Richard Dawkins – Staunch Defender of Sun Sign Astrology

One of the most rewarding things about studying Astrology is that it makes you much more broad minded. Even a hard hearted triple Capricorn is minded to become much more sympathetic to all kinds of characters after seeing their charts.

They say you can’t judge a man unless you have walked a mile in their shoes, but the closest any of us can get to experiencing what it’s actually like to be someone else, is through a serious contemplation of their birthchart.

Even some if the most vicious murderers have elicited some sympathy and understanding after witnessing the moment of their birth and seeing the exceptionally difficult planetary demands that have been made on them.

Psychologists would refer to deprived childhoods and difficult early experiences in their attempts to understand the motivations of such characters but would then often reflect on the multitude of others with the same early experiences that did not become serial killers.

An understanding of the psychological themes that are insisted on by the birthchart together with other socioeconomic factors makes it hard to judge anyone as wholly evil.

But you do have to draw the line somewhere and many astrologers would elicit some understanding themselves if their own were drawn a little way short of Richard Dawkins.

There are many critics of Astrology, Dawkins just happens to shout the loudest. But serious astrologers should not be upset by his pronouncements for two reasons.

The first is that these people are not really attacking our subject. They are attacking what they think it is.

And they think it is what the horoscope columns say it is. A simple division of humanity into twelve types, with vague new agey prognostications on the kind of day each of these types will experience.

Richard Dawkins despairs that up to half of the population believe in these things on some level. Given that these people are prepared to believe in what they call astrology based on this understanding, Capricorn Research is inclined to agree with him.

Really there should be two words to differentiate between Sun sign astrology and the real thing. To call it all astrology is misleading.

Does a Michelin starred chef get upset when someone criticises the food at Macdonalds ?

So when Dawkins and others attack astrology we should not be upset because it is not our discipline they are attacking.

The second reason is that we have access to the birthcharts of these critics so we can see the reasons why they feel the way they do.


Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins has the Sun in Aries and is typical of the sign in many ways.

Aries is the first and simplest of all the signs. They see everything in black and white, us and them, good and bad terms.

Aries falls at the beginning of Spring when the whole of nature is engaged in the assertion of new life.

The need to assert the self is so strong with this sign that it doesn’t really matter which direction it goes in, more that it expresses itself strongly and quickly.

Any situation that Aries finds themselves in, their first thought is how can they impose themselves on it.

Dawkins Sun is right at the beginning of Aries so things are even simpler and clearer for him. Another important aspect of the sign is that they find it difficult to understand how other people don’t see life’s issues in black and white terms.

But of course no other sign sees things so simply as Aries. As we travel through the Zodiac, things become more complex and characters in later signs find it harder to act so quickly and decisively because they see more sides to each issue.

Nowhere is this more the case than in the last sign Pisces, because by the time we have reached this point on the Zodiac we have experienced life from so many different perspectives.

Pisceans are very impressionable people and can pick up more angles to any one issue than any other signs. Hence they find it hard to express a clear viewpoint or opinion because how they feel about anything is constantly changing.

It is the last sign, and its role in the Zodiac is to take all of these impressions and disperse them into the formless ether in order to end the cycle and allow another new one to begin.

So it is far less interested in the role of the individual, because it exists to bring individuality to an end. It is the sign of religious feeling and devotion, because it is looking to lose the sense of the small individual self into the greater whole.

Consecutive signs are always very different from each other, but nowhere is this difference more obvious than between Pisces and Aries. It is very difficult for one person to be both of these signs, but Richard Dawkins has the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Pisces.

The Sun rules our conscious role in life, the Moon is largely the domain of the instinctive, habitual and unconscious. The Sun is the daytime, the Moon is the nighttime. We are all more likely to identify with the Sun in our charts than the Moon, but its even more understandable when the signs are as different as Aries and Pisces.

So Richard Dawkins will always want to see himself and be seen as a clear thinking Arien crusader, certainly not some kind of vague, muddleheaded Piscean who goes more by what they feel at any given moment.

For an Arien, the position of their Mars is very important. Dawkins Mars is in the narrow, conventional and conservative Capricorn and is opposite Pluto. A Mars / Pluto opposition can create someone who is very bullish and aggressive both physically and intellectually.

But the most significant aspect in Dawkins’ chart is the Sun and Moon in opposition to Neptune.

Our astrological chart is us, it is what we carry around with us as long as we are on this planet. It conditions how other people react to us and brings a certain type experience our way as an inevitable consequence of our own being.

The trouble is, unless we have a sound understanding of ourselves through astrology and meditation or some other method of self awareness, it is unlikely that we will see things in this way. This is particularly true when we are dealing with oppositions to our Sun or Moon.

When we have planets in conjunction with our ” lights ” we incorporate their energies easily into our own expression. We think of these planets as being part of us, we own them.

When we have them in opposition, they pull in very different and even contrary directions. We like to think of ourselves as a consistent entity and its hard for us to accept that we may have two totally different parts that work against each other.

When someone has the Sun in Aries, perhaps the most difficult aspect to have would be an opposition to Neptune, because it would undermine all the clarity and certainty that comes from the sign.

Everything is formless with Neptune, you can’t put your finger on anything for certain, it is there purely to teach us to let go and trust in a higher cause in the Universe.

Richard Dawkins contains this enormous contradiction within himself but it is too difficult to contemplate, particularly as his Piscean Moon is also pointing himself in this uncertain direction. So he has done what many people have done with their oppositions, projected them onto the outside world.

So rather than seeing the Neptune / Pisces energy as part of himself, he sees it as occurring in the world outside, and because the planet is opposite his Arien Sun he feels a strong need to confront and challenge it whenever he sees it arise.

It’s often the case when people have extremely strong views about how others should live or what they should think, these views are the result of their own opposition aspects, projected onto other people.

This is the case with Richard Dawkins. So what if the vast majority of people are content to live their lives in delusion, why should he care so much ?

Its because he has to fight his own Neptune, its either that or he has to accept it in himself. Much easier to fight other people’s.

So Dawkins has risen to prominence in public debates relating science and religion since the publication of his book The God Delusion which became an international best seller. The book was published in 2006 as Pluto was creating a T square between his Moon and Neptune.

Pluto of course is natally opposite his Mars so its call to arms would be very strong, requiring him to fight a great crusade. In 2006 he was called upon to fight his own Pisces Moon and Neptune.

They say that some people could start a fight in an empty room, Richard Dawkins would get the tanks moving as soon as Neptune’s trident is raised.

Interestingly by acting in this way, refusing to recognise his enemies as a part of himself, he is trying to escape the total nature of his own chart, and just be his Sun sign. He is therefore trying to pigeon hole himself into the horoscope column’s narrow view of life. Perhaps he is a supporter of Sun sign astrology after all.

Its a pointless job, but apparently someone has to do it.

Capricorn Research has almost always felt more sympathy to anyone once their chart is known. This is now the case even with Richard Dawkins. But it also feels quite good to know that such sympathy would annoy him even more.



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6 thoughts on “Richard Dawkins – Staunch Defender of Sun Sign Astrology

  1. The one thing that has always struck me about Dawkins’ chart is the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus. Is it not the case that Jupiter signifies where we look for God, or our image of God? This being the case, the tie in with Saturn would suggest that Dawkins is very much of the establishment science mind set. Don’t believe it unless you can see, hear, touch or smell it and of course this pairing is in the earthy sign of Taurus (it only comprehends what is tangible).

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Also I heard that – in a conjunction – the body that comes first ― influences the second; so Saturn(concrete reality) – will restrict and bring “down to earth” – Jupiter(truth beyond reality).
      A few extra things. I don’t think that he’s time of birth is known; so we have to go by signs only. Jupiter – while searching for the ultimate truth ― can go to one(and wrong) direction; while Mercury – is the one who looks at both sides. His mercury ― is in the 12th of his Sun(consciousness); the 12th is also – the-hidden; and his Moon(subconscious) is there. Also – his Neptune(spirituality) ― is in an earth-sign.

  2. How could mister Dawkins become a scientist when he has Mercury in Pisces and in 9 house where it is at its downfall? Jesus. One may think that this is a horoscope of a traveler or expeditionist or something. Or a fiscal agent because of Pluto in 2 house.

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