Electing the President – Profection or Perfection ?

The clearest set of transits that I have seen in 40 years of astrologizing, were the ones that swept Donald Trump into office in 2016, yet many astrologers didn’t pick this up at all.

I’ve often asked why this was. Some have suggested there is confusion over Trump’s birthdata.  But with the alternative dates and times put forward it is very unlikely that he would have even stood for office in the first place.

Some have pointed to the uncertainty around opponent Hillary Clinton’s birth time, but she could have been born at any time and it would have made no difference.

I can only assume that many astrologers didn’t pick him because they used a different method of assessing transits to the one I prefer.

So perhaps at this point I should give a bit of background on how I see transits working.

Transits only count when a planet aspects a natal personal planet or Ascendant / MC. So I don’t include any transits to natal Jupiter – Pluto because these positions stay much the same for everyone born in that month or in Pluto’s case even a couple of years.

The more important the natal planet, the more significant the transit. So transits to the Sun are the most crucial, Moon secondary, Ascendant next and Mercury, Venus and Mars depending on their strengths in the natal chart and the kinds of activity that the transit stimulates.

Transits of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars I don’t bother with. They may have an impact but it is for such a short period of time ( in the case of the Moon only a few hours ) that it is barely worth considering.

Transiting orbs are usually 1 degree either side of the natal placement, but when the birth time is not known, a bit of lee way can add another degree to transits to the Sun for example.

Transits are generally stronger when applying rather than separating.

A transit applies for the whole term from its first contact to the last even covering situations where it might have passed the natal position but is due to retrograde back over it.

So a Jupiter transit can hang around from anything from a couple of weeks to a few months depending where it is in the cycle, and a Pluto transit will generally take a couple of years.

Basically the longer the transit is in action, the stronger it is in the person’s life. This usually means the slower moving transits are the strongest, although Neptune’s impact seems to be a law unto itself.

The more significant a role one of the Jupiter – Pluto planets plays in the natal chart, the stronger its transit impact will be. This is particularly true if a planet is repeating a natal pattern. For example if you have the natal Sun in major aspect ( conjunction, opposition or square ) to Saturn, whenever Saturn renews one of those aspects by transit, you will feel its impact stronger than other people with the same transit.

The strongest transit possible in my experience is that of Pluto to the Sun, in the chart of someone who has a Sun / Pluto natal aspect.

The reason for this is twofold.

One Pluto transits, more than those of any other planet are connected to very specific life changing events. Subjective changes will occur under this transit, but there will always be some aspect of the outside world forcing change on the native.

Two, this transit can only occur once in a lifetime, or very occasionally twice if the subject lives to very old age and Pluto happens to be in the faster part of its 250 year orbital cycle.

I have hundreds of examples of these very transits as the Turning Point of people’s lives Why Pluto ?

So this is broadly my take on transits. I don’t feel that its an especially radical one, but who knows these days ?

When we are talking about a transit that would make someone a President, we have to assume that was in the natal chart anyway, so we would be looking for a natal pattern that repeats itself, quite possibly in a stronger or more harmonious way.

Lets have a look at it in action.



It goes without saying this is an immensely powerful chart with the Sun in very close opposition to the Moon and Mars rising in Leo.

That this Sun is conjunct Uranus in the 10th and trine Jupiter in the 2nd, shows someone who is destined for the very top of his chosen career and will make a lot of money doing it.

But also Uranus and Jupiter are very important in terms of transits because they aspect both his Sun and Moon natally.

Uranus in particular by transit would be extremely powerful. So if we are looking for major turning points in Trump’s life we would not be so concerned with the unaspected Pluto, but times when both Uranus and Jupiter were making major transits to the Sun and Moon reinforcing the powerful natal relationship.

Uranus will make a major aspect to Trump’s Sun and Moon roughly at the following ages in his life – 14, 21, 28, 42, 56, 63, 70 and 84. The most harmonious of these would be the trine / sextile ones at age 14, 28, 56 and 70.

Uranus reached 21 degrees of Aries in April 2016. He won the Republican nomination on May 3rd when it was at 21.45. It remained in aspect until March 2017.

Jupiter reached its return position at 17 Libra at the beginning of December 2016 and on Inauguration Day, 20th January 2017, it was at 22.40 Libra, exactly trine Trump’s Sun.

To add even more planetary energy to this, Saturn was between 21 and 22 Sagittarius in January 2017, conjunct Trump’s 4th house Moon and opposite his 10th house Sun.

