Will Donald Trump be Impeached ?


He’s been in office a whole year and Donald Trump has sunk low enough to confirm most of our expectations but we’re still here so maybe we have to be thankful for that.

Obviously he has the lowest ratings of any American President in his first year since they’ve been doing them. But that still leaves 37 % actually thinking he’s doing an ok job.

Which is actually quite staggering when you think of it. In fact I wonder whether any incumbent British Prime Minister has ever had ratings that high.

Are there any American voters who regret voting for him and feel responsible for helping to inflict this idiot on the world ?

On some subliminal level Capricorn Research feels a tad responsible for being the only astrologer to predict that Trump would become President 18 months before the election and placing a bet on him when he was a 40 – 1 outsider. It was indeed a profit of doom.


Donald Trump

My prediction was based on a very simple observation.

Trump has a 10th house Gemini Sun in very close opposition to the Moon in Sagittarius, a sign of a true motormouth, whose career would be played out on a very grand scale.

This coupled with Mars rising in Leo gives him the ego and assertiveness to fight his way to the very top.

The Sun’s conjunction with the North Node indicates great success. But the real key is the conjunction with Uranus, which points to the maverick qualities and the sheer unpredictability of his career path.

With this natal combination, Trump was always bound to take a direction that nobody expected.

When would he do this ? The answer is equally simple.

If a particular development in a person’s life is indicated by the aspect of one of the slower moving planets to their lights, that development is going to occur when the same planet makes a major transit to them.

For most of 2016 through to the early months of 2017, Uranus was transiting sextile to Trump’s Sun and trine his Moon.

It will make no other connection this strong for another 14 years.

The other critical thing about the Donald’s chart is the role played by Jupiter. Natally it is in the 2nd house, trine his Sun and sextile his Moon. This speaks for his vast inherited wealth.

The Presidential election fell in the same month as his Jupiter Return.

The inauguration occurred as Jupiter was trine Trump’s Sun and sextile his Moon.

With such staggeringly powerful transits of the two planets that were closely linked to both his Sun and Moon natally it was obvious that he would win in 2016.

How many astrologers missed it and argued strongly for Hilary Clinton, I find it hard to understand based on the simple transits.

I can distinctly remember debating with someone who was convinced of a Clinton victory because the election was happening in Scorpio. I’ve always thought there’s far too much emphasis on Sun sign astrology but this was really taking it to extremes.

However I can empathise because when with every fibre of your being you don’t want something to happen its easy to lose sight of what’s in front of you. Capricorn Research had a similar experience around Brexit.

Anyway thats all done now and we’re stuck with him. Or are we ?

There have been so many suggestions of scandal and allegations of wrongdoing being being pointed at the Trump Presidency that it would take up the whole of this blog to list them. But the question on everyone’s mind is can any of these allegations build to a successful impeachment ?

Its difficult to answer questions like these. I don’t like the use of horary when the question comes from the astrologer rather than the subject themselves. and I can’t say I’m honestly expecting Donald Trump to ring me up asking if he is going to be impeached.

As astrologers what can we do with these questions ? Well we can ask if the same thing has happened before and whether there are any similarities to the present situation.

And of course impeachment has come up  before.


Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon was implicated in the Watergate affair and it was clearly indicated in his chart.

Nixon’s Capricorn Sun is opposite Neptune, a simple symbol of a promising career being undermined by some sort of scandal.

There is also a Mars / Mercury / Jupiter conjunction that is opposite Pluto in the 10th.

Its not hard to see the triple conjunction as the break in to the Democratic offices and the opposition to Pluto bringing about catastrophic consequences for Nixon’s Presidency.

As already stated, if an event is indicated in a natal chart by an aspect to one of the slower moving planets, that event is most likely to come about when the pattern is stimulated by a transit of that planet.

The thing about Pluto is it moves so slowly its likely to make only one major aspect in a lifetime. So as it is natally opposite Mars, Mercury and Jupiter we have to look at the time when it transited to square this point. This was in 1972 being exactly square Mars at the time of the break in.

As much as anything Nixon faced impeachment because of the cover up of the connection between the burglars and the Committee to Reelect the President.

The evidence mounted throughout 1973 and 74 with Saturn joining in by transit, being conjunct Pluto and opposite Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. Faced with certain impeachment, Richard Nixon resigned in August 1974.

So is there any chance of any of this applying to Trump ?

It is such an enormous thing for a President to be bounced out of office in this way you would expect it to be as clear in his chart as it was in Nixon’s.

There is nothing to suggest that this might happen to Trump based on the natal chart. He has such an unbelievably favourable horoscope, the only classically difficult thing might be the Venus / Saturn conjunction in Cancer which could say a lot about his relationships with and attitudes to women. But impeachment, it doesn’t look likely.

Also a glance at his transits for the remainder of his time in office suggest that he will continue where he is. In fact 2019 shows Jupiter conjunct his Moon and opposite his Sun so if anything he is going to become more bombastic and overbearing than ever during that year.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all line up to oppose his Venus / Saturn conjunction in 2020 so hopefully that would be enough to prevent a 2nd term, but we can’t even be clear about that until we know who is likely to stand against him.

The only other way to get rid of a President is assassination. This has been a tried and trusted method many times in the past – for more information on the astrology of assassinating Presidents please read – Coincidence ? – The Greatest Conspiracy Theory of All  .

Unfortunately it only works when there is a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in the year of inauguration, so the only chance of it seeing off Donald Trump is if he gets reelected in 2020.

If that does happen, its quite likely that he will arrange for all of us to be bumped off first.


This article was written in 2017. A more recent one on the same subject was completed in September 2019.  See Donald Trump – Back In The Clubhouse Soon ?




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