PGA Bursaries For Astrology Students Now Available Again – Apply Below

If 65 years living on this planet has taught me one thing it’s that the biggest single obstacle to human growth is Belief.

Religious belief has been one of the most destructive forces in history and has claimed millions of lives.

This is not an indictment of religion itself, simply of religious belief. No-one ever was killed because of someone’s religious experience.

You can only believe something to be true if at the same time deep in your subconscious mind, you doubt it. And this is where all the trouble starts.

It may not be as dangerous as religious belief but the same applies to belief in astrology.

Astrology simply is. It is as self evident as the Sun rising every morning, as the buds opening every Spring.

All you have to do to see Astrology in action is to suspend your nonsensical beliefs about the Universe and observe what is actually happening underneath your nose.

All cultures have Spring rituals that they turn to at the beginning of the astrological year.

My own one of choice for many years was to head to Devon for a long weekend in April to play a round of golf each morning.

The main draw of this wasn’t so much to witness my own feeble attempts to negotiate my way around the course, but because I was able to spend the rest of the day watching the world’s best do the same at the Augusta Masters.

And one of the most entertaining aspects of this ritual was to hear their assertions of rock solid belief coming on the back of a dismal round where they consistently found more blue than green.

But I can understand it, because more than any other sport, golf is played in the head.

Tennis players are taught to forget the score and focus on the ball in front of them.

Sound advice but relatively easy to do in a sport where you only have a few seconds between points, and minutes between games.

The action in golf is so specific that to be out by fractions of a millimetre in a swing will make the difference between grass and sand.

And the amount of action for each golfer in a tournament lasting 4 days is probably no more than half an hour.

The rest of the time is spent walking around watched by thousands of people and millions more on TV, while trying desperately not to replay that last missed putt in their head.

So they are constantly geeing themselves up with their own self belief, that the next one will drop without touching the sides.

The top players will try and train their belief to reach a peak in time for the major tournaments.

Thats all very well, but they could have saved themselves a lot of unnecessary effort and subsequent anguish by simply consulting an ephemeris before they started.

A traditional astrologer, John Frawley, introduced me to the idea of using the contest chart to predict sports matches and also to the fact that Messrs William Hill and Ladbrokes were more than happy to sponsor such efforts.

And it’s true, the bookies are always willing to provide bursaries for any budding astrologer wishing to test their theories by putting their money where their mouth is.

Capricorn Research has been happy to take up such generous sponsorship both in the field of politics and sport.

Contest charts have been very effective for team sports but the most lucrative have been in individual events for the obvious reason that you can focus on one player’s transits.

Out of all the sports I have tried, golf has been the most successful.

This may well be for the reasons mentioned above that the planets have more time to play with the heads of these unfortunates.

It also could be because a golf tournament is not a series of matches in a knockout against other players. It’s just you on your own against the rest of the pack for 4 days straight.

So rather than go on belief and previous form, Capricorn Research is more inclined to look at the transits of Jupiter with the final day positions of Mars as a guide.

When it comes to outsiders winning majors, the transits of Uranus and Pluto also come into effect, because such an achievement is a significant turning point in their lives.

The US PGA Championship starts in little over a week’s time. As usual the pre tournament favourite is Rory McIlroy, quite probably the most talented golfer on the planet. But how does that actually work in practice ?

It didn’t work that well in the 2011 Masters when he went into the final day with a 4 shot lead only to suffer a meltdown and a round of 80, leaving him way adrift.

That tournament was the only major ever won by Charl Schwartzel.

Schwartzel had Pluto exactly trine his Sun at Augusta, the only major Pluto transit he has had in his life. He was a 50 / 1 outsider.

The most recent major, the British Open was played at McIlroy’s home course of Portrush in Northern Ireland. Rory was very short odds favourite for that one.

It was won by Shane Lowry who was 80 / 1 before the tournament. Lowry had Jupiter square his Mercury and Mars trine his Sun on the final day.