To be fair some astrologers put this transit forward as a reason for Donald Trump losing the election, but in fact all it meant was he had to move into a smaller house on Pennsylvania Ave and put some aspects of his career on hold.

On top of all of this is the indication of Progressions. The most powerful progression possible is the Sun over the natal Ascendant. This will only occur in the lifetimes of people who have their Sun in the top left quadrant of the chart anyway. Trump’s progressed Sun went over his Ascendant in 2016-17.

This is the clearest combination of transits and progressions that I have seen in 40 years of looking at charts and why I had no hesitation at betting on him to win in June 2015 when the bookies had him at 40 / 1.

Trump’s opponent had nothing even approaching this magnitude of transit.



Hillary Clinton has no major aspects from her Sun to any other planets. She had none of the slower moving planets making major aspects by transit to her Sun during this period.

Interestingly Clinton does have the Moon in square aspect to Uranus. But the transiting Uranus was not making any kind of major aspect to her Moon around the election.

Perhaps we could make a case for Clinton’s Moon / Uranus natal aspect being to do with her husband Bill’s dalliance with Monica Lewinsky given that Uranus is in the 8th house ( often associated with sex ) and it would have a major impact on Clinton’s family ( 4th house ).

This would be confirmed by the second most significant progression that anyone can have in their life as her Progressed Sun was square to the natal Moon in 1997 and 98, when the scandal broke and her husband faced possible impeachment.

But nothing for 2016.

So lets examine why so many astrologers might have missed Trump’s victory.

In the run up to the election I had an argument with one ” astrologer ” who was convinced Clinton would win because the election was occurring in her Sun sign, Scorpio. When I pointed out that all US Presidential Elections occurred in the first week in November, and that maybe she should get a job with one of the major parties advising them about this strategy, she blocked me ( the astrologer that is, not Hillary ).

It is obviously an absurd assessment but what it does show is an obsession with the actual date of the election, November 8th 2016.

Clearly you would expect someone who was going to become the most powerful man in the world, and even more so if she was going to be the first ever woman to hold that office, to have more occurring in their chart than a transit that lasted two days, tops.

Anyway this rather long winded introduction brings me to the subject that I actually wanted to look at in regard to this election. Annual Profections.

I will not claim to have any real experience with this method, or anything other than the most basic knowledge about it. But my understanding is that it is based on an ancient Hellenistic system of what are intriguingly called Timelords, and the idea is that certain transits are more significant than others because they occur in certain years relative to the native’s age.

The assumption is that this method is sign based and therefore only works within the Whole Sign House system.

Because Donald Trump has 29 degrees of Leo rising, his chart in WSH looks rather different



Some Whole Sign devotees might argue that an 11th house Sun is more appropriate for a President than a 10th house, given the association of the 11th with Politics. Others might argue that Donald Trump is not a natural politician anyway and that the WSH chart gives him an empty 10th ( career ) and 2nd ( money ).

But as with many issues in astrology, these are subjective assessments which can be bent either way depending on your own personal preference.

What is more interesting is how does this method of Profections impact on the election.

The 2016 election occurred when Donald was 70, so the house of that year is the 11th which is Gemini. This makes Mercury the ruler placed in Cancer in the 12th.

The one transit that occurs involving Mercury is that Neptune is trine to it over the period including the election and the inauguration. This is interesting because these two planets are square each other natally from the WSH 12th to the 3rd.

However no-one would believe that a Neptune transit would be the kind of thing to take someone to the highest office in the land, but it could be a facilitator to something bigger.

Mercury in Cancer in the 12th in square to Neptune in the 3rd might point to someone who, shall we say is ” economical ” with home truths. This by the way would equally apply if the two were in the Placidus 11th and 2nd, in fact you could say that such Neptunian skill would be applied to politics and would make him a lot of money.

Given this natal connection by square, we could assume that with Neptune actually in trine to said Mercury, the public would be far more likely to believe this  ” truth “. So perhaps profection has uncovered a useful and relevant issue here.

The planets actually in the WSH 11th are the Sun and Uranus, and as we know from above, this is actually key. So profection has pointed us in the direction that we would have automatically looked in anyway.

However, traditional astrologers would tend to downplay the role of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto anyway and some would rule them out altogether, either natally or by transit.

So if they were operating within that paradigm they would not see any transits to Mercury and only Jupiter’s trine to the Sun. That might be enough in itself but don’t forget that Saturn is also opposite the Sun and this in fact was a transit that many astrologers used to rule out Trump’s chances in the election.

