Lorenz Adlon – Accident Black Spot ?

The astrology of accidents is an interesting study. There are certain things that most astrologers would expect to come up in the charts of people who are victims or are accident prone. These issues generally surround Mars, the planet of movement and assertive action. Mars rules drive in general and it is likely to be prominent in the case of driving accidents.

But what do we mean by prominent ? Some might think that Mars in its most assertive and impetuous sign Aries would be far more likely to have an accident than say in the more considered sign or careful Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

There is a notion that a Mars in Aries character rushes at everything head first and is therefore bound to receive a number of bumps and scratches along the way.

Capricorn Research has a collection of 321 Accident Victims and the findings of this group show that this is definitely not the case. In fact Mars scores a mere 12 times in Aries which is by far the lowest score of the 12 signs, less than half the expected figure and barely more a third of the score of the so called careful Virgo.

The highest scoring Mars sign with 39 is the hesitant Libra which perhaps spends so much time looking both ways before making a decision which way to go, that other motorists bump into them from behind. This is the kind of accident that wouldn’t happen to a Mars in Aries, its headlong collision or nothing.

But the strange astrological fact is that this same distribution places Mars in the 1st as by far the highest house placing with a score of 38, almost 3 times as many as the 12th house.

Aries rising also occurs very frequently. Once the Ascending signs are adjusted for the different average lengths of time, Aries occurs 151 % of the expected number of times, again nearly 3 times as often as Capricorn.

Other classic accident prone aspects include Mars with the erratic Uranus. This study however shows no strong connection although the opposition does occur 126 % of the expected number of times.

Mars conjunct Pluto is very strong however with a score of 154 %.

Mars conjunction with Saturn occurs quite frequently with a score of 133 %, but its the aspects of the red planet to Jupiter the catch the eye here. Maybe its an extravagance or carelessness that comes with this combination of planets but both the conjunction and opposition occur at 147 % of the expected number.

Mercury is another planet of movement and another high scoring aspect in this group is its conjunction with Saturn at 154 %.

The highest score of all aspects in the 321 Accident Victims is Venus opposite Saturn with 175 %.

Its certainly interesting to look at the astrology of accidents in general, but as is always the case with astrology, every actual incident is unique.

A road accident can be caused by excessive speed or excessive hesitation. It can be caused by careless, unpredictable and erratic driving or you can be as careful as you like but the other guy….

And some accidents can be caused by a combination of stupidity and obstinacy as was the case with Lorenz Adlon.

Adlon was a German hotelier, owner of the famous Hotel Adlon in Berlin. He was also a monarchist supporter and was reluctant to recognise the end of tradition.  He refused to drive through the Brandenburg Gate by the central line, because this had once been reserved for the German nobility. This obstinacy, caused him to suffer a severe street accident in 1918.

You would think that such an experience might encourage him to relax his principles, but it didn’t and three years later he was killed after being hit by a car in exactly the same spot.

Lorenz Adlon


Lorenz Adlon is in the strange position of having Mars in both Aries and the 1st house. It is also conjunct Saturn and this pair is in square aspect to Mercury.

As well as this Uranus and Pluto are conjunct in the first house so any self respecting astrologer would be suggesting their client take care when crossing the street.

But as well as all this he has a T Square in Mutable signs and cadent houses which would require even more consideration on any journeys undertaken.

The trouble is this T square includes the Sun, Moon and Ascendant so its fairly fundamental in his life.

Neptune rising in Pisces as part of this pattern does not give much confidence in a rational assessment of the situation he finds himself in and the fact that his Sun is the apex of the T square in Gemini in the 3rd house.

With all this going on Adlon would not be best advised to follow his own instincts when out for a drive around Berlin.

But if Pluto or Uranus were making difficult aspects to these accident prone spots in his chart, he would really have been best advised to stay at home.

Unfortunately for the first accident in 1918 Pluto was square to his Saturn.

The second one in April 1921, saw Pluto square to his Mars / Saturn conjunction and Uranus was conjunct his Ascendant, opposite his Moon and square his 3rd house Sun. Jupiter was also opposite his Ascendant at the time.

But perhaps the oddest thing of all of these indications is that the apex Sun was in the sign Gemini, and the glyph for this sign looks ominously like the Brandenburg Gate.

Sometimes fate is a very strange thing.



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