Has Vlad Gone Mad ? How To Understand Mundane Events

The media has been predicting it for weeks. When the Russian invasion of Ukraine actually happened, astrologers were quick to pounce on the chart for the actual moment when Putin sent the tanks over the border with some declaring it to be the most dangerous chart since 1938 despite being short of actual explanations for this conclusion.

Most punters have pointed out the Venus / Mars / Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in the 1st house as being the reason it happened when it did.

And it’s fair to point out that as this conjunction tightens over the next week the conflict will become more serious and the potential repercussions will be felt very strongly.

Mars and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn we can understand, but why Venus ? Why didn’t the goddess of love ease the tensions between the other two.

This is because Venus and Pluto have serious history for both Russia and Ukraine.

I have already posted on this theme in Choose Your Partners For The Venus / Pluto Ukraine Border Dance

But for those who don’t wish to read that article again, I will repost the charts contained in it.

The Soviet Russia chart for the Bolshevik revolution has Venus opposite Pluto.

It’s fascinating to look at the chart for the end of the Soviet Empire and its transits to the 1917 chart.

Obviously the primary reason for the fall of the Berlin Wall was that Pluto was conjunct the 1917 Sun.

It’s important to point out that this was only the 2nd major Pluto transit to the Soviet Sun in that 72 years. The other one was at the end of the 1940s when the Cold War began.

The conjunction would be in operation for a couple of years and would basically see off the Soviet Union.

The timing of the wall coming down was focused onto a few possible days in November 1989 by the Sun and Mercury joining Pluto.

And the actual time on November 9th was indicated by Venus recreating its 1917 opposition to Pluto as it reached 4 Capricorn but the astonishing thing about the timing was that the Ascendant was 5.15 Cancer, within a few minutes of the Soviet Pluto.

The Venus / Pluto theme continued with the chart for the new Russia.

The two planets are a mere degree apart in Scorpio in the 4th house, indicating that many of the problems for Russia would be coming from countries that it felt should still be part of its homeland.

Particularly as this Venus / Pluto is exactly square to the Leo Ascendant, so it seems that these countries would represent a powerful challenge to its own dominant image.

Any country that triggered this would be likely to cause all kinds of trouble, particularly one with 21 – 22 Aquarius strong.

Like Ukraine

The Ukraine chart has the Moon at 22 Aquarius as part of a T Square involving those two again, Venus and Pluto.

Needless to say the Ukraine Venus is square to the Russian Venus / Pluto. So we already have a powder keg.

Throw in a megalomaniac nutcase.

Again we are looking at a Venus / Pluto connection.

Eleven degrees might be considered a bit wide for a square but Jupiter’s position midway between the two turns it into a TSquare with Pluto on the Midheaven as an apex planet.

Also Venus is in Pluto’s sign.

Without seeing this as a T Square it is difficult to reconcile the above chart with the all powerful dictator holding the world to ransom at the moment.

But the most alarming synastry is that this apex Pluto / Midheaven is exactly opposite the Ukraine Moon.

With so much Venus / Pluto power in all these charts its hardly surprising that the Invasion of Ukraine began under a Venus / Mars / Pluto conjunction.

But this is still just an aspect that will last a fortnight at most.

The more worrying thing is the position of Saturn.

The last time Saturn was at these degrees of a Fixed sign ( Scorpio ) was in 2014 during the war in the Donbas region and the Russian annexation of Crimea.

Saturn is now at 18 Aquarius, having already made a square aspect to the Ukraine Pluto.

But as it closes on this lethal combination of factors at 21 – 22 of Fixed signs, the world will have to hold its breath.

Saturn reaches that point in the 2nd half of March but won’t be clear of these degrees until next January.

Even then we can’t be sure to be free of this conflict because Uranus will start to hit all these degrees from June 2023 until the middle of 2024.

What will happen with all this ?

Who can say ? Having followed Mundane Astrology for the best part of 50 years, I feel that we are not meant to know where it will all end.

All that we can say is that Astrology helps us to understand that it was meant to happen now.

Posted on February 25th 2022