Pluto – The Nuclear Option

Albert Einstein – Everyone’s Favourite Relative

Born to be a Quantum Mechanic

Wernher Von Braun – Rocket Man

Alois Alzheimer – Medical Pioneer

Luis Alvarez – Plutonian Physicist

Albert Hofmann – Thinking Outside Pandora’s Box

Francis Bacon – The Original New Age Man ?

Bode’s Law and the Discovery of Uranus

The 7th House Cusp – A Philosophical Position ?

Ground Control to Major Gordon Cooper

Johannes Kepler and the Sacred Mystery of the Cosmos

Denton Cooley – Leo’s Heart Surgery

Emile Coue – Got to Admit it’s Getting Better

Harold Shipman – Lock up your Grannies

Richard Dawkins – Staunch Defender of Sun Sign Astrology

Marie and Pierre Curie – A Plutonic Family

Roberto Assagioli – A Whole Lotta Love

Michael Fish – A Storm in an English Tea Cup ?

Mike Brown – Pluto Killer, Quest Que C’est ?


The Turning Point in Your Life ?

Astrology and Celebrity – all in the timing




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