Bill Clinton – A Natural President ?

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was the 42nd and one of the youngest US presidents, in many ways he was a natural for the role. His chart shows the Sun in Leo in the 11th house.  As Leos are astrological leaders and the 11th house is traditionally associated with politics the symbolism is fairly simple.

Clinton was an attractive figure for a politician as you’d expect from someone with a stellium of planets rising in Libra. The last President to have youth and sexual magnetism on his side was John F. Kennedy. Kennedy had a Sun and Moon Square between the 8th and 11th houses, interestingly Clinton has the same combination his Sun in the 11th in square to the Moon in Taurus in the 8th. The 8th house is frequently associated with sex.

In many ways Clinton was one of the most successful presidents with a string of achievements particularly in foreign policy. His Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Ascendant in Libra gave him diplomatic skills and he was able to help broker many peace initiatives during his time in office.

Neptune is a rather tricky planet for politicians and its appearance in a strong position in their chart often points to some kind of scandal that emerges during their time in office. In Clinton’s chart Neptune is bang on the ascendant in extremely close conjunction to Mars and also conjunct Venus so the kind of scandal we’re talking about is obviously a sexual one.  The cover-up that followed Clinton’s alleged dalliance with Monica Lewinsky was so serious that the Senate tried to impeach him, an extremely unusual step to take with an incumbent president.

Whenever the Sun and Moon are in aspect together Pluto’s transits will activate both at roughly the same time so this would mark an exceptionally powerful watershed period in that person’s life.  As Pluto is quite close to the Sun in Clinton’s chart the first aspect would happen in early childhood but the second would be the most significant one. Pluto was square Clinton’s Moon and conjunct his Sun from October 1950 when he was four years old to September 55 age 9.  Bill Clinton’s father died before he was born. In 1950  his mother remarried. Bill’s stepfather was an alcoholic who frequently abused his wife and Bill often had to step between them to defend his mother. This scenario is a perfect early example of Pluto coming to conjunct the Sun square Moon but also an early opportunity for young Bill to use his Libran skills of diplomacy when dealing with difficult and aggressive opponents.

Pluto’s next aspects were the conjunctions with the Libra stellium – Ascendant, Mars, Neptune and Venus which occurred between October 1973 and August 77. This was the time when Bill and Hilary got together and they married in 1975.

The watershed time from Clinton was obviously 1992 when he was elected President. Pluto moved to make its square aspect to the Sun and opposition to the Moon between 1991 and 94, again like in so many other cases Pluto’s transits to the Sun marking the most important phase of the person’s life.

Pluto’s transit ensured that this natural leader made his way to the Presidency and despite his occasional penchant for the ladies getting him into trouble Bill Clinton still remains a popular Leo / Libran figure to this day.


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