Clinton’s chart by WSH makes her look far more Presidential than the Placidus version.



Her  Scorpio Sun, Mercury and Venus all move from the 12th to the 1st and her Mars / Saturn / Pluto conjunction moves from the 9th to the 10th.

This is important because with this combination in the Placidus 9th in square to a 12th house Mercury / Venus you could make a reasonable case for Hillary Clinton achieving her peak with a robust foreign policy as Secretary of State.

Pitching it into the 10th tends to make it look like she would reach her peak as President herself and given the nature of the conjunction, would no doubt have blown us all to kingdom come as a result.

So despite preferring Hillary’s politics and her rather more restrained verbal ” skills ” to Donald’s, Capricorn Research is glad that she didn’t actually make it as the first woman President on the two key issues for most members of his sign – actual survival and making a fortune at the bookies.

Clinton was 69 for the election pitching it as a 10th house profection year so Leo and the Sun as ruler with said Mars / Saturn / Pluto in residence.

Not being familiar with the use of profections, I’m not sure how far astrologers would take them. Does this mean that the transiting Sun should be given priority ?

If this is the case, the Sun would be conjunct Venus at the time of the election and the astrologer who argued with me might have been basing her prediction on profections. I doubt this however, as she didn’t seem to have heard of most of the things serious astrologers take for granted, including common sense.

So what we are actually left with is Jupiter’s sextile to that Mars / Pluto conjunction in the WSH 10th house.

This in itself could be enough to get most astrologers using profection backing the blue ticket even if they don’t see Pluto as being a player.

So did profection help  with the 2016 election or not ?

I am thinking not and the only argument for would be if you use the outer planets as the main transfer triggers and even then it would only do so by a roundabout method on an issue that was much more straightforward if you didn’t bother to use the Timelord method. If you don’t use outer planet transits you would not have picked Trump at all.

So it is understandable that so many astrologers missed the opportunity to make a killing.

There are many who resist research anyway, mainly because they have little or no confidence in these methods bringing any more credence to astrology and they suspect that they will just have an undermining effect.

Some are particularly reluctant for their own favourite methods to be subject to what they might term empirical scrutiny.

But any of them would be justified in criticising a piece that looked simply at one event and tried to make conclusions from that. So because of that, I have decided to apply the same methods to the elections of previous Presidents.

Arguably you could say that Barack Obama’s victory in 2008 was a far bigger statement than Trump’s in 2016.

Obama’s strongest planetary pattern is the T Square between Mercury at 2 degrees of Leo opposite Jupiter at 1 Aquarius focusing onto an apex Neptune at 8 Scorpio.

In many ways the Whole Sign system works better for Obama’s chart because it places that T Square in angular houses.

In January 2009, the month when Obama took over the Presidency, Jupiter had returned to its own natal position and was again operating through that T square.

Obama’s victory occurred when he was 47, which makes it a 12th house profection. This simplifies things because its Capricorn and ruled by Saturn which is actually stationed in Capricorn in the 12th house in Obama’s chart.

This whole combination of Saturn and 12th house does not sound like the kind of thing that would deliver such a momentous event in 2008. And the fact that Saturn was conjunct his Mars in the run up to the inauguration period, makes it even more unlikely.

Obama’s opponent in 2008 John McCain was 72 at the time of the election. Funnily enough most profection charts don’t even go that far. Presumably this is on the basis that in Hellenistic times, not many people lived that long anyway and it was a fair bet that their leader of the free world days were long gone anyway.

No matter, it would be a simple thing to stick another ring on the profection wheel and call it as a 1st house issue.

McCain 1st house is Pisces, ruled by Jupiter which is in Sagittarius in the 10th conjunct the Midheaven, in itself a very reasonable assumption that this would be his chance.

Its true that Saturn is also in the first in Pisces, but given the placing of the profection ruler this would simply indicate that the 2008 victor was as old as Methuselah himself. Either that or he was carrying some nutcase with him as Vice President.

And at the time of the inauguration in January 2009, Jupiter would be exactly conjunct McCain’s Aquarius Moon. So a new dawn for an old man then.

It would be fair to say that the WSH arrangement with Jupiter in the 1st house and Neptune in the 10th is a better description of Obama’s breakthrough Presidency than the Placidus version.

But profection doesn’t help us predict Obama’s victory. We would simply have to rely on a normal understanding of transits and the tiniest insight into the political situation at the time.

