One of the largest research studies undertaken into astrology shows that there is an astonishingly strong and clear link between the planets’ positions and human behaviour


Capricorn Astrology Research is interested in the timing of events and will show that there is a strong connection between the big turning points in people’s lives and the movements of  Pluto.








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  1. I’m not sure if I’m replying in the right place – just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your article on ‘House and Holmes,’ which I thought was meticulously researched and a really interesting read. I agree, one hundred percent, that Astrology is symbolic – and you’ve demonstrated the symbolism really well in this article. Thanks for writing it.

    • Thanks Wendy, I enjoyed writing it too. Am always looking for an astrology article with a slightly different angle so if you’ve got any suggestions, I’m happy to research them.


      • I just had a thought/possible suggestion today of a possible research angle – there’s a new series of Endeavour coming up, so I thought: Morse:John Thaw and Sean Evans; Sgt Lewis/Inspector Thursday and the author, Colin Dexter? I guess it’s probably been done would welcome your take on it – if you have time! I could have a look at screening times and Inception charts for those. Endeavour – a very Saturnine name! And Oxford is a Capricorn city.
        Best wishes, Wendy.

      • Thanks very much. I’ll look at the inceptions for Endeavour – from what I’ve looked at already regarding the screenings, there’s a definite Saturn theme emerging… and, of course, I’m thrilled to bits: more ‘Writing from the Joy of Saturn…’
        Best wishes,

  2. Maybe you can help me I want to ask how my health will be I will have a very danger operation I was born 26 May 1967 I Krotoszyn Poland. Thank you for your answer

  3. I’m so thrilled to have found your website! I just love it. I think if you do videos on YouTube that would definitely be a game changer. I love your method, your research, and analysis. youre having the Pluto transit your moon that now and ok retrograde! Out of curiosity, how has this affected your life? When Pluto squared my sun I met a man and fell in love and in our synastry he has Pluto conjunct my sun!! He was my Pluto person. Can you write an article saying how this transit has affected you so far? xxx

    • Thanks so much Amira. I’m happy for you, everyone should have a Pluto person. I do plan to write about my Pluto / Moon transit, but I’m going to wait until its over before I do. It has caused a lot of upheaval but the results have been all positive so far. Not counting chickens yet though.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for an excellent site.
    Brexit! So what do you think will happen now? Are we really out of EU? Or will we somehow manage to stay in?
    P.s. Pluto / Moon transit – upheaval is putting it really mildly for what I went through. Sadly I lost everyone and everything I loved most.

    • Thanks so much. Not sure what will happen post Brexit. I’m trying to put together an article that will explore the themes though, but it may take a few weeks before it comes together.
      You have my sincere sympathies for the Pluto / Moon transit. I am fortunate in that my natal Moon has several easy aspects, but there has been loss associated with it. If you had any kind of Moon / Pluto natal thing, I’m sure the results would have been devastating. I hope you can find some solace somewhere.

  5. I read your Brexit piece with interest, before the vote. Your own analysis seemed to indicate the eventual result quite clearly. But then you opted for Cameron’s Jupiterian luck. When I read it, I felt that it was going to take more than the Jupiterian luck of one man to win this. And, besides, Jupiter is known for seeing things as bigger than they actually are – exaggerating. A Jupiterian influence does not know when to stop – it can go too far. In Cameron’s case, it certainly did.

    • Thanks Mark, a very good point. I realise now that my desire for a Remain result led me to overlook the sheer power of the indications for Brexit. I invested too much in Cameron’s coming Jupiter transits.
      Time for a rethink.

      • Real bodhisattva. Nodes with this Grand trine create Kite pattern. Do you know maybe what astrological signs or planets are related to blood?

    • Thanks Alice. This is probably a time when we need an accurate birth time. Genie’s noon chart doesn’t really indicate the kind of life she had apart from possibly the Sun in Aries opposite Neptune. If she was born early in the day she would have the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn which would also make sense.

  6. Thanks, two t-squares are well visible – this Mars opposition moon and Saturn on 3rd-9th house axis with apex retrograde Jupiter . Aries Sun opposes Neptune on 1-7th house axis with Leo Uranus apex in 4th house.
    I was fascinated a bit that in that family father did not wanted to hear any sound and forbid to communicate, mother was blind and Kids were forced to be mute. Senses, expression and reception blocked.
    My friend adopted 2year old kept hidden by alcoholic parents in the basement, it took years for him to recover. They wanted him to be silent, mute and did not want to see him ( senses again)
    His eyesight had never fully recovered, his IQ is slightly above average and at 22 he is almost independant.

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