Francis Bacon – The Original New Age Man ?

Sir Francis Bacon was an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator and author. He served both as Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England. Bacon has been called the creator of empiricism. His works established the scientific method or as it was called then the Baconian method. His demand for a planned procedure of investigating all things marked a new turn in the theoretical framework for science and Bacon is known as the “Father of Experimental Science”.

Bacon is also considered to be the philosophical influence behind the dawning of the Industrial age. He proposed that all scientific work should be done for charitable purposes and that science should be practical and have as a purpose the inventing of useful things for the improvement of mankind. This changed the course of science in history, from a merely contemplative state, as it was found in ancient and medieval ages, to a practical state that would have eventually led to the inventions that made the Industrial Revolution possible.

He became known as a liberal-minded reformer, eager to amend and simplify the law.  He opposed feudal privileges and dictatorial powers. He spoke against religious persecution. He struck at the House of Lords in its usurpation of the Money Bills. He advocated for the union of England and Scotland, which made him a significant influence toward the consolidation of the United Kingdom and he also advocated, later on, the integration of Ireland into the Union.

He also wrote a long treatise on Medicine with natural and experimental observations for the prolongation of life.

Bacon’s legal legacy was considered to have influenced the drafting of the Napoleonic Code, and the law reforms of Sir Robert Peel two centuries later. He was said to be instrumental in the move towards using cases and precedents as repositories of evidence about the unwritten law and he was considered by many to be the father of modern Jurisprudence.

Some writers have linked Bacon to Rosicrucianism and his influence can be seen on a variety of religious and spiritual authors, and on groups that have utilised his writings in their own belief systems. Bacon’s biographers also debate about Bacon’s sexual inclinations and the precise nature of his personal relationships and some believe that despite his marriage Bacon was primarily attracted to the same sex. .

There is also the theory that Francis Bacon wrote some or all the plays conventionally attributed to William Shakespeare although its hard to see how he could have found the time.

He even laid out his vision for a utopian New World which takes place on a fictional island where there was complete freedom of religion. This vision was laid out in his novel ‘ The New Atlantis ‘ which sounds like the kind of thing that was written in the 1970s by New Age travellers rather than something that was published in 1624.

So Francis Bacon was a radical reformer in many different fields and was obviously way ahead of his time. What kind of chart could he possibly have had ?

Francis Bacon

Inevitably, Francis Bacon had both the Sun and Ascendant in the radical sign, Aquarius. They were in close conjunction and the Sun rising always insists on its agenda being powerfully expressed in a life. Aquarius more than any other sign has a cool, detached and objective scientific view of the world. Its concerns and ideals are always of global scale and usually humanitarian. All of the above character description sits comfortably with a double Aquarius.

The Moon in Aries in conjunction with Jupiter also gave Bacon an assertive and expansive confidence. This together with Mars in Sagittarius conjunct the Midheaven showed a man with grand visions and the energy to be a pioneer in so many different fields. That he would reach the top of his chosen profession would be in no doubt.

Mars, however, is part of a T Square based on an opposition to Saturn in the 4th which points to an inevitable fall from power. This opposition focuses onto an apex conjunction of Venus and Pluto in the 1st house pointing to a powerfully magnetic personality but also suggesting that his image ( Venus ) was part of the sudden disruption ( Pluto ) which caused the downfall ( Saturn ) of his previously unstoppable career ( Mars in Sagittarius conjunct the Midheaven ).

Politically, Francis Bacon rose steadily during the latter stages of Elizabeth’s reign carefully aligning himself with the right people at the right time but the succession of James I brought Bacon into greater favour and he was knighted in 1603. Bacon initially managed to stay in the favour of the king while retaining the confidence of the Commons, a delicate political balancing act.

In 1613 Bacon was appointed Attorney General and in March 1617 as the temporary Regent of England (for a period of a month), and in 1618 as Lord Chancellor becoming the Lord Verulam and later as Viscount St Alban.

Bacon’s public career however ended in disgrace. His influence over the King had created resentment amongst his peers and a parliamentary committee charged him with 23 separate charges of corruption in 1621 although accepting gifts from litigants was an accepted custom of the time and not necessarily evidence of deeply corrupt behaviour. He was fined and imprisoned for a few days but was barred from holding future office or sitting in parliament.  Subsequently, the disgraced viscount devoted himself to study and writing.

Pluto made only three major aspects by transit in Bacon’s lifetime. The first was its square to the Ascendant in 1618 when he reached the very peak of his career as Lord Chancellor, the second was in square to the Sun in 1621 at the time of his fall from grace.

Pluto’s third aspect was in 1606 in conjunction to his Moon when he appropriately at the age of 45, married 14 year old Alice Barnham.

Francis Bacon was a true scientist right to the end when he died in 1626 by contracting pneumonia while studying the effects of freezing on the preservation of meat. He was the original Aquarian New Age man.


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    • Thanks Amir. Well Dee had the Moon in Aquarius so they might well have got on, but on the other hand he was a complex character with that Moon opposite the Sun and a T Square to an apex Saturn, so maybe not.

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