George W Bush has a close Mercury / Pluto conjunction rising at 10 degrees Leo.

Because he has 7 degrees of Leo rising the WSH version of his chart would not make much difference to house placings but it does dilute the strength of this aspect a little.

In 2000 Pluto was trine this Mercury / Pluto conjunction. This is certainly the most beneficial repetition of the pattern that Bush would ever expect to have in his whole lifetime.

This transit is also tied into his presidency because of the US Ascendant at 12 degrees Sagittarius and the transiting Pluto’s conjunction to it in 2001 for 9 / 11, the most significant event of the Bush Presidency and the thing that defined him.

Bush was elected when he was 54 and so he would be in a Profected 7th house year, which would be Aquarius, ruled by Saturn. Bush has no planets in his 7th.

There were no significant transits involving Saturn for George W Bush in 2000 or in the early part of 2001 so using profections in this case would not have been helpful in predicting his victory, in fact it would have taken the attention away from the one thing that did.

Bush’s opponent Al Gore was 52 so he would have had a 5th house profection. His 5th would be ruled by Jupiter which is also in Sagittarius in the 5th. During the period of the 2000 election, possible inauguration, Jupiter would have been in Gore’s 11th house, sextiling both his Sun and Ascendant so if anything, profections would have led us to back the wrong man again.

Some people might say that this was right since Gore won the popular vote and was only diddled out of the office by some extremely dodgy vote stuff going on in Florida.

Sadly thats not how astrology works, and Bush was Pluto’d into his 9 / 11 fiasco.

In 1992 Bill Clinton’s victory was indicated clearly by two different transits. Clinton has the Sun at 26 Leo in the 11th house. Pluto is in the same house.

In 1993 when he was inaugurated, Pluto was square his Sun, the only time in his life that it would make such a major aspect.

The other factor was Jupiter. Clinton has Mars in Libra very close to his Ascendant. The victory in November 1992 came with Jupiter conjunct that Mars and Ascendant.

Again the WSH makes very little difference to his chart

The election occurred when Clinton was 46 so this would be a 11th house issue.

Clinton’s 11th house ruler is his Sun which is dignified in Leo in the 11th house. He also has Pluto in this house, so here we can clearly say that profection helps point us in the right direction.

And his opponent the incumbent George Bush senior has a Sun in Gemini in the 10th house opposite Jupiter. He also has Mercury conjunct the Midheaven.

Bush’s chart does not change much by WSH. In 1992 he was 68 so a 9th house ruled by Venus. Venus is in Cancer in his 11th conjunct Pluto. Mercury is also in in the final degree of his WSH 9th.

In 1992 both Uranus and Neptune were opposite Bush’ 11th house Venus a suitable transit for an incumbent President being defeated

So in this instance profection does help us get the right result. But only if we use the outer planets.

The previous election in 1988, George Bush senior actually won and Jupiter was conjunct his Midheaven and he was inaugurated while it was square his Mars.

He was 64 when elected so his 5th house would be profected. This house is ruled by Saturn, but it is also empty.  Saturn was not involved in any major transits over this period so in Bush’ case, profection would have failed to point to anything.

And his opponent in 1988 was Michael Dukakis was 55 so its an 8th house year. His 8th would also be ruled by Saturn which is placed in Aquarius in his WSH 9th.

There is nothing that would pick out Saturn here so again profection gives us no insight.

However, Pluto was conjunct Dukakis Sun from late 1997 and left before the election. So we could reasonably say that the campaign would be the peak of his life, rather than actually winning it. This is of course true because we only remember him for having failed to beat George Bush.

Dukakis’ Sun is closely square to Saturn and if we use Placidus, this Saturn is right on the Midheaven. So it would be a fair assessment to say that during this Pluto transit ( which would be square Saturn too ), Michael Dukakis would have his 15 minutes of fame, but fail to win.

Ronald Reagan in 1980. Reagan has a natal T Square including the Moon opposite Jupiter focusing onto an apex Sun in Aquarius. He also has the Ascendant opposite Pluto.

He was elected with two major transits. The stronger, longer one was Pluto conjunct his Midheaven, this was a once in a lifetime thing that manifested throughout 1980 and 81.

The other was the conjunction of both Jupiter and Saturn in square to his Mars around the time of the election.

