Albert Einstein – Everyone’s Favourite Relative

The character of every astrological sign is a powerful reaction to the one that precedes it. Its as if the Universe has got so sick of a particular type of behaviour after a whole month that it has to provide the exact opposite for the next one.

Just try examining any sign, Gemini is all about change and adaptation, rebelling against what has become fixed and solid in Taurus. Virgo is about humility and taking a back seat after the centre stage excesses of Leo. Capricorn contraction after Sagittarius expansion, the list goes on.

But nowhere is this contradiction between two adjacent signs more transparent than that between Pisces and Aries. This is no doubt because Pisces is the end of one cycle and Aries the start of another. The Piscean personality wants ultimately to lose its sense of individual self, to dissolve into the vastness of existence.

Aries, on the other hand wants to assert the individual self against the whole world. It is the beginning of life, whereas Pisces is the end of it. Pisces sees every shade there is and can empathise with others because it feels their pain. Aries sees only black and white, self and others, winners and losers.

But what happens when a chart has a combination of Pisces and Aries, this must be a very difficult one to juggle.

On some level it probably happens for many people with the Sun in one of those signs because there’s a fair chance that Mercury and / or Venus will be in the other one. But what about if the other sign is really strongly tenanted ?

Capricorn Research has a collection of 66 charts of people who might be called astronomers, astrophysicists or cosmologists.

Despite the small sample the results are absolutely staggering, 15 of the 66 have the Sun in Pisces ( 3 times the number you would expect ). There are also no Aquarians at all.

This Sun sign distribution gives a p figure of 0.00042 which is incredible in a sample so small. When you consider that anything below 0.01 has to be considered as proof of an effect, you would think that some of those astronomers might be interested.

The fact that its not a large collection is possibly because many of these people are extremely reluctant to provide birth times for the work of astrologers who they regard as the devil incarnate. Two cosmologists who have yet to produce times of birth are Brian Cox and Richard Dawkins. For more information on Dawkins see the article Richard Dawkins – Staunch Defender of Sun Sign Astrology.

Cox is a Sun Pisces but he has to carry this placing alongside an exact and extremely powerful Mars / Saturn conjunction in Aries.

Dawkins is a Sun Aries, the simplicity of which is complicated by having the Moon in Pisces in opposition to Neptune.

If it wasn’t for the fact that these two so called scientists have come out so vehemently against astrology, Capricorn Research might be tempted to feel sorry for them. It must be so difficult to hold Pisces and Aries at the same time.

The study of astronomy is so vast and infinite that it seems only natural that so many of its adherents have Pisces strong. To follow this subject but at the same time be so egotistical and dismissive of people with other views of the Universe, smacks of Aries.

As its so difficult to contain both Aries and Pisces within the same character, it seems that both Cox and Dawkins have opted to put all the eggs in the Arien basket particularly when dealing with astrology.

One astrophysicist with a similar combination who quite clearly did not do this and who will be remembered long after the other two have disappeared is Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein

Einstein was one of the most important characters of the 20th century, being dubbed the father of both modern science and the atomic age.

Like so many in his field he had the Sun in Pisces, but the most important planet has to be Pluto, the real father of the atomic age.

Pluto is the apex of a powerful T Square involving a Jupiter / Uranus opposition which runs from the 3rd to the 9th houses. Pluto is also in close aspect to his Sun ( sextile ). This clearly shows his role in the expansion of the scientific view of the Universe.

As regular readers will know, the major turning points in someone’s life tend to coincide with Pluto’s transits to the Sun. This is even more so when someone has a natal aspect between the two.

Pluto was moving quite slowly for most of Einstein’s lifetime and would only make one major and two minor aspects to his Sun.

The major one was in 1905 – 6 when it was square to his Sun. 1905 was Einstein’s ” annus mirabilis “. Up until this point he had been working in obscurity in the Swiss patent office. In 1905 he published 4 papers which included in September on one the Special Theory of Relativity and in November, the one on matter and energy containing the most famous equation ever, e = mc2.

In 1933 – 34 Pluto was trine his Sun. In 1933 while on a visit to the United States, Einstein knew he could not return to Germany with the rise to power of the Nazis under Germany’s new chancellor, Adolf Hitler, so he emigrated to the US.

In April 1955 Einstein died with Pluto inconjunct his Sun and square its own natal position.

So what would these astrophysicists have made of astrology’s proof in their own subject. There’s no doubt Cox and Dawkins would continue to keep the heads buried in the sand, despite the fact that Dawkins owes his own global reputation via the God Delusion to Pluto’s transit in square to his Moon / Neptune opposition in 2006 when it was published.

But these two have gone to great lengths to drown their Piscean side in Arien egotism and self promotion.

Capricorn Research feels that Albert Einstein would not have responded in such a narrow minded fashion. If these facts had been presented to him he may well have been intrigued by them. We may even have had a theory of true relativity.



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13 thoughts on “Albert Einstein – Everyone’s Favourite Relative

  1. I have my Sun in Aries in the 9th house, with Pisces on the cusp on the 9th house. The Sun is conjuct the Taurus Midheaven.

    Neptune in Sag forms a tight trine with the Sun, so there is a double dose of Pisces – Aries blending going on.

