Donald Who ? How Low Can He Go ?

” As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods ; They kill us for their sport ”

This was Gloucester’s summing up of the state of things after he had been blinded by King Lear’s daughters in the Shakespeare play of that name.

And in those days they only knew of the traditional seven gods ( planets ).

Before the late 18th century there were 5 personal planets ( Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars ) and two other ones – Jupiter and Saturn.

With Jupiter your fortunes would go up, with Saturn they would go down. Simples.

Imagine what Gloucester would say if he’d come across Uranus, Neptune or Pluto while stumbling around on that heath.

Because these latter three are impersonal planets – they don’t care about your silly little life with your local concerns.

They exist purely to boot you onto another plane of existence. And they will do that any goddam way they like.

Uranus will force you to accept the new, by breaking down old barriers and if you are trying to hold onto your old experience it will just stamp on your fingers.

Pluto will force you to change by simply blowing up your whole past so you have no choice.

But in many ways Neptune is the toughest.

Because Neptune does not only not care about you, it refuses to acknowledge that you even exist as a separate entity.

Basically Neptune wants you to lose your sense of yourself in some kind of mystic union with the Universal whole, but if you aren’t able to go with that it will just dissolve everything you thought you were.

It’s not a sink or swim situation, because the swim part of that gives the illusion that you have some sort of power there.

All you can do is let go, accept your fate and hope that you develop gills in order to breathe in this totally alien environment.

All three of the outers are unpredictable by nature, but at least with Uranus and Pluto, if you are prepared to examine yourself in depth you can see some reason for the changes that they require of you.

Neptune doesn’t operate like that.

You were carrying on in your usual way, when all of a sudden the ground beneath you isn’t there anymore. Everything that you took for granted has gone.

It doesn’t matter how successful you’ve been in your life up to that point, you can’t carry on in the usual way. It doesn’t matter what you do. You can fight, you can flail around desperately, but you might just as well be flapping your non existent wings.

There’s only one direction from here – downwards.

A transit will impact on the natal planets that its aspecting, within the houses that they are placed in. It will also carry some flavour of the house that its transiting through and also some of its own natal house.

In the case of Donald Trump, Neptune moving through 20 – 24 degrees of Pisces would square his 10th house Gemini Sun and his 4th house Sagittarius Moon.

It would also impact on his 7th house and his 2nd.

So his career, his home and family, his marriage and his finances were always going to take a big hit.

This would have to be the toughest transit of Donald Trump’s life.

It is extraordinary that little over 6 months ago, half of the astrologers surveyed predicted that he would win the 2020 election.

Many of these are Trump supporters, so they are not only bad astrologers but stupid people as well.

Neptune approached the square to Trump’s Moon in the early part of 2020 and brought Covid with it. Up until that point, Donald was odds on to win in November, but his failure to respond to the Neptunian virus put paid to him.

He simply could not understand what was going on.

His constant assertions of ” fake news ” and the election was ” rigged ” were not political calculations. Trump really believed this because he literally could not conceive of what Neptune had done to him.

But losing the election was never going to be the whole story. It was only part of it.

Neptune is exactly square Donald’s Sun now, with the latest news that the New York attorney general is investigating the Trump organisation in a criminal capacity.

So what will happen now ?

Given that Neptune is in Donald Trump’s natal 2nd house and square to his Mercury, it seems that he is a perpetual liar when it comes to his financial situation.

And as Neptune is the planet that is causing all the problems for him, it looks like his financial dealings are the thing that will bring him down, rather than the massive charge sheet of all the other crimes he has committed.

Will he end up in prison ?

This is hard to say. Neptune will certainly take him down further but how far ?

The transit to his Sun and Moon continues until early February 2023, but my feeling is that most of the damage will be done between now and March 2022.

If Trump acquires an orange jump suit to go with his face in this time frame, then we can safely say his political career is over.

If not, the future is quite disturbing.

Trump’s victory in 2016 was down to the transits of Jupiter and Uranus, both of which are very powerfully and favourably placed in his natal chart.

In 2024, both of these two come to conjunct his Midheaven.

Jupiter will also be aspecting his Sun and Moon through the Autumn of 2024 and Spring of 2025.

And you wouldn’t bet against him making a comeback with those transits.

So a lot is riding on these current investigations.

Allen Weisselberg, the CFO of the Trump organisation has a 6 planet stellium in Leo including an exact Saturn / Pluto conjunction.

This stellium is being severely tested by the transits of Uranus and Saturn, so we can safely say that he is in big trouble.

But will he flip on his master ?

We can but hope that Neptune will finally put Donald Trump out of circulation, but if it doesn’t, he will return madder than ever.

Posted on 21 May 2021