Ruth Ellis – Hanging Too Bad For Her ?

Ruth Ellis was the last woman in Britain to be hanged. Ellis was a nightclub hostess. Early in 1950 she became pregnant by one of her regular customers, but had this pregnancy terminated.

In November 1950, she married 41-year-old George Ellis, a violent alcoholic, jealous and possessive man and the marriage deteriorated rapidly because he was convinced she was having an affair. Ruth left him several times but always returned.

She gave birth to a daughter but George refused to acknowledge paternity and they separated shortly afterwards.

In 1953, Ruth Ellis became the manager of a nightclub. She met David Blakely, a hard-drinking racer. Ellis became pregnant for the fourth time but aborted the child.

Her relationship with Blakely became increasingly violent and in January 1955, he punched her in the stomach inducing a miscarriage.

On Easter Sunday 1955, Ellis shot Blakely dead and immediately gave herself up to the police. She made a detailed confession and was charged with murder.

At her trial, she took full responsibility for the murder. Many people encouraged her to appeal for a reprieve but she refused. She was hanged at Holloway Prison.

The case caused widespread controversy at the time, evoking exceptionally intense press and public interest to the point that it was discussed by the Cabinet.

Murder is murder, but there are some situations where you can almost understand the thing that drove the killer to do the deed. Whilst most of the public supported her execution, a petition to the Home Office asking for clemency was signed by 50,000 people, but the Home Secretary rejected it.

If we lived in a truly enlightened society, perhaps people’s birth charts would be used alongside other psychological reports to help and advise judges on sentencing.

Ruth Ellis


Ruth Ellis was a Libran with the Moon in Scorpio, so we can quickly see that her life would be focused strongly around sexual relationships.

Her Moon in Scorpio is conjunct Saturn immediately indicating intense emotional suffering. It is also opposite Mars, a combination that is likely to result in violence.

The house placing brings up an important astrological question. Is this opposition a 6th / 12th house one or does it belong to the 7th / 1st house axis ?

Capricorn Research would suggest that although the planets involved are technically in the 6th and 12th, they are essentially of the 7th and 1st.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that Saturn, obviously the planet that is causing most of the trouble is within 4 minutes of the 7th house cusp, so it drags the whole experience into the house of relationships.

The other broader reason is that the bulk of my research over the years suggests that the houses are not as fixed as we are generally taught.

The Capricorn Research Project proves that famous people are much more likely to have the Sun in the 12th house or the 1st than any other area of the chart. But this suggests a 1st house energy rather than a 12th house one.

So the only logical conclusion that can be made from this is that planets applying to the cusp of a house ( in this case 12th house planets applying to the Ascendant ) will have a flavour of the following house.

I cannot be sure whether this principle operates evenly throughout the chart, but feel very strongly that it does around the angles, particularly the Ascendant and Descendant.

So I would state that Ruth Ellis’s Moon / Saturn conjunction are effectively in the 7th house and that her Mars is in the 1st.

This would certainly fit the picture of her life experience.

Another very significant thing about this opposition is that it is part of a Fixed Grand Cross. The Fixed Grand Cross is quite a rare aspect pattern, it would occur in about 1 – 2 % of all charts.

It is also an extremely difficult aspect, probably the hardest of all. What it essentially means is that 4 or more planets are pulling in opposing directions with the same determination and insistence creating continual conflict for the person to do deal with. It is an aspect pattern where there is no respite, life hems you in, you have little or no control of things.

Whereas with the T Square, also an aspect of conflict and tension, there is a clear direction to go in towards the planet at the apex, and the person with this aspect will always focus very strongly on this direction for good or bad.

This means that the T square can actually force the person to quite high levels of achievement corresponding to the apex planet and its sign and house.

In the Grand Cross, there is no such concentration of energy, there is no obvious outlet, the person is constantly pulled in 4 directions at once, and any attempt to try and focus on one will be instantly dragged back by the other 3.

The only way to deal with such an aspect is to recognise it and accept that all four balls must be kept in the air constantly. It indicates a life of continual plate spinning.

Ruth Ellis’ Grand Cross brings the Moon / Saturn – Mars opposition into square aspects with Jupiter and Neptune.

Jupiter is in Aquarius in the 11th house an indication of the many famous names that she met through her hostess activities. David Blakely was just one of these people.

Neptune in the 5th suggests difficulties around children and it’s role in the Grand Cross points to her loss of pregnancies through abortion and miscarriage.

So Ruth Ellis’s life was strongly tied to these Grand Cross symbols. She would be fated to be on the receiving end of violent and difficult sexual relationships with powerful male friends which would result in the termination of several pregnancies as well as a child being taken away.

As ever its Pluto’s transits that indicated the most intense period in Ellis’ life. Pluto transited her Grand Cross for the only time in her life between 1950 and 55.

The other important transit was that of Saturn which returned to its natal position conjunct her Moon and opposite Mars in April 1955 when she killed David Blakely.

Despite the appeals for clemency, Ruth Ellis was hanged for murder.  Perhaps if the Home Secretary of the time had access to her chart and a reasonable understanding of the impact of such a difficult Grand Cross on a person’s life, those appeals might have been more favourably received.

But where would you draw the line ? Perhaps only criminals with Grand Trines should be put in prison because they would have had a much easier life and not be forced into crime by such difficult aspects. But if that were the case, they presumably wouldn’t have had Grand Trines in the first place.



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