    My teacher always got confused and thought my Sun was in Pisces for the first 6 months or so.

    I feel a connection with Einstein, used to have a poster of him on my wall when I was studying Mathematics. Also that Ramajan guy (sorry for my bad Indian) who was an isolated Mathematician.

    Suffice to say there were some challenges in growing up with the combination of these energies, but it is very nice once mastered.

    I had planned on studying Astrophysics in High School but instead became more interested in other knowledge. These days I have completed a Diploma in Astrology.

    • Aries / Pisces is a fascinating combination of which I deeply approve. The love of my life has Sun / Moon Aries with Mercury / Venus Pisces. Astrophysics is a brilliant subject to study but only as a stepping stone to the more profound stuff LOL

      • Well, I can tell you that I love Capricorn energy. Gotta get more Saturn in my life!

        My partner is a Sun in Cancer with North Node in Capricorn, so it works out. The only planets I have in Cap are Juno and South Node.

        My choice of Astrological software is Capricorn-Prometheus.

  2. I discovered that you can look at the fast moving bodies, after the birth day ― day-per-year. Especially meaningful for the Sun.
    In 1905 – he was 26YO. 26 days after his birth \ Apr 9, 1879 ― Sun is in 18° Aries \ the degree of the cusp of his 11th Placidus. 11th is the public; publication of his work, and publicity etc.
    Sun reaches Taurus cusp ― 38 days later \ Apr 21. 1879 + 38 = 1917. “In 1917, he applied the general theory of relativity to model the structure of the universe.” ―Wikipedia.

    It seems to be related to progress, may be not to personal life; same for me.

      • I don’t understand what you mean. There’s nothing in that fact – to indicate that it should correspond to a year; and to include the rest of the fast moving bodies.
        I heard about it – when learning about my Venus in retrograde in my chart. For Venus ― it showed some significant times and events in my life. Then I applied it to the Sun, Moon, and Mercury ― which also showed some things. (Mars just retrogrades through my life).
        I checked Hitler’s chart too; and his Venus is in retrograde; stops about the time of his jail time, and moves forward a degree after it, if I remember correctly; and never overcomes its original degree.
        I only checked those charts so far, and am not an Astrologer. Another thing I noticed ― both Einstein and Hitler (too bad I have to say their names in the same sentence) ― died when Mars was 1° from the Sun\native-Sun (maybe a coincidence).

      • The principle of progressions is based on the two movements of the Earth – 1. on its journey round the Sun in a year. 2. on its journey round itself in a day.
        Consequently each day after birth is said to correspond to that year of life.
        So as I am almost 66 years old, to see my progressed planets I would take a date 66 days after my birth.
        The progressed Sun therefore moves approximately 0.59 degrees in a year. This would explain the stuff you have stumbled on.

      • Oh, so it’s the reason for the rest of the bodies as well, I understand. That’s what I thought the reason is, in general.
        I haven’t encountered teaching of this method yet; it seems to be quite significant. For instance – when my Sun was exactly between Aquarius and Pisces, after 31 days\years ― I discovered the principle of the-theorem-of-everything.

      • It is extremely significant, at least for the progressed Sun. Donald Trump had his conjunct his Ascendant in 2016.
        I have also found the progressed Sun conjunct natal Venus and p Venus conj n Sun to feature at times when people start their most important relationship.

      • Interesting, thanks. Indeed my coming-back Venus – suppose to go over n’ Sun at 40 days; I thought something will happen; 99.999..% that it’s not a relationship. And Sun is going to be at the Lot of Fame; and according to my calculation of my own progress ― the main is suppose to end at 40.

  3. I rectified Albert Einstein’s birthtime: 11 hours, 25 minutes and 12 seconds.
    GMT: 10 hours, 45 minutes and 16 seconds.
    Pars Fortunae and Black Moon conjunct in 2 degrees Aries.
    MC in 12 degrees Pisces.
    Ascendant is 11 degrees Cancer.
    Eleven House cusp in 18 degrees Aries conjunct Venus in 17 degrees Aries.

    Part of fate 29 degrees Capricorn.
    Sabian symbol: A WOMAN READING TEA LEAVES.

    This Symbol shows the ability to, or the need for, being able to see things that others miss, and being able to use the intuition in order to receive the gifts that divination can bring. While others just see something simple like a tea cup, you can have the ability to weave a story for yourself and others about how life will, or can, be. One has to put aside skepticism and be able to embrace trust and intuitive knowing in order to be able to listen to the messages that are around you. Be open to seeing meaning through the catalyst of the simplest of everyday events. You will receive messages, if you are open to ‘seeing’ the signs. You may have to deal with skeptical people in your life.
    Symbolism that acts to open pathways to the spiritual center. Reading things. Non verbal clues. Tea and sympathy. Divining the future. Rituals. Oracles. Fine China. Guidance.

    Progressieve aspect September 1, 1939:
    Ascendant in 25 degrees Leo 90 degrees radix Pluto.

    And more is to say…

    • My teacher used to say ” every crazy person within 50 miles will beat his way to my door “. My experience is that the internet has simply widened the catchment area.

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