Murder Inc. – A Moon in Cancer Family Firm

It’s a fairly safe bet that 99.9 % of statements made about astrology are exclusively to do with Sun signs.

Despite the fact that the Sun’s sign position is only one of many hundreds of placements and millions of permutations, the vast majority of people are not aware of anything else.

Even amongst the 0.01 % most still focus on signs and only a minority on house placings.

But in reality neither of these are the most important. You could make a case for them not even being a real thing. Because signs and houses are simply arbitrary divisions of space. 

Over the millenia signs and houses have come to have certain associations. The signs have been given their attributes largely because of an observation of what is happening in nature in the Northern Hemisphere as the Sun travels through those sections of the ecliptic.

The houses have acquired theirs through association with the signs and a general feel for what seems right.

For example it makes sense for the career section to be at the top of the chart and the home to appear at the bottom.

But why is career only attributed to the 10th house, to one side of the Midheaven ? Why not have a career section that sits either side of it ?

The same could apply to home and the 4th, to relationships and the 7th etc etc.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not disagreeing with the characteristics of the signs and houses, but I feel it is important to remember that the cusps of both do not actually exist as clearly marked points in the sky.

The only thing that does exist are the planets and their geometrical relationship to each other as seen from the Earth.

Really the planetary aspects should be given more weight than both signs and houses in terms of attempting to understand the impact of astrology on human behaviour.

It’s the aspects that make things happen, the signs and houses add a flavour and a direction.

Many readers might disagree but I ask them to test this hypothesis as rigorously as they can.

If an astrologer writes about a particular subject it might come with one example of this theme working through an individual’s chart.

The reader nods in agreement as a persuasive argument seems to fit that example’s life. But what we don’t see is the charts of other people for whom that analysis didn’t work.

There is inevitably going to be some level of cherry picking by the astrologer concerned whether this is conscious or not. No one is going to use an example that doesn’t reinforce their theory.

But this is not true research.

I once had a disagreement with an astrologer who had looked at Mercury Retrograde. He has a website that lists literally thousands of events throughout history including all kinds of disasters that happened while the planet was going backwards.

He chose to call this work research that proved a Mercury retrograde effect and anyone reading it would naturally be gobsmacked and become an instant convert to the Mercury retro theory.

I told him it was nothing of the kind because he didn’t even begin to look at comparable events that happened when Mercury was in forward motion to use as a control group.

Because most astrologers work one way only. The take a placement and look for examples of it in action as proof of an effect.

But the way to properly test is the other way round. You should start with the behaviour first and see what kind of astrology comes up in all of the charts of people who express that behaviour.

Then, if there is some kind of common ground in the astrology, you know you have an effect.

I am a researcher first. I’m an astrologer only because I have tested the subject on a very large scale in this way and found it to work. For more on this see Does This Prove Astrology ?

There are many ways to divide people into groups for astrological research. This can be done by occupation, lifestyle choice, income or class, sexuality, political or religious affiliation to name just a few.

But there is one group of people, who by one single act are clearly different from the rest of us – Murderers.

So if there was really anything in their subject, astrologers should be able to identify the charts of murderers at a level of significantly better than chance.

A good place to start would be with these articles under the heading Murder Most Horrid

For this project I have taken every single timed chart on the astrodatabank in March 2013 of people who committed a murder.

Initially there were 545 of them, but as 17 were anonymous, there are 528 left.

These articles are not cherry picked because they might prove or disprove a particular theory. I am simply working through them in alphabetical order.

So we will see how they develop as I go through them.

I have only completed 6 so far but I would challenge any reader to honestly assess whether they could pick these people as murderers without referring to planetary aspects.

4 out of the 6 completed so far have the Sun or Moon in Pisces. 3 out of the 6 have the Moon in the 9th house.

Without checking the aspects you simply could not do it.

What about this one for example ? Can you pick this guy’s career simply by looking at the sign and house positions ?

Albert Anastasia had Sun in Libra and Venus in Virgo in the 10th house of career. So maybe an artistic type but with strong attention to detail and organisational skills. Perhaps this could be the chart of someone who works in graphic design.

Well he certainly had a design and it was very graphic.

He was very organised but only the aspects to that Venus would show us what kind of organisation it was.

Venus is at the apex of a T Square involving a Uranus / Pluto opposition. He was the head of one of the most notorious mafia crime syndicates entitled Murder Inc.

Anastasia’s nicknames were “The One-Man Army”, “Lord High Executioner” and ” The Mad Hatter “.

We’ve all watched the films from the Godfather onwards and we know of the importance of the Italian family firm.

This is stressed by the Moon in Cancer.

But the type of family business we are looking at here is surely covered by the Moon’s 8th house position opposite to Saturn.

This opposition is also part of a T Square to an apex Mercury and North Node.

These difficult aspects are compounded by the Sun’s close square to Neptune in the 8th which probably places him right in the middle of gambling and bootlegging activities during Prohibition.

Anastasia entered the US illegally from Italy in 1919 when his Progressed Sun was trine his natal Pluto.

In 1921 he was charged with the murder of longshoreman George Turino and sentenced to death with his Progressed Sun square to Saturn.

This was overturned in a retrial the following year after 4 of the original witnesses had somehow mysteriously disappeared.

This state of affairs probably had something to do with the fact that Neptune was conjunct Anastasia’s Mars at the time.

Murder Inc. was responsible for literally thousands of deaths during the 1930s.

Bloody Murdering Bastard Librans, said no-one ever.

Posted on 4 Sep 2020


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