Marie Besnard – Tried and Acquitted

Marie Besnard

Marie Besnard was accused and acquitted of poisoning 13 people.  In cases like this a birthchart will not indicate guilt or innocence but it will probably show what the subject was accused of.  Besnard had a very powerful T square from a difficult Moon / Uranus conjunction in Scorpio opposite Mars square to the Sun and Jupiter in the 4th house.  The Moon in Scorpio is  an intense emotional placing and with Uranus it would express itself suddenly and unexpectedly, in opposition to Mars its quite an explosive combination. The Sun conjunct Jupiter in the 4th house would indicate someone who made great gains through the family or inheritance.

Marie married Leon Besnard when she was 23 years old. Leon’s father died from eating poisonous mushrooms, his mother died soon after. Another childless couple died after making the Besnards beneficiaries in their will. Other relatives and friends died in suspicious circumstances and then Leon died as well. A number of bodies were exumed and traces of arsenic was found although defence lawyers argued that arsenic could have leaked into the soil where they were buried.

About thirty years after she married Leon, Marie Besnard was tried for her alleged role in these deaths in 1952. The trial ended without a conviction.  Pluto was conjunct her Sun in 1952.

A third and final trial took place in 1961 when she was acquitted. Pluto was square her Ascendant in 1961.

Pluto brought Marie Besnard to trial, the T square shows what she was accused of, her acquittal and innocence would be indicated by the fact that the Sun was conjunct the benevolent Jupiter.


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