December 12th 2019 – The Start Of A Winter Of Discontent ?

Donald Trump – Back In The Clubhouse Soon ?

Margaret Thatcher – The Plutonian Lady

A Seriously Unhappy Solar Return

Boris Johnson – An Arcuri(t) Portrayal

Greta Thunberg – Not A Happy Bunny

David Cameron’s Jupiter Return

Electing the President – Profection or Perfection ?

Rebellion Against The Poms – Pluto Down Under

Their Time is Up – Can Oprah Really Become the Next President ?

The Astrology of Brexit – A Classic Piece of Pluto Revisionism

US Presidential Elections – World’s Most Powerful Democracy Decided by Ten People

Will Donald Trump be Impeached ?

Justin Trudeau – Whiter Than White ?

Where Next for the Labour Party ?

The Conservative Party – A Cancer at the Heart of British Politics

The Labour Party in the 21st Century – Is There Any Hope ?

Theresa May and the Politics of Motherhood

Jeremy Corbyn – A Shot in the Foot for Labour ?

In, Out, In, Out, Shake It All About – The Astrology of Brexit

Peering Out On A Post Brexit Landscape

Why Greece has been the Biggest Challenge to the Euro ?

How to Choose A Running Mate – Check the Sun and Moon

Across the Congressional Astrology Divide

It’s Not Gemini’s Turn, Turn Again for Lord Mayor of London

Who Killed Alexander Litvinenko ? – Looks Like President Jupiter

Life with the Berlusconis

The Dissolution of the Soviet Union

Mars Rising at Easter – The Fight for Irish Independence

Uncle Joseph Stalin and his Friends Julian and Gregory

The English Revolution – Isn’t that an Oxymoron ?

Cory Aquino – From Tragedy to Presidency

David Blunkett and the Nanny Visa Affair

Yigal Amir, the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the era of Pluto in Sagittarius

Karl Marx – the Eclipse of Capitalism ?

The Assassination of JFK – Conspiracy or Fate ?

Causes of the 1st World War – Saturn and Pluto

Curse of the Kennedys – Sun and Moon Square in Mutable Signs ?

Howard and Joy Baker – 7th house Politics

William Colby – Head of the CIA

At Home with the Borgias

Leon Blum – Aries Man of Iron

Anwar Sadat and the power of Venus and Jupiter

Batista and Castro – If Pluto doesn’t complete the job, Uranus will

Bill Clinton – A Natural President ?

Jonathan Aitken – Fall from a Great Height

Abdal Gamal Nasser – How to do Regime Change

Benito Mussolini – A True Dictator

Manuel Azana – Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss

Francis Bacon – The Original New Age Man ?

Australian Politics – Pluto Down Under

Nelson Mandela  – July 18th 1918 – Dec 5th 2013

George Blake – Double Agent

Anthony Blunt – The Art of Espionage

Adolf Hitler – Only Got One Aspect

Ali Bhutto – A Leader with Serious Oppositions

Bill Bradley – Through the Political Hoops

Gyles Brandreth and the Unity of Opposites

Ferdinand de Brinon – Vichy Treason

David Brouwer – Friend of the Earth

William Jennings Bryan – Pacifist Orator

Ralph Bunche – UN Pool Table Negotiator

Benedetto Cairoli – A Short Stay in High Office

The Euromaidan – Born in the Ukraine

Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator

Tony Benn – April 3rd 1925 – March 14th 2014

Dick Cheney – Aquarian of the Right

Cesar Chavez – The Fasting Union Leader

Nicolae Ceausescu – The Corruption of Absolute Power

Frank Collin and the Destruction of Atlantis

Silent Calvin Coolidge – The Crablike President

The Collors – With Brothers like this, who needs Enemies ?   

David Mellor and the Chelsea Strip

Nigel Farage – Ukip coming on the TV

Whatever Happened to Leon Trotsky ?

Electional Astrology – How They Try To Control Us

Vladimir Putin – Libran Impaler ?

Mexico’s Jupiter / Pluto Conspiracy

Eldridge Cleaver – The Panther Who Changed His Spots

Natália de Oliveira Correia – The Politics of Matriscimo

From Hegel to Marx to Adorno – The Astrology of Dialectics

Giulio Andreotti – The Italian Beelzebub 

Coincidence ? – The Greatest Conspiracy Theory of All

Assassination of Martin Luther King

Julian Assange – 12th House Fame ?


The Turning Point in Your Life ?

Astrology and Celebrity – all in the timing




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