By WSH, there are significant changes to Reagan’s chart because his Ascendant is 27 Sagittarius. His Sun moves from the 2nd to the 3rd, the Moon from the 4th to the 6th, Jupiter from the 10th to the 12th and Mars from the 1st to the 2nd.

Reagan was 69 at the time of the election so his 10th house would be profected. This would mean Virgo would be the sign and Mercury the ruler. He has nothing in the 10th by WSH and there are no transits involving Mercury at all over the whole period. So another profection failure.

Reagan was up against the incumbent Jimmy Carter. Carter’s chart is another one that changes substantially under WSH because his Ascendant is 26 degrees Libra.

In 1980 Carter was 56, the profected house would have been his 9th, Gemini ruled by Mercury placed in his WSH 12th in Virgo. He has no planets in the 9th.

There were a number of astrological reasons why Carter lost to Reagan. Saturn was conjunct his Sun, Uranus was square his Mars and Neptune was square his Mercury.

It could be argued that Neptune square Mercury would be pointing us in the right direction, but this would not be the obvious reason for his loss and it would not have been the one picked up by any traditional astrologers either.

If anything Placidus placing of Mercury in the 11th, would have been more helpful.

Jimmy Carter won in 1976. Carter has a T square based on an opposition between Mercury in Virgo in the Placidus 11th opposite Uranus which focuses onto an apex Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 2nd.

For the inauguration in 1977, Jupiter was trine Mercury exactly to within 2 minutes of arc.

Carter was 52 for the election so we are talking about a 5th house profection with Aquarius and therefore Saturn as ruler. Mars is also placed in the 5th house.

Saturn would be in his WSH 2nd. Again not a great profection for becoming President. Perhaps he would not earn so much from his peanuts when in the White House.

Saturn was square to Carter’s Moon during the inauguration, so just like Donald Trump, 40 odd years later, maybe he was slumming it in DC.

Its true that Jupiter was square Mars around the time of the election, so maybe profection pointed us to it but this is a major stretch.

Carter’s opponent, the incumbent Gerald Ford, who had taken over from Richard Nixon was 63 in 1976, so we are talking 4th house. The 4th by WSH is Leo, so ruler the Sun in Cancer in the 3rd. Mercury is also in Ford’s 4th.

Gerald Ford had Jupiter sextile his Sun during the period for potential inauguration in 1977 so thats not helpful at all.

However he did have Saturn conjunct his Mercury, so we could say that maybe profection was pointing to this.

Richard Nixon was elected in 1968 with Saturn in square to his Sun. This might seem like an unusual transit for someone assuming high office but Nixon was a Capricorn with his Sun natally trine Saturn.

Its Capricorn Research’s experience that Saturn transits will always be important ones for members of his Sun sign and often auspicious too, particularly if there are favourable natal aspects.

Nixon was elected when he was 55, an 8th house profection so we are talking about Mars as the ruler placed at the end of Sagittarius in his 4th. Nixon has nothing in the 8th.

Jupiter was square Nixon’s Mars at the time of the election, so this could be seen as a helpful sign.

Nixon’s opponent Hubert Humphrey was 57 in 1968 corresponding to a 10th house profection. The WSH ruler of his 10th is Jupiter placed in Scorpio in his 6th. He also has Mars in Pisces in the WSH 10th.

Around the time of the election Humphrey had Jupiter trine his Ascendant and for potential Inauguration, trine his Sun.

So out of the two, if we were going on profections alone we would have probably marginally picked Humphrey to win.

For Lyndon Johnson, the important time was not the election of 1964, but the assassination of John F Kennedy in November 1963 and his subsequent take over of the office.

Johnson had a stellium in Virgo in the 1st house, and in particular a Grand Trine between the Moon and Mercury in Virgo, Uranus in Capricorn and his Midheaven in Taurus.

Uranus position was strengthened in Johnson’s chart by the fact that it was in also in a T Square in the 5th house opposite Neptune in the 11th focusing onto an apex Saturn in Aries in the 8th. This in itself could point to his becoming President because his boss was murdered.

So the most powerful transit of Johnson’s life would inevitably involve Uranus and on that fateful day in Texas, Uranus was conjunct Johnson’s Moon, needless to say the only time it would do that in his life.

By WSH Johnson’s Virgo stellium moves from the 1st to the 2nd house and Uranus from the 5th to the 6th. Also the apex Saturn becomes a 9th house issue rather than an 8th one.

In 1963 Johnson was 55 so we are talking a 8th house profection, with Jupiter as the ruler placed neatly in Leo in his 1st house. Given the way in which he inherited the role this symbolism is quite neat.

The only transit that Jupiter had at the time was conjunct Johnson’s Saturn in the WSH 9th.

It would be fair to say this profection worked although it would have been stronger if Placidus was used because Jupiter would be actually conjunct Johnson’s Ascendant not just towards the end of the 1st house and Saturn would actually be in the 8th rather than the WSH 9th.

Which brings us to JFK himself. Kennedy had an 8th house stellium which is very interesting considering he is chiefly known for being assassinated on the job.

Its even more interesting when we find that his Sun at 8 Gemini is closely square Johnsons Moon in Virgo, so the same Uranus transit that brought the latter to power killed Kennedy by being square to his Sun. For more information on this momentous event in US and World history see The Assassination of JFK – Conspiracy or Fate ?

Again the WSH chart changes some essential features of JFK’s chart because he was 20 degrees Libra rising, therefore moving his Sun from the 8th to the 9th house.

JFK’s profections for his own assassination are the 11th because he was 46 so therefore the Sun in Gemini in his WSH 9th. He only has Neptune in the WSH 11th.

Certainly we could say that the Sun is a helpful timelord here but only when including Uranus and also much more in the Placidus 8th house.

Kennedy’s election in 1960 was a Pluto event rather than a Uranian one because Pluto was exactly square his Sun at the time.

Kennedy was 43 when he was elected, during an 8th house profection, with Venus in Gemini in the 9th as ruler and Mercury, Mars and Jupiter as tenants in the 8th house.

There were no significant transits to Venus although Jupiter was trine Mars for the inauguration.

Kennedy’s opponent in 1960 was Nixon. Nixon was 47 at the time of the election, so a 12th house profection ruled by the Sun in Capricorn in his 5th house. There were also no planets in the 12th.

This is very tricky because the election occurred while Nixon was having his Jupiter Return and the inauguration occurred when Jupiter was conjunct his Sun.

So by any version of traditional astrology particularly using profections we would have to say that Richard Nixon beat John F Kennedy in 1960, and American history was very different to what we have been led to believe.

In fact I am the only astrologer that I know of who would give Pluto square the Sun precedence over Jupiter conjunct it for a Presidential election.

No doubt we could go right back to George Washington but I think this is as good a place as any to stop because John F Kennedy was arguably the first President of the modern era.

So can we draw any conclusions from all this.

The reasons for choosing the elections of Presidents are because they are indisputable dates and clear turning points in the lives of each of these politicians. So we cannot be  accused of subjectivity when it comes to the assessment of transits impact.

So we have 10 Presidents, every one apart from Gerald Ford who never won an election.

We have 6 of them that produce a clear difference between the Placidus and WSH charts. I believe I have made a case for 5 of them – Trump, Reagan, Carter, Johnson and Kennedy all having Placidus create a more accurate picture of their lives due to the house position of their planets.

Only with Barack Obama can a case be made for WHS providing an improved picture.

In terms of the transits that triggered these Presidential inaugurations, we can make a case for 14 because some of these were triggered by more than one transit.

They were 6 transits of Jupiter, 4 of Pluto, and 2 each of Saturn and Uranus. Some traditional astrologers would not consider the transits of Uranus and Pluto so would not have picked up those 6.

We have 9 Presidential elections. I can honestly say that I would have picked 8 of these winners clearly from the transits alone, and possibly I would have got the 9th as well, the 1968 Nixon win.

I also believe that a traditional astrologer using WSH and profections as their main guide would have failed to pick more than 2 of them with any confidence.

One of the reasons put forward for the use of profections is that it makes it easier to see which are the important transits operating in a person’s life during a particular year. But behind this lies an assumption that there are many and we need some method to sort the wheat from the chaff.

This is not actually the case because most of the transits considered are either ineffectual or of such short duration as to barely register in the important events and phases of a person’s life.

I fully intend to keep an open mind on this business of Timelords and Whole Sign Houses and if I do find there are instances where they come up with a better option, I will acknowledge that, but in the meantime I will stick with a system that wins 90% of the time.

The problem with so many of the favourite systems is that they are not comprehensively tested against events because they are largely used around the feel of a situation, which is inevitably open to subjective assessment.

I may go on to test profections in the charts of murderers committing their first one, which would have to be a similar level turning point. Its a fairly short step from American politics anyway.

And Americans elected Donald Trump so they obviously don’t live in a profect world.




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