Vanessa Hudgens And Austin Butler – The Importance Of Composite Charts

One of the most frequently posed questions to astrologers is when will I meet my soul mate.

This presupposes that there is such a thing, a couple that are powerfully linked together across many lifetimes who have decided to come together again this time round.

As a innately cynical Sun, Moon and Ascendant Capricorn I would have poured scorn on such a notion.

I would have – until I met my own.

At the ripe old age of 63, I met and recognised my own beautiful soulmate and gave up everything, emigrated to the other side of the world and married her, knowing that I will spend the rest of my life ( even lives ) with her.

This may sound like very unCapricorn behaviour, but thats actually not true.

For one point, Capricorn comes into its own in old age, and this would be confirmed by the fact that I have a Venus / Saturn conjunction, so I would fall in love later in life.

Also Capricorns will never believe in anything until they have personally experienced it, so now I am a fully signed up member of the soulmate club.

So how do you spot one using astrology.

My experience is that its all about very tight synastry aspects.

Synastry is the art of comparing the charts of people in relationship. This can be used for any kind of relationship – lovers, family, employee, even your connection with your favourite sports team.

My personal experience has me and my soul mate sharing exactly the same Ascendant degree ( 28 Capricorn ), our Moons are in exact square aspect, our Suns are in close aspect too and her Venus is very closely conjunct my Mars.

In true Capricorn style, I have actually calculated the odds against ever coming across someone with whom there is a closer astrological connection.

These odds are 2 trillion to 1 against.

A soulmate is someone that you come together with at a particular time for a particular reason. This seems to have been agreed between you before you were born into this current life.

Soulmates are not necessarily the person you first marry, maybe in your twenties and live with for the next half century or so.

But it is very likely that it will be the most powerful relationship of your life. It certainly would be for these two

Actors Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler had been dating 9 years until they announced a split in January.

Their synastry is phenomenal.

Even the simplest astrology textbooks will tell you that Leo and Sagittarius are a good match. This is on the basis that they are both fire signs – so therefore compatible. But this is only a tiny part of the story.

Vanessa has the Sun at 23 Sagittarius and Austin at 24 Leo so there is an extremely close harmonious trine aspect there.

They both have the Moon in the 7th house of relationships, but also these two are in square aspect with Vanessa’s at 10 Pisces and Austin’s at 7 Sagittarius.

Another indicator of the soulmate connection between them would be the fact that Vanessa has her North Node at 7 Pisces in her 7th house, exactly square to Austin’s Moon.

Even their Ascendants are in aspect, again a square between 22 Leo and 25 Taurus.

On top of that Vanessa’s Ascendant is closely conjunct Austin’s Sun.

Austin’s Mars is square to Vanessa’s Sun.

These connections are very strong and would inevitably bring this couple together but it should also be noted that many of them are squares indicating that both of them would need to juggle a lot of energies that might take them in different directions during their relationship.

As it turned out they split in January 2020, citing the problems involved in conducting a distance relationship due to their global acting commitments.

So why did they split ?

We could perhaps blame the approaching Neptune transit which reached opposition to Austin’s Mars in May 2020 and will square Vanessa’s Sun next year.

Other than that there are no obvious pointers.

But any relationship has a life and therefore a chart of its own.

If a couple get married, the chart of the wedding becomes the birth chart of their marriage. This is one obvious reason why its very important to get an astrologer to elect a favourable date and time for your nuptials, because it will define your future as a couple.

Vanessa and Austin were not married and it is very difficult to obtain times and dates for the beginning of celebrities relationships, so no luck there.

There is another way of doing it.

There is the relationship chart, which picks a point in time midway between the birth dates of the couple.

This chart certainly shows the acting connection, with the Sun in Aries in the 5th house.

The ruling planet Jupiter is exalted in Cancer in the 7th house which has to be a good sign.

However the Sun being in close square to Saturn gives cause for concern.

Given that this chart’s Saturn Return occurs this year and with Pluto approaching square to the Sun, you would not expect the relationship to survive for much longer anyway.

Perhaps this fits with the Neptune transits to their natal charts.

However there is another method, this one called the Composite chart.

The Composite takes each planet in their charts and finds a point half way between them.

So half way between Vanessa’s Sun at 23 Sagittarius and Austin’s at 24 Leo gives us 24 Libra.

Etc etc.

It’s important to remember that a Composite chart is purely symbolic. These planetary positions cannot exist at any point in time but that doesn’t seem to stop it working very strongly.

And its this chart that shows the stresses that would eventually cause the end of the relationship.

Jupiter is again in Cancer, this time rising but is part of a T Square involving Neptune and Saturn in the 7th house and an apex Venus in Libra in the 4th.

But even more than this there is an exact square aspect between the Sun at 24 Libra and the Moon at 23 Capricorn in the 7th.

Also that Moon is conjunct Saturn indicating long term problems.

What happened in January 2020 ?

We all now know that there was a tough Saturn / Pluto conjunction that caused the start of the Covid epidemic for the whole world.

This conjunction occurred at 23 Capricorn, right on the couple’s Composite Moon and square to the Sun.

No one, not even soulmates could survive that.

Maybe they will meet again in another life.

Who can say, but anyone reading this who would like to know about their own synastry with their partner, their relationship and composite charts, how to elect an auspicious wedding date, or when they will find their own soulmate – all of this can be covered in one astrology reading.

Simply email for more details

Posted on Oct 1st 2020


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