The Role Of Eclipses In Predicting The Death Of Kings And Queens

The UK’s version of Silicon Valley is Swindon. While this fact could be seen as a great example of British understated amateurism, I’ve always felt it very appropriate.

Because the world’s first computer was constructed 30 miles to the south of that Wiltshire town. And over 4,000 years before Bill Gates was born.

Why was Stonehenge built ? Why was it’s position and layout so important that thousands of people were required to transport those enormous stones from South Wales ?

The common view amongst today’s ” scientists ” is to dismiss these crazies as ” howling barbarians ” who were only interested in sex and human sacrifice, but just because those are the chief uses of computers now, there’s no reason to assume they were then.

We all know that Stonehenge shows up the summer and winter solstice, but it is in fact much more sophisticated than that.

The 56 Aubrey Holes that ring the monument are arranged in such a way as to be an extremely accurate predictor of eclipses. So why was that so important back in the day ?

Quite simply it was because an eclipse would predict the death of a king.

And it still does to this day.

The last British King, George VI had a Sagittarius Sun and Mercury opposite a Neptune / Pluto conjunction in Gemini in the 8th house of death.

Interestingly given the connection of Mercury and Gemini with the lungs, George died from smoking related health problems.

He died on February 6th 1952, with both the two 8th house planets simultaneously forming the only transiting aspects of his life to his Sun, Pluto trine and Neptune sextile.

The last eclipse before this date was

You can see that the lunar eclipse falls exactly square to George’s Sun with an orb of 3 minutes.

The odds against this happening by chance would be 900 / 1 against.

Five days after George’s death there was another lunar eclipse.

Again we have the 21 degree thing happening, exactly trine and sextile George’s natal Sun.

It is useful to note when dealing with eclipses that they are most likely to have a strong effect in a place where the eclipse itself or an important placement in the chart falls on an angle. When we are talking about the death of a ruler, the Midheaven would likely be involved.

In this chart the Moon is closely conjunct Pluto in Leo at the Midheaven which clearly shows the death of the king.

Any astrologer seeing this at the time would know what it meant.

George’s father was a Gemini who also suffered from smoking related health problems.

George V died on 20th January 1936.

Neptune was transiting his 6th house of health and square to his Sun, Jupiter was opposite his Sun and Chiron was at 12 Gemini, exactly conjunct it.

But clearly the most challenging aspect in George’s chart is the Moon / Ascendant opposition.

There was a solar eclipse less than a month before

The eclipse was square to George’s Ascendant / Moon pattern and conjunct his Midheaven.

The chances of this happening are around 50 / 1 against.

The eclipse Pluto was within a few minutes of the Ascendant in London.

George succeeded his father Edward VII.

Edward died on 6th May 1910, with Pluto opposite his own Ascendant.

There was a solar eclipse 3 days later falling exactly opposite Edward’s Sun.

Given the orb of just over 1 degree we are probably looking at the chances of this occurring by chance at about 40 / 1 against.

Edward succeeded to the throne after the death of his mother, Queen Victoria.

Victoria died on 22 January 1901.

Of the two Solar Eclipses in 1900, the first in May fell at 6.48 Gemini, conjunct Victoria’s Ascendant.

The one closest to her death.

This eclipse at 29 Scorpio is opposite Victoria’s Sun and Moon.

The orb is not as tight as the others but we are still looking at chances of 10 / 1 against.

So if we take all of them together the chances are over a million to one against.

Our current Queen has already smashed Victoria’s 64 year record and has just passed her 70th.

But at the age of 96, with Pluto about to square her Sun and Prince Charles 10th house Moon, her time does seem to be drawing to a close.

What do the upcoming eclipses say ?

This is without doubt a very difficult eclipse focusing by T Square onto an apex Saturn.

It also hits Liz’s own T Square so it can’t be good news.

October’s Solar Eclipse falls opposite her Sun so that also has an ominous feel.

But I feel that this one is the most dangerous of the lot.

At 29.50 Aries, this solar eclipse falls a mere 22 minutes from the Queen’s Sun. It is also exactly square to Pluto.

So it maybe just as well she is celebrating her 70th year of ruling now because it might be touch and go to reach that anniversary of her coronation.

Maybe as a recognition of its true status in predicting the fortunes of the monarchy, we should hold her funeral at Stonehenge.

And as an equally fair reflection of the institution’s future, King Charles III’s coronation should happen in Swindon.

Posted on March 24th 2022