Why Pluto ?

The purpose of Capricorn Astrology Research is to show clear evidence of a link between planetary movements and human behaviour. The best way to do this is to stick to specific events that everyone can recognise. It is also important to simplify the methods used.

One problem with using Astrology to understand the ebb and flow of people’s lives is that there are 10 planets and other significant points and many different angles that can be used by astrologers.  There could easily be a thousand different possible transitting aspects so its not difficult to keep looking until you’ve found one that suits the event or personality trait that you’re looking for.  You could have someone saying ” Mars was semisextile the midpoint of her Uranus and Chiron – no wonder she pranged her car on the way to her osteopath “.

In this research only major watershed events of a person’s life will be considered. Transits will be limited mainly to aspects to the person’s Sun although the Moon and Ascendant and ruling planet can also be included. The only aspects used will be conjunctions, oppositions and squares. The only transitting planet used will be Pluto.

Why Pluto ? It’s over two billion miles away and it is also the smallest planet so how can it have an effect ?  People might say that a double decker bus down the road would have a far greater magnetic pull on a person than the Moon. This is not how Astrology works.  Astrology is a symbolic science.  The planets don’t directly affect us any more than we directly effect them. Their positions and relationships, however, can be read as a code to help us understand what the Universe requires of us at any given moment.

So the fact that Pluto is tiny and a long way away makes no difference.  In terms of events it is a major indicator.  It was discovered in 1930 at a time of great change in the world and in astrology has always been associated with sudden explosive and even atomic change.  The symbol that something so tiny can have such an explosive effect on our lives clearing away the past to enable a new direction to be taken, sits well with the beginning of the atomic age which occurred when Pluto was discovered.

Pluto moves so slowly that it would only make one or two transits to the Sun in a lifetime so if the transit is timed with a major turning point in that life there would be significant evidence of an astrological effect.


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