One problem with picking the winner of a golf tournament is that the field, particularly in a major will have over 150 players, many of whom will have very decent transits.

The Capricorn Research system involves checking all the transits of everyone down to 50 / 1 odds. Consequently I didn’t pick Lowry from the start, but I got him at 25 / 1 once he had started to show in the top 10 of the leaderboard.

The US Open was won by Gary Woodland, another outsider taking his first major with Uranus conjunct his Mercury.

Brookes Koepka won the PGA in 2019, one of the very few major wins in recent years that caught me completely by surprise.

This kind of thing does happen from time to time because I don’t have timed birth charts so have to put it down to transits to the player’s Ascendant or Moon.

There are a select few with birthtimes however which was why I was able to cash in on Tiger Woods spectacular comeback at Augusta last year at 14 / 1 because Jupiter was conjunct his Moon.

Koepka won two majors in 2018, the US Open and the PGA, both times he had Jupiter opposite his Sun.

Patrick Reed won the Masters that year, again his only major victory with Pluto opposite his Venus.

But the biggest surprise of the year to all except Capricorn Research was Francesco Molinari’s capture of the Open. Again it was the only major of his career.

Molinari had Jupiter conjunct his Sun / Venus / Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio. I backed him at 33 / 1.

He had not won any kind of tournament for 12 years when Jupiter last transited that lot.

A Jupiter transit by conjunction to someone who has a natal Sun / Jupiter is a rare thing, but if you ever see one, hurry down to the bookies straight away.

Only last month I picked up Luke List for the Korn Ferry at 23 / 1 with the same thing.

So who will win this year’s PGA ?

The favourite, as ever is Rory McIlroy. But apart from a few minor separating transits there is nothing astrological going in his favour. His form post Covid has also been poor, so perhaps we have to look elsewhere again.

Maybe next year will be better for him as Uranus will be conjunct his Sun then.

2nd favourite is Bryson DeChambeau. He spent the lockdown period living on protein shakes and workouts and emerged 3 stone heavier. Capricorn Research had a similar experience but the extra carbs made it difficult to claim that it was all muscle.

DeChambeau hit the tour with 400 yard drives which worked a treat with Jupiter square his Mars and trine his Sun.

However since those transits wore off he’s found that a quarter of a mile in the wrong direction is not so helpful.

However he still has Pluto making the same transits so this could well be his breakthrough in the majors.

Jon Rahm will have Jupiter sextile his Sun and is in good form too.

Justin Thomas will have Mars conjunct his Mercury on the final day.

Dustin Johnson has nothing significant. He has won one tournament since the Tour reemerged but that was with Mars square to his Sun.

Patrick Cantlay has nothing going for him astrologically, nor does Bruce Koepka.

Tiger Woods is way down the odds at 23 / 1 which is unusual for a major. There’s nothing very significant but he does have Mars trine his Moon at the end though.

Xander Schauffele has Jupiter sextile his Mars.

Adam Scott has Pluto opposite his Sun.

Tyrrell Hatton has Jupiter just separating from a square to his Sun.

Justin Rose has Jupiter opposite his Mercury.

Patrick Reed has it opposite his Venus.

Jason Day has it sextile his Sun.

Jordan Spieth has Jupiter opposite his Mercury.

So what to do with all that lot ?

One of the problems of picking the winner of a golf tournament is that there will be 156 players, so its inevitable that a good many will have decent transits,

The Capricorn Research tried and trusted method is to wait until after Day 1 and look at the transits for the top 15 or so on the leaderboard.

This can mean that the odds are not so great but it gives you a reasonable chance of picking the winner.

So any astrology student wanting to take advantage of one of these bursaries without having to wear a Bet Victor logo on your wizard’s hat, feel free to follow the CR method and then make your own choices.

And if you’re looking for a real outsider, a few bob on Ian Poulter with Jupiter conjunct his Sun at a pre tournament price of 101 / 1 might be interesting.

Don’t believe. Just read the signs.



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