mars does suggest that the likely result would be violence towards women.

Albright also has Venus conjunct Neptune in Virgo in the 11th house. The 11th house rules our ideals, Virgo has a connection with purity and perfection. Venus conjunct Neptune also gives a tendency to idealise women, to have a dreamlike fantasy idea of what women are or should be.

Albright was convicted of killing one woman but suspected of murdering two others because the details were so similar. All three were prostitutes and all had their eyes removed from their sockets.

There are comparisons between Albright’s chart and that of Peter Sutcliffe the Yorkshire Ripper . Sutcliffe also had a relatively benign Sun, Moon, Ascendant combination of Gemini, Cancer and Sagittarius respectively. He also had one of the lights in the 7th house conjunct Uranus ( his Sun ). But it was the other points in Sutcliffe’s chart that pointed to his murderous deeds, particularly an 8th house stellium. Sutcliffe had Venus in the 8th square to Neptune.

But both Albright and Sutcliffe set out to murder prostitutes. If was as if they felt that this was fair game because the women concerned did not fit with their own 7th house / Venus – Neptune ideal of what a woman should be.

In Albright’s case the thing in the chart that turned him into a killer was a T square. His Moon / Uranus conjunction opposite Mars focused onto an apex Pluto, an aspect that is likely to result in extreme acts of sudden, unexpected violence.

So when would this Plutonic act manifest itself ?

An interesting pattern that Capricorn Research has noticed over the years is that when a chart contains two seriously difficult aspect patterns, powerful events will be triggered when a planet that is the focal point of one of these patterns makes a strong transit to the other one.

In this case when Pluto, as the apex of Charles Allbright’s T Square, becomes by transit the apex of another one based on his Sun / Saturn opposition. In other words when Pluto reaches mid Scorpio, particularly when it is square the Sun. This happened between 1990 and 91.

Throughout his life, Albright had been caught for relatively minor offences, he had been in jail for 6 months and put on probation, but it was in his late 50s that things changed radically.

The bodies of three women were discovered, one each on December 13, 1990; February 10, 1991; and March 18, 1991. Each had been shot and had her eyes removed. On March 22, 1991, Albright was arrested and charged with 3 counts of murder. His trial began on December 13, 1991. The only evidence that was solid was forensic evidence: hairs found at the one of the murder scenes matched Albright. On December 18, 1991, the jury deliberated and found Albright guilty of the murder of that victim.

He was sentenced to life. In 1992 Saturn returned to its natal position and opposed his Sun, an appropriate transit for the beginning of a life sentence.

When we look at the chart properly without getting sidetracked by the apparent innocuousness of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant signs, we can see the themes clearly enough.

Maybe Capricorn Research has spent too many evenings watching CSI, but the question left hanging is why the eye thing ? As it was such a trademark for Albright you might expect some oblique symbolic reference to be found in the chart.

Any other astrologers that have the stomach for it are welcome to see if they can find the symbolism for this, I’d appreciate any ideas. The only one I can come up with is a bit far fetched, but that apex Pluto is in a sign Cancer whose glyph when looked at in a certain light does resemble a pair of eyes !

One of the most extraordinary things about serial killers is that so many of them manage to lead what appears on the surface to be extremely normal lives. People close to them, even their wives had not the slightest suspicion of the kinds of things that lurk deep in their psyche that caused them to commit such horrendous crimes. It is as if all these people only looked as far as the Sun, Moon and Ascendant and failed to see that aspect patterns.

This was particularly the case with Sutcliffe but its also interesting to point out that Dennis Nilsen had the Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer with Libra rising. Even Fred West was a double Libra.

So a gentle suggestion to any Sun sign astrologer. Make sure you have a look at the aspects before you invite your client round to your house for a consultation, otherwise you never really know who they might be.

Capricorn Research has always felt many horoscope columns could be written with ones eyes closed, but wouldn’t wish this assumption to be put to the test.



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