Richard Carr Gomm – Charity begins at Home

Some charts are extremely consistent and dominated by one or two planets. Capricorn Research’s own is Sun, Moon Ascendant Capricorn, Sun and Moon in the 12th house, T Square apex Neptune, so a life spent in serious research into Neptunian type areas of life was inevitable.

One long standing client has the Sun in Aquarius in the 6th, Virgo Moon and Ascendant, strong Mercury opposite Uranus in a Grand Cross. She wanted to be a social worker from the age of 12 and has spent 35 years in that line of work.

Any astrologer will tell you most charts are not so straightforward, there will be patterns that appear to contradict each other and the art is in trying to come up with an interpretation that will reflect that and help a person to trying to tie all of the different strands of their persona into one life.

Its also important to know at what points in their life should they focus on one part more than another.

In other words what needs to be integrated and when ?

One very good example of this is Richard Carr Gomm.

Richard Carr-Gomm


Carr Gomm has the Sun in Capricorn as part of a T Square that focuses onto two apex planets Saturn and Jupiter. From this we can assume that he would be a conventional cautious type of character, austere and hard working and ambitious and likely to be very successful in his chosen sphere, a real establishment figure.

What kind of establishment figure ? Mars is rising in Scorpio which suggests either the police or the armed forces.

The opposition in the T Square is between the 3rd and 9th houses which could indicate that he is a Head Teacher of a school or someone who travels a lot.

A career in the Army might tick these boxes.

On the other hand he has the Moon in Aquarius opposite Neptune which seems to be suggesting a radical approach to life based on his own sensitivities. The fact that Neptune is in his 10th house complicates it still further as this suggests that his actual career is going to have this flavour rather than the Saturnian one.

The Moon is in the 4th house, so this rebellious instinct would express itself in the area of home and family.

The key here is the opposition in the T Square. The Sun is opposite Pluto so this conventional Capricorn figure is going to experience a massive personal transformation in his life at some point, a kind of road to Damascus type conversion that would have everyone singing ” whoah, Billy Graham “.

The old life would be swept away for a radical new start to occur.

So when would this happen ? As a rule if the Sun is in aspect with Pluto at birth the dramatic change indicated would occur when Pluto renews it’s relationship with the Sun by it’s next aspect, in this case the square.

This would not happen until Carr Gomm was in his mid fifties leaving precious little time for a new kind of career as indicated by the Moon / Neptune opposition.

The most likely time for change, therefore would be when Pluto came to transit the Moon / Neptune opposition in his early 30s.

This is his story.

Richard Carr-Gomm was a military man ( Mars rising ) from a well-off background ( T Square apex Jupiter ) he was educated at Stowe School ( Sun in Capricorn ) and served in the Royal Berkshire Regiment and the Coldstream Guards from 1939 to 1955. He was amongst the first troops to enter Belsen in April 1945. He was awarded the Croix de guerre in 1944.

Carr-Gomm was deeply affected during the Billy Graham crusade to London in 1954 ( Moon opposite Neptune ). In 1955 he astonished family and friends by giving up the army to volunteer as an unpaid home help for old people. Perceiving the loneliness of the people whom he was helping to be a particular problem, he spent his Army gratuity on buying a house which he invited some of them to share with him ( Moon in Aquarius in the 4th house ).

While most who knew him hoped this was an episodic eccentricity and that he would eventually “come to his senses,” he went on to devote a lifetime to the welfare of the elderly ( Sun in Capricorn, apex Saturn ).

He was the founder of the Abbeyfield Society, the Morpeth Society and the Carr-Gomm Society, UK charities providing care and housing for disadvantaged and lonely people.

His vision for the homes always had a strong spiritual dimension, and life for the residents featured regular non-denominational prayer meetings and communal hymn singing ( Neptune in the 10th ). Another feature was that people from the local community were encouraged to join in as volunteers and participate in the social life of the homes.

Needless to say Pluto was opposite Carr Gomm’s Moon in 1954 – 55.

Capricorn Research would defy anyone to come up with a more appropriate combination of symbols for Richard Carr Gomm’s life. It is absolutely gob smacking astrology.

When Pluto opposes a 4th house Aquarius Moon, charity begins at home. As above, so below.