Will the New Top Gear be a Success ?

What makes a TV show work ? There has to be a chemistry between the main characters that fits well with the theme of the show and love it or hate it, Top Gear certainly had it.

There are so many areas in film and TV that would benefit from an understanding of astrology. The obvious first one is the scheduling of the opening show, but casting is probably a close second.

For a comprehensive study of the Jeremy Clarkson incarnation of Top Gear, see the article Will Top Gear be Going into Reverse ?.

For a simple precis of the main themes – the first show had the Sun at 27 Libra opposite the Moon at 22 Aries.

Jeremy Clarkson also had a Sun / Moon opposition in Aries and Libra. In fact his Sun is exactly conjunct the show’s Moon ( his noon chart Sun is only 4 minutes away ).

Richard Hammond’s Sun is at 27 Sagittarius, exactly sextile the show’s Sun and trine Clarkson’s Sun.

James May’s Sun is at 26 Capricorn, aspecting the Sun and Moon of both Top Gear and Clarkson. He also has the Moon in Libra.

The Top Gear chart had a Grand Trine between the Sun, Saturn and Uranus. With all this going on its hardly surprising that it would be a success.

In March 2015, Pluto and Uranus were both afflicting Clarkson’s Moon when his search for a post filming meal ended with him getting the sack and the programme was brought to an end because both Hammond and May refused to continue without their colleague.

However you can’t keep a good idea down, particularly if it has a Sun / Uranus trine.

And with Uranus currently conjunct the Clarkson show’s Moon, a new incarnation is to start next weekend.

New Top Gear

We would expect Mars to be prominent in a chart for a show about driving cars at high speed, and it is very closely conjunct the Ascendant.

Mars is however, retrograde. Does this simply mean it is returning to our screens or is it going into reverse ?

It is opposite the Sun and Venus conjunction in the 7th house in Gemini. This is interesting as the new show is going to be very dependant on the strength of the relationship between the two main presenters, Chris Evans and Matt Le Blanc.

We can safely assume that Evans is represented by the Sun and Le Blanc by Venus.

The problem, however is that these two are not only opposite Mars, they are part of an extremely difficult Mutable Grand Cross including an opposition with Saturn and a Moon / Neptune conjunction in Pisces.

This is not a good sign. It is already suggesting that the core relationship that the BBC are relying on between Evans and LeBlanc is likely to be a struggle at best.

This is certainly backed up by their synastry.


Chris Evans

We don’t have a birth time for Chris Evans, but a Sun / Mars conjunction in Aries gives him extremely good petrol head credentials. In trine to a Leo Moon creates a strong lead figure for the show.

But people with the Sun in Aries and Moon in Leo are not so great at sharing the centre stage.

Its interesting that although Jeremy Clarkson, also with the Sun in Aries was obviously the leader of the original triumvirate, but his Libra Moon enabled him to work well in tandem with the other two.

Chris Evans, maybe not so. Particularly if he has to share the limelight with someone else who would also like to hog it.

Matt Le Blanc

Matt Le Blanc has the Sun in Leo in the 1st house, so is likely to want to be seen as the main man.

But the big problem is Saturn.

In the chart for the New Top Gear, the planets representing this partnership of Evans and LeBlanc, the Sun and Venus are both opposite Saturn.

Looking at their two charts together we can see that Evans’ Sun is conjunct LeBlanc’s Saturn. And LeBlanc’s Moon is conjunct Evans Saturn.

So will the new show work ? It looks like it will be a struggle and Saturn will be operating through the Grand Cross right through till October.

Saturn also squares Matt Le Blanc’s Moon in November so by then he may have to become accustomed to a place in the back seat.



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