The Collors – With Brothers like this, who needs Enemies ?

Regular readers of these articles will know the form by now. They all show people who’s lives have been turned upside down and even inside out by Pluto’s transits. The distant planet takes so long to move through the Zodiac that it will generally only make one aspect to the Sun or Moon in a lifetime, but that’s all it needs to provide the watershed moment of that life.

The other noted factor is if anyone has Pluto in aspect to their Sun or Moon at birth, the next aspect by transit will have the power of an atomic explosion, producing changes that are utterly life changing and in some cases catastrophic.

But what if two people in relationship to each other both have their Suns or Moons in aspect to Pluto and in difficult aspect to each other ?

Inevitably their relationship would be the cause or at least the most important trigger of the explosion.

A classic example is that of two brothers Fernando and Pedro Collor de Mello. Fernando was a Brazilian politician who became President of the country.

Fernando Collor

Fernando Collor de Mello was a Leo who had a close conjunction between the Sun and Pluto. This is the sign of a strong personality, someone with a particular intensity who is able to have a profound effect on other people.

He also has Mars conjunct the Ascendant making him assertive and even aggressive. He became President in his early 40s and as an up and coming politician he was often compared to US President John F Kennedy. Ironically the comparison continued as he lasted less than three years.

His watershed period began when he was elected in March 1990 when Pluto was square to his Sun.

When someone has a Sun / Pluto conjunction natally, it means that the life change that happens once Pluto transits to square the Sun will be more powerful than ever, but that the planet will also be squaring itself. This would mean that as well as catapulting Fernando Collor into the Presidency it also had a special kick of its own to deliver.

So what type of kick are we talking about ? The fact that the Sun is in the 2nd house suggests that it would be something to do with money.

Its also interesting to note that Fernando had two aspects that could be called difficult. One is the square between a Mars / Ascendant / Uranus conjunction in Cancer and his Neptune in the 3rd house. The other is the Moon in Pisces in the 9th opposite Venus in Virgo in the 3rd ( Venus appears to be at the tail end of the 2nd but is within minutes of the 3rd cusp so should be considered as part of the 3rd house ).

Cancer as we know is the sign of the family and a Mars / Uranus / Ascendant conjunction here would suggest a rather erratic and volatile relationship with other family members.

The Moon’s issues are often to do with family relationships as well. It’s interesting to note that both the Mars / Uranus / Ascendant and the Moon have difficult aspects to planets in the 3rd house. The 3rd house amongst other things rules siblings.

Fernando had a younger brother called Pedro.

Pedro Collor

Pedro was a Sagittarius with the Sun at 23 degrees of the sign. This is interesting when we compare the two brothers charts as Pedro’s Sun falls as the apex to Fernando’s Moon / Venus opposition. So Pedro ( Sun ) becomes the focus ( apex ) of the tension that Fernando feels ( Moon ) with his siblings (  opposite Venus in the 3rd ).

The most powerful influence in his chart was an apex Moon in Scorpio. This Moon was the focus of a T Square based on an extremely aggressive opposition between Mars and Pluto.

It’s also very important to note that this difficult T square closely aspects Fernando’s Sun and Pedro’s Moon is square to it.

Pedro’s Moon / Pluto square is exact at 23 degrees of Scorpio / Leo.

Fernando’s Sun is at 19 Leo and when Pluto was at 19 Scorpio he was elected President. Two years later in 1992, Pluto would come to 23 Scorpio in conjunction with Pedro’s Moon.

When Pluto makes its transit to the Sun, the watershed moment in the life seems to be based around what that individual was meant to do in this lifetime. It will often result in an event that can only be described as karmic, tied up with the person’s real purpose. Fernando’s election to the Brazilian Presidency in 1990 was a clear example.

When Pluto makes a similar transit to the Moon, it seems to point to an event that comes more from the person’s psychology, perhaps even triggered by childhood experiences and relationships with other family members.

The Moon does rule psychological complexes that are acquired in our early years so Pluto’s transit to it will point to a time when suppressed feelings are forced powerfully into expression in an explosive way.

When the Moon is in Water signs we are definitely dealing with feelings and emotions that have been held since childhood. When the Moon is in Scorpio, these feelings have been intense and controlled along with a deep seated resentment, so when Pluto comes to explode all this, we see the famous sting in the tail.

It’s interesting to note the house positions of Pedro’s T Square. The Moon has its exact square to Pluto in the 3rd house suggesting that Pedro’s explosion of resentment will impact directly onto his brother.

So what would happen in 1992 ? In May of that year Pedro accused Fernando of using his office to rob the country. Brazilians were as shocked by this act of political fratricide as they were by the charge itself, but it was only the opening act in the First Family soap opera.

In the following months, Pedro exposed his brother for misdeeds that included  schemes to pocket millions through kickbacks and influence peddling, extortion, infidelity and corruption. Here we see that Pedro’s Moon was square to Fernando’s Sun in the 2nd house of money.

Pedro also accused Fernando of attempting to seduce his wife. This is interesting as Fernando’s Moon / Venus opposition, which would be quite capable of such a thing particularly with Venus in the 3rd, focuses onto Pedro’s Sun which is in the 7th house of marriage.

Pedro also accused Fernando of regular cocaine use, as suggested by Fernando’s Mars / Uranus / Ascendant being in square to Neptune, the ruler of drugs and other intoxicants. The fact that Neptune is also in the 3rd makes it appropriate that Pedro did the exposure.

After an investigation the Brazilian Congress suspended Fernando from office. Though Fernando swore to his innocence, the attorney general’s office handed down a five-count indictment linking him with Paulo Cesar Cavalcante Farias, a powerful Maceio entrepreneur and political insider. It charged that Farias paid the president $1.5 million from an illegal slush fund for personal and family expenses, that he paid $4.7 million to re-landscape the Collor home, $29,000 for family dental work; and  $85,000 for renovations of Collor’s apartment in Maceio.

When his impeachment trial began the first week of January, 1993, within minutes Fernando Collor de Mello announced his resignation.

Going back to the principle that if Pluto is in aspect to the Sun or Moon at birth, it’s next transit will have a powerful effect but it will also be transiting itself so there should be another unexpected kick as part of the same transit.

So Fernando’s experience was gaining the Presidency and then losing it after being exposed by his brother.

Pedro’s experience of Pluto conjunct his Moon and square his own Pluto was exposing and bringing down his brother but then two years later he collapsed from a rapidly formed cerebral tumor and was declared officially dead two days later.

You see Pedro’s apex Scorpio Moon that caused all the trouble was in his own 6th house of health, so as well as bringing down his brother it killed him too.

The problem with politicians who are propelled into high office on the back of a Pluto transit is that they think they’ve achieved it on their own without any help from the Universe. If they stopped to think for a minute, they might be tempted to look around them to see if anyone close to them was just about to have a Pluto transit themselves.

Capricorn Research has another other article based on similar Pluto events. In Pluto Down Under there is the example of Australian leader Kelvin Rudd who came to power on a Pluto transit but his deputy had a birthday the week after his so her Pluto transit made her take his job.

But this is politics, and you might be tempted to expect this of your deputy, but not of your brother but then if you have an afflicted 3rd house with a Mars / Uranus / Ascendant conjunction you have to look out for your enemies closer to home.


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