Research into Prostitution

Capricorn Research has 166 charts of Prostitutes. Its a relatively small number for research purposes but it is difficult to get accurate birth times for this group of people. The results are stunning.


ARIES                            18

TAURUS                         6

GEMINI                          8

CANCER                       17

LEO                               18

VIRGO                          13

LIBRA                           15

SCORPIO                      8

SAGITTARIUS             10

CAPRICORN                27

AQUARIUS                  13

PISCES                         13

TOTAL                        166

166 Prostitutes Sun Sign Graph

Standard Deviation    5.77

Chi Square             0.0056

Chances of this occurring by chance   0.56 %

The results show an extremely high score for the Sun in Capricorn, it is 50% higher than any other sign and scores almost 5 times as many as Taurus.

Some people might find it rather strange that Capricorn scores so highly amongst prostitutes as the sign is generally supposed to be rather conservative particularly around emotional issues. Capricorns are extremely pragmatic and quite prepared to undergo hardship and put themselves in a difficult situation in order to earn a necessary living. Perhaps other more sensitive signs would be less inclined to get involved in prostitution.


ARIES                          18

TAURUS                        7

GEMINI                       12

CANCER                       7

LEO                             13

VIRGO                        28

LIBRA                           5

SCORPIO                   14

SAGITTARIUS           18

CAPRICORN              12

AQUARIUS                 19

PISCES                        13

TOTAL                        166

166 Prostitutes Venus Sign Graph

Standard Deviation    6.34

Chi Square             0.00078

Chances of this occurring by chance   0.078 %

Again with Venus signs, an extraordinary dominance of one sign, Virgo scoring almost 6 times as frequently as Libra. As with the Sun signs, people might be surprised to find Virgo strong with its associations with modesty and reserve. Venus is about the capacity to show love and its easy to forget that prostitution is not about that, its about a business transaction. The signs where Venus is strongest in Libra and Taurus score lowest amongst prostitutes and Virgo, a sign where Venus is in weaker scores highest.  As with the Sun signs we are looking at pragmatism and practicality and Venus in Virgo is a placing that would be able to put the capacity to attract ( Venus ) to practical use ( Virgo ).

Another exceptional sign distribution for this group is of the Ascendant. Pisces scores 19, which might not seem so great but the chances of the sign rising is quite low for astronomical reasons and the expected frequency would be less than 8 so it scores almost 2.5 times higher than average and 6 times as high as the lowest sign. The Chi Square results for the Ascendant distribution are  7.585E-05 so the chances of this occurring by chance are 0.00007585 %.

From an astrological perspective its hard to work out why Pisces rising should be so high, but it could be that this sign is more prepared than others to accept working in situations where they have little control. It could also be to do with low self esteem.

The House positions of planets are remarkable. The 7th house rules one to one relationships and the 8th house rules sex so we would expect these houses to be strongly tenanted in any research into prostitutes.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in the 7th house all score 22 which is nearly 60% above the expected figure and the Moon scores 24, 74% above.  The 8th house is the 2nd highest for both the Sun and Venus and the 3rd highest for the Moon.

As Mercury and Venus tend to stay close to the Sun, the following table is just for the Sun, Moon and Mars


1       47

2       32

3       21

4       35

5       40

6       38

7       68

8       54

9       45

10      40

11       39

12       39

TOTAL       498

166 Prostitutes Sun, Moon, Mars House Graph

Standard Deviation    11.61

Chi Square             0.00019

Chances of this occurring by chance   0.019 %

Other interesting high scores that would be expected by astrologers in the aspects between planets are

Pluto  conjunct the Ascendant       175.5 %   over expected

Mars conjunct Saturn              176.2%

Mars conjunct Neptune           162.6%

Venus conjunct 7th house cusp      203.3%

Neptune conjunct 7th house cusp   189.2%

Prostitution is unique in that it is a job like no other and astrologers would expect there to be significant results for this career choice. Capricorn Research is always on the lookout for more birth data to see if a larger sample would confirm these extraordinary findings.


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5 thoughts on “Research into Prostitution

  1. hi, just wanted to say i very much liked your research on this topic. i have worked in this field and am considering to recontinue.
    it doesnt surprise me that the 3rd house scored the least because communication at least isn’t really my thing and i like to express myself physically. i have a grande trine in earth, moon taurus in 10, venus,mars and merc in virgo in 2 and uranus, neptune and north node in capricorn in 6th. Leo sun (in 12) and ascendant.
    If you would like to see my chart for your research you can email me and i will gladly send you my birth data.
    greetings xx

    • Thanks so much for your feedback. 166 is a small sample, but despite that the findings are quite astonishing. I recognise that there are many different types of people who work in this field. Those people that are prepared to reveal their birth data may be the ones who are more confident and in control of their choices and their charts could well reflect this. With a double Leo and Grand Trine in Earth, this certainly seems to be the case for you.

      Venus and Mars do top score in Virgo. Interestingly the highest scoring rising sign is Leo, although when adjusted for the different relative frequencies of ascending signs it comes 3rd behind Pisces and Aries.

      Leo is the joint second highest scoring Sun sign as well.

      You might be interested to read about my research into the noon charts of 706 Playboy centrefold models where Virgo scores very highly


  2. Thank you Marie for such a heartfelt and personal post. Prostitution is obviously such a complex thing and people go into it for so many different reasons.
    My only remit around it was to provide the research and I added a rather shallow interpretation of why the Capricorn / Virgo thing is so strong in that research. Your post gives us so much more insight into the issues, particularly the Virgoan ones. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Sorry you misunderstand me. I am happy to leave them up there. I just wanted to check with you because it was quite personal and you may get other readers commenting.

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