The Astrology Of Bitcoin – Have We Been Mining The Wrong Seam ?

A farmer and his son had a beloved horse who helped the family earn a living. One day, the horse ran away and their neighbours exclaimed, “Your horse ran away, what terrible luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. Let’s wait and see.”

A few days later, the horse returned home, leading a few wild horses back to the farm as well. The neighbours shouted out, “Your horse has returned, and brought several horses home with him. What great luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. Let’s wait and see”

Later that week, the farmer’s son was trying to break one of the horses and she threw him to the ground, breaking his leg. The neighbours cried, “Your son broke his leg, what terrible luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. Let’s wait and see.”

A few weeks later, soldiers from the national army marched through town, recruiting all boys for the army. They did not take the farmer’s son, because he had a broken leg. The neighbours shouted, “Your boy is spared, what tremendous luck!” To which the farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. Let’s wait and see.”

Neighbours “ The boy has some weird transits but his Dad is such a tedious old Capricorn. “

I can really identify with that farmer when dealing with all the villagers from astrotwitter who are constantly banging on about crypto and which of their flavour of the moment astro techniques ” totally ” explain the phenomena in their mad scramble to get the rich and famous to invest in their ” expertise “.

One thing that amazes me is their capacity to come up with the ” answer ” one month and then totally change their mind by the next one.

This is one problem with people who claim to be ” living in the moment and responding to market forces as they happen “.

They forget that their prognostications are on record and its very simple for anyone to go back and check what they said last time.

A number of them use some version of degree theory. This is presumably because stocks and shares are all about numbers but it also helps that the only qualification required to use it is the ability to count up to 30.

All the best predictions are made with hindsight.

But for any of them to work ahead of time you would expect there to be some consistency.

The trajectory of Bitcoin since its founding in 2009 has been extraordinary, the ups and downs have been dramatic and furious.

If astrology is going to be applicable at all, you would expect some equally extraordinary themes coming up, particularly over the last few years.

I have never been convinced by the Bitcoin chart. Apart from an exalted Venus in the 8th house sextile Pluto in the 5th, it doesn’t seem to be indicating the enormous sums of money that have been made since its inception.

Perhaps the volatility is suggested by an Aries Moon square to Mars but there are no planets on angles and it seems a fairly unremarkable chart.

What is more important is that despite the exhortations of the aforementioned experts, this chart does not really respond to transits either.

Pluto was conjunct the Bitcoin Sun between 2014 and 15.

The share price slumped for a while but did very little. And nothing else of any note happened to the coin.

Regular readers of these pages would recognise that nothing happening with this transit is definitely not an option.

As for the unbelievable rise and fall of 2021 – 22 there is nothing at all that could explain it.

The transits of note for this period are Saturn opposite the Ascendant, Jupiter conjunct Venus and Uranus trine the Sun.

In theory the latter two could indicate the Bitcoin rise but they continued into 2022 and the fall from November’s peak was almost complete by the time they ended.

I had predicted the first week of June to see a significant upswing in the price because Jupiter would be conjunct the Bitcoin Moon then, but if anything it has fallen further.

I was discussing this with a client and she told me that she had some success looking at a different chart for Bitcoin. This is the chart of the actual launch of the coin, rather than the start of the ledger which is the chart referred to above.

So I decided to have a look at that one.

Although we are talking about less than a week later, this chart has a better fit, at least with the currency’s volatility.

The Moon is no longer in Aries, but in late Gemini. Its house position has changed from the 9th to the 12th but neither of those changes would have astrotwitter wetting its collective pants.

It does, however mean that the Moon is in close opposition with Pluto.

The Sun now makes a very close sextile with Uranus ( the 8th house ruler ).

Jupiter is also exactly opposite the Ascendant.

What about transits then ? Do they explain the history of the coin ?

The Pluto / Sun conjunction is now pushed back to 2017 – 18. During this period the price rose from around $ 1000 to almost $ 20,000 by the end of 2017, but dropped back to around $ 4000 by the end of then transit.

So this was a Plutonic period and it became clear that Bitcoin had a big future during this time.

But we have to remember that Bitcoin is only 13 years old. This means there haven’t been many major transits to its chart. When looking at the charts of children, I often find that Secondary Progressions give a better picture of their early years.

For Bitcoin the period between 2019 and 2022 contained some immensely powerful progressions, in fact the strongest that it is ever likely to receive.

From March 2019 to March 2021, the Progressed Sun was conjunct Jupiter and opposite the Ascendant.

From February 2020 to October 2022, the progressed Mars was conjunct the Sun

From October 2020 to December 2022, the progressed Venus was conjunct Uranus and sextile the Sun.

The last of these progressions peaked on 18th November 2021.

Bitcoin reached its all time peaK on 8th November 2021 at just under $ 68,000. Since then it has fallen to $ 27,000.

Finally we have a real astrological explanation of the Bitcoin phenomena.

I am also convinced that if I’d seen this chart before 2017, I would have seriously invested in the currency. But I also know that as a son of Saturn I’m not allowed to make vast sums of dosh without any effort on my part, so the Universe hid this chart from me.

It is also fairly clear that we will never see these peaks, or even anything remotely like them again.

The next big thing will be transit Pluto opposite the Ascendant and conjunct Jupiter, beginning in March 2023 until November 2025.

This sounds very much like a crypto adolescence. Stand by for loud bouts of foot stamping and door slamming, and claims that no-one understands it.

What about the price though ? Will it go back up ?

” Maybe so, maybe not. Let’s wait and see “.

Posted on June 12th 2022