A Time To Rule And A Time To Swallow Bleach – The Astrology Of Empires

We’ve been hearing it for the best part of a century. ” Leader of the Free World ” repeated at the drop of a hat. The best response I’ve heard is from Eddie Izzard – ” self appointed I might add. I’m in the free world and I never voted for you “.

If that title has an astrological link it would have to be Sagittarius rising.



But the interesting thing about the Ascendant is that it is the image that we wish to portray to the outside world. It doesn’t reveal our true nature, it is simply our PR.

The Sun symbolises our real self, and in Cancer it couldn’t be further from the Sagittarian freedom loving cowboy on the wide open plains.

Sun in Cancer is more Little House on the Prairie ( interestingly the TV show of that name has the Moon conjunct Saturn in that sign ).

Far from the idea of boldly going where no man has gone before Sagittarian image, the Cancer Sun doesn’t even want to stray beyond its own backyard. It is the most parochial of all signs, only interested in its own family dramas.

The US chart has the Sun in the 8th house which shows the area of life that the country is most focused on – that of other people’s money.

The Sun conjunct Venus and Jupiter means that America would be spectacularly good at capitalism and it would be this ability that would qualify them to rule the roost.

Thats the thing. Don’t listen to what the Ascendant tells you, look at the Sun.

The only thing Wild West about the US Sun is the snake oil salesman.

Pluto was conjunct that Sun during the 1920s and Mercury during the 30s. It seems that this marked the start of that period of global dominance.

But with Pluto in opposition to both over the last few years we are reaching the end of Uncle Sam’s rule.

Really ? Is it that simple ?

Well there is an obvious precedent.



Pluto was conjunct the English Sun in the 1760s as the British Empire took control of India and Canada.

The opposition occurred in 1922, when the Brits suffered their first significant defeat, as Ireland became a Republic. Over the next 25 years, the Empire was dismantled.

The horoscope of the French First Republic has the Sun at 0 Libra. Pluto opposed it when Napoleon died in 1821. The French have never regained anything like the power they had during his reign.

The chart for the Nazi 3rd Reich has the Sun at 10 Aquarius. Pluto opposed it in 1945 when the 2nd World War ended and the dream of global domination was well and truly over.

Adolf Hitler ended up ” in a ditch, covered with petrol, on fire ” to once again quote Izzard.

So as Pluto comes to settle the imperial accounts of that other regime that dreamed of being world leaders, their own Bunker Boy is reverting to Sun in Cancer in the 8th house type.

Using his office to sell his magic formula to his people – soy beans washed down with a cup of bleach.



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