Will Joe Be Sleeping With The Fishes ?

Throughout 2020 all eyes were on US politics. It didn’t matter if you lived in Indonesia or Outer Mongolia, your TV news was obsessed with the rantings of an orange madman who claimed the worst global health pandemic for a century was simply a plot to deprive him of his rightful place as world dictator. 

And the funniest thing about it all was he was right.

The whole thing was an illusion delivered by Neptune which being square to Donald Trump’s Sun / Moon opposition had to bring him down.

Capricorn Research predicted the demise of Trump, only half of the astrologers who were confident enough to give a prediction got this and only 5 % of them got both the 2016 and 2020 elections right.

But on top of that I discussed the very strong possibility that his successor Joe Biden might not be long for the job and Kamala Harris would become the first female and person of colour to be US President. 

The suggestion is that this would happen because of Biden’s resignation due to failing health or to his nation’s periodic fascination for assassinating their leaders.

Almost a year later the world’s press have been bored to death by Sleepy Joe and are now fascinated by whether a British white haired lunatic can keep having enough babies to distract everyone from his daily disasters. 

So why has this happened and more to the point, is it likely to change in 2022 ?

The answer to both of these questions is Pluto.

The United States is about to experience a Pluto Return. 

This transit actually began at the beginning of 2021 as Pluto is opposite Mercury. So the events of January 6th with Pluto at 24.21 Capricorn could be said to mark the start of the US Pluto Return.

At that stage there would be a reasonable fear that the right wing revolutionary forces would continue to get stronger along with the possibility of the 2020 Presidential election result being overturned.

But as we come to the end of 2021, that threat has passed.

The first hundred days of Joe Biden’s presidency seemed have a strong momentum and it looked as if true lasting change might be on the cards for the US. Biden hit the ground running.

Since then nothing. The Democratic win in November and the genuine optimism for the future that came with it has subsided. The Republicans have taken back the narrative not through fighting on the streets but through the entrenched conservatism of the Senate and Supreme Court together with state governors introducing more voting restrictions.

What was the astrological cause of this ? 

It was simply Pluto running out of steam. As the furthest planet in the solar system, Pluto naturally moves very slowly and can often have two retrograde periods over the same degrees of the Zodiac. Its unusual for it to move forward more than 5 degrees at a time. 

Pluto ground to a halt at 26.48 in April. This was when Biden announced the final withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan, a move that was promised by Trump but was accompanied by widespread derision from the GOP, and the Democrat reform juggernaut was stopped in its tracks. 

Pluto was then retrograde until October. The legislation that was promised was held up by a couple of dissenting Democrats only to be passed in a much diluted form once the planet had started to go forward again in November.

So what should we expect as we reach the turn of the year with Pluto moving forward at 26 Capricorn ?

How will this the planet’s return play out over the coming year ?

Biden seems to have lost his initial impetus and reverted to his ” Sleepy Joe ” persona that Donald Trump cast for him. But Kamala Harris has disappeared altogether with many saying she’s not up to the job. 

How can anyone be not up to the job of Vice President ? All you have to do is stand in the background on photo shoots and try not to look like too much of a dickhead. Even Mike Pence managed that. In fact compared to the nut job in front of him he looked positively regal.

So Capricorn Research’s prediction that Harris would be taking over the big job before the end of Biden’s term is looking very shaky indeed ?

Well no, not necessarily.

Kamala Harris is no shrinking violet. She has an exceptionally powerful chart.

There is an extremely close Sun / Moon opposition with an Aries Moon in the 11th house of politics.

She also has a strong T Square with an apex Jupiter and a Grand Trine in Air.

All these features are quite closely tied up together. Harris is no Mike Pence.

Look at the degree positions. Both Harris’ Sun and Moon are within 1/4 of a degree to the US Pluto.

So the transit Pluto will be square both her lights from the end of January 2022 and the transit will last about 2 years.

Most slow moving transits will have three peaks when the planet first goes over a point on a chart, then retrogrades back over it and finally goes forward for the final time.

As a rule the first contact is experienced as the biggest shock because the person on the receiving end would not be expecting it. This is particularly the case with Pluto transits because it invariably starts with a sudden event which dramatically changes the landscape.

So what to expect ?

This transit will be without question the most powerful  one of Kamala Harris’ life but even one as dramatic as this does not exist on its own.

It has to be related to the recent transit of Saturn through the later degrees of Capricorn.

Harris had initially run for the Democratic Presidential nomination herself.

In late February 2020, Saturn arrived square to her Sun and Moon as Biden’s landslide victory in South Carolina virtually ensured him of the nomination. 

Biden chose Harris as his running mate in August as Saturn came back to the same place.

The ringed planet reached square to Kamala’s Sun and Moon for the final time in November with the election win.

Why Saturn ? Its conjunct Harris’ MC so it’s transits would always have something to say about her career.

So with Pluto about to hit the same spot we are about to find out why Harris became Vice President.

The fact that she has been nowhere to be seen for the last 7-8 months means nothing, Between late January and mid August 2022, Pluto will blow all that out of the water.

With a 12th house Scorpio Sun and a 10th house Neptune, Joe Biden’s chart is not particularly presidential.

Even his transits for November 2020 were not particularly special, Saturn being sextile to his Sun was about it.

It’s easy to get the feeling that if he had not been up against Trump whose own Neptune transits would have to bring him down, Sleepy Joe would not have become President.

However it’s also likely that the American people would not have been as eager to vote Kamala Harris in to the top job.

So as I indicated in an article earlier this year, Biden’s role might well be simply as a means to usher President Harris into the White House.

Biden is 79 years of age so questions around his health are never far away.

A lunar eclipse fell on his birthday, with the Moon in his 6th house of health. 

Its interesting that on the very day of the eclipse Joe Biden went into hospital for a colonoscopy. It was said that this was a routine test and the results were fine. However if there was a problem, would the American public actually be told ?

The eclipse chart for Washington is awkward to say the least

The eclipse Moon falls in the 8th house and Pluto is exactly opposite the Midheaven.

Biden’s Solar Return chart is equally disturbing.

The SR Sun is in the 10th but his career is being seriously undermined by the opposition to the eclipse Moon.

Saturn and Pluto are besieging the Ascendant.

However, the saving grace with this eclipse is the fact that the Sun / Moon opposition forms a T Square with an apex Jupiter.

The next one is very unfortunate indeed.

The opposition at DC falls 10th to 4th house but this time there is an extremely close T Square with an apex Saturn.

Pluto is in the 1st house.

Biden’s Inauguration chart looks decidedly dodgy.

The Sun is besieged by Saturn and Pluto in the 10th house. It is also square to a tricky Moon / Mars / Uranus conjunction in the 12th house. 

In the US chart, Mercury is the 10th ruler and so could therefore signify its leaders. 

Mercury being in the 8th house opposite Pluto may well be pointing to that periodic tendency that Americans have of assassinating their President.

With all these portents, along with the current extreme polarisation in American politics together with the commonly held belief even supported recently by the courts that an American has the right to carry automatic weapons and shoot innocent people as self defence, its not a great leap of imagination to envisage the President himself being taken out.

Looking at the Inauguration chart, I felt that such an event could happen towards the end of Biden’s term when the Progressed Sun reached the conjunction with Saturn and the transit Pluto made a conjunction with the Sun.

However, the May Lunar eclipse might well have brought this threat forward in time.

May 2022 is critical and it falls right in the middle of Kamala Harris’ first Pluto transit period.

After the craziness of the Trump era, 2021 has been a boring one in American politics.

2022 might be about to shock us to our very core.

Posted on December 13th 2021