Trust Me, I’m A Scorpio – Liberal Liars For Hire

For the last 6 months, Australia has been in an election campaign, its just that Scotty from Marketing’s focus groups have not had a disaster free week in which to make it official yet.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister is running out of jobs to have a go at with his increasingly desperate photo ops.

The man who famously ” doesn’t hold a hose ” is happy to be seen holding hairdryers, hammers, welding equipment, ukeleles and barracudas accompanied by an increasing chorus of ridicule.

The Federal election of 2022 has to be held by May 21st. It also has to be announced 33 days before it’s held. Even if it was announced tomorrow we are looking at a short window of 1 month.

This is a month where Saturn is moving between 23 and 25 degrees of Aquarius, culminating in a truly horrible lunar eclipse of May 16th.

The Sun / Moon opposition falls across the 2nd / 8th signs and houses and creates an extremely tight T Square with an apex Saturn in Aquarius in the 6th house.

Clearly someone’s career is going to die horribly.

Granted I have used a bit of poetic licence with the timing of this chart, but any time before noon gives Scummo the Scorpio Moon that we all know he has.

Either way his Sun is involved in a T square with Neptune and Jupiter covering the same degree range as the coming eclipse.

The Sun in Taurus opposite a Moon / Neptune conjunction in Scorpio is astrological shorthand for someone who presents himself as a solid, normal bloke but who is a delusional liar ( maybe even a drug addict ) with a very dark and sinister unconscious motivation.

That this opposition focuses by T square onto an apex Jupiter, means that his particular brand of deception will bring him a lot of success but will also make his lies bigger.

Saturn will be square to his Sun from now until the end of the year. Next year he will have Uranus conjunct his Sun so he will inevitably lose the coming election, along with leadership of his party and probably leave politics altogether.

Who might replace him as Liberal leader ?

Mr Potato Head has the same astrological compulsive liar for hire ingredients, this time a Scorpio Sun conjunct both Jupiter and Neptune.

It’s also clear that he hates Morrison, that solar synastry opposition indicates as much.

Both Dutton and Morrison had Jupiter transits to their Suns in 2018 when they did battle to succeed Malcolm Turnbull as party leader.

In late August of that year Jupiter was closer to Morrison’s Sun than Dutton’s but the latter’s Sun opposition to Saturn would inevitably deny him the top job.

It will most likely do so again as the eclipse falls smack on Dutton’s Sun to the nearest minute.

So there is a very real chance that Mr Potato Head might suffer a peeling in his Dickson seat and that this particular Scorpio vampire will be heading straight for his own version of hell.

No doubt there will be one ex Liberal leader who will be delighted at this turn of events.

Deposed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has regularly outed his successor as being someone who is economical with the truth, but don’t be fooled by his current ” nobler than thou ” status.

A Sun at 29.50 Libra is a Scorpio in all but name and it is conjunct Neptune and exactly square to Jupiter as part of a T square with Mars and the Ascendant.

So another massive liar then.

Pluto was sextile Turnbull’s Mercury when he became Prime Minister in 2015 and Uranus was opposite his Sun when he was ousted by Morrison.

In one of those extraordinary astrological synchronicities that happen all the time, Turnbull was first elected Liberal leader in 2008 while Pluto was sextile his Sun but he lost it at the end of the following year with Uranus opposite his Moon.

This time he lost to, yes you’ve guessed it, another scumbag Scorpio.

Tony Abbott also has a Sun / Neptune conjunction and while Jupiter is not in that pattern, its rising position points to yet another massive, manipulative liar.

Abbott nicked the leadership from Turnbull with Pluto square his Moon and became PM with it sextile his Sun.

So what do you think the chances would be of the last 5 people involved in Liberal leadership spills having a Scorpio Sun or Moon aspecting Neptune with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant also aspecting Jupiter ?

The chances of one person like Scummo having a Scorpio connection with the Sun and Moon in a T square with Jupiter and Neptune is 10,000 to 1 against so when we multiply the others we are probably looking at a figure in the billions.

We can go back even further and if we ignore anyone that held a temporary leadership of less than a year we have quite possibly the nastiest of the lot.

John Howard has a Scorpio Moon but also an exact Sun / Pluto conjunction in Leo as part of a horrendous T Square including Mars and an apex Saturn.

Anyone with a Sun / Pluto aspect will experience a profound turning point in their life when Pluto makes its next ( and probably only ) major transit to their Sun. This happened for Howard in 1985 when he first became leader of the Liberal party.

This was reinforced by Jupiter conjunct his Mars and opposite his Sun at the same time.

In another extraordinary example of synchronicity John Howard became Liberal leader for the 2nd time in 1995 with Pluto conjunct his Moon and Uranus conjunct his Mars.

As Uranus ploughed through his T Square opposing his Sun in 1996, Howard was elected Prime Minister.

In between Howard’s first and second period of Liberal leadership, there were three other leaders. The only one of these to last more than a few months was John Hewson.

Sun / Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio. Of course he has.

Hewson never made it to PM but was elected leader of the party in April 1990 when Jupiter was trine his Sun.

In fact you have to go back 40 years to Malcolm Fraser to find a Liberal leader without these Scorpio / Jupiter / Neptune issues.

So what about the Labor party ? Do their leaders have similar traits ?

Current leader Anthony Albanese has the Sun in Pisces with in trine to Neptune with the Moon in Gemini.

The last guy in the job, Bill Shorten had a similar T Square to Scott Morrison.

Shorten had the Sun in Taurus opposite Neptune T Square to Jupiter but it wasn’t exacerbated by a Scorpio Moon. Shorten’s Moon was in Gemini.

Before Shorten, Julia Gillard had Sun in Libra, again Moon in Gemini, neither placement with major aspects to Jupiter or Neptune.

Kevin Rudd was Sun Virgo, Moon Leo again no aspects to Jupiter or Neptune.

Kim Beazley – Sun Sagittarius, Moon Taurus no aspects to JU / NE

Paul Keating – Sun Capricorn, Moon Libra, Asc Aries no aspects to JU / NE

Bob Hawke – Sun / Asc Sagittarius, Moon Pisces – Sun opposition Jupiter no aspects to Neptune.

So we go back 40 years for the Labor party and not one Scorpio placement and very few Jupiter / Neptune aspects.

So inveterate lying is a Liberal trait. They all have these placements, but the one with all of them is Scott Morrison, the biggest liar of the lot.

My view of Saturn is that its always acting in your own long term best interests even though it might not seem like it at the time.

As Saturn squares Scummo’s Sun and Moon, it is taking him all round the country in a desperate search of a photo op that will help his flailing election campaign.

But what Saturn is really doing is giving him lots of different job experiences which will no doubt come in handy once he loses in May.

My favourite is maskless welder. Australia definitely needs one more of those.

Posted on March 17th 2022