Francisco Assis – Definitely Not A Saint

” Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope ”

Spoken like a true Libran.

Sadly this particular Libran was not the original St. Francis of Assisi, but right wing nut job British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Unfortunately Thatcher’s vicious Sun / Mars conjunction at the apex of a T Square with Jupiter and Pluto together with a delusional Moon / Neptune in Leo and an authoritarian Saturn rising in Scorpio, meant that what she actually delivered was double helpings of discord, doubt and despair.

In fact the chart of the Plutonian Lady could easily belong on these pages of Murder Most Horrid due to the fact that she did her level best to kill off a whole generation and the country they lived in.

Many people would say typical politician – promising the Moon and as soon as they get in power turning their backs on the people who voted for them, bending over and giving them the moon.

This general statement about politicians may well be true, but astrology is the only subject that really allows and accounts for oppositional behaviour.

The Ascendant is how we want other people to see us. If it’s in the same sign as our Sun or Moon, things are relatively simple. What you see is what you get.

However if there is a difficult aspect between one of the lights and the Ascendant, there can be a great deal of inner conflict.

This is particularly the case with the opposition. The personality can be literally split in two.

Inevitably the person tries to be one thing rather than accepting this dual role. The harder they try to do this, the more the other side fights for attention, creating even more divergence.

My research into murderers shows that the most common Sun sign is Taurus, the most frequent Moon sign is its opposite one, Scorpio. For more information on this see Dial OM For Murder

One person who had this opposition is Thomas Hamilton. His was from the 11th house to the 5th, which explained why he one day snapped and killed a whole class full of children in Dunblane, Scotland. For more info on this see A Crashing Knock On Heavens Door

If a killer had a Scorpio Moon opposite a Taurus Ascendant, the likely victim might be his wife or if he wasn’t married, it could be women in general.

Francisco De Assis Pereira was a Brazilian serial killer who was known as The Park Maniac for raping and killing 11 women in a Sao Paulo park.

in his own defence he said ” I was possessed by an evil force.” and “I am a person with a good and a bad personality. Sometimes I am not able to dominate this dark side. I pray, I pray, but I cannot resist and then I chase after women. I wished that they would not go with me into the park, that they would run away.” 

The opposition between the Taurus Ascendant and the Scorpio Moon shows exactly what Assis claimed.

A Sagittarius Sun square to Jupiter simply shows that whatever the native does he will do a lot of it.

All of these killings occurred in 1997 and 98, which was exactly when Pluto transited to conjunct his Sun.

He was sentenced to 268 years but will only serve 30.

One particularly strange thing about this case is the 7th house focus. Within a month of being imprisoned Francisco Assis had received over 1000 love letters from women who were obviously not put off his murderous antics.

Let’s hope they’re not still around in 2028.

Posted 8 Sep